Writing Portfolio — Ashley L. Peterson

writing portfolio of Ashley L. Peterson

This writing portfolio includes a selection of articles from other platforms where I’ve written, guest blogs, and academic journal publications.

I blog under the name ashleyleia, but otherwise write primarily as Ashley L. Peterson.


book cover: The Silent Scream by Maria Alfieri

I also contributed a story to The Silent Scream: An Anthology of Despair, Hope, and Struggle (2020) by Maria Alfieri.

Articles/Guest Posts

Bella Grace (June 2019). Turning outward

Canadian Nurse (2014). It can happen to anyone: Reaching out.

I Am 1 in 4 (2018). Mental illness and the dreaded job interview

Hubpages (2019)

Libero Magazine (2019)

Mental Health Matters (2018)Evidence-based supplements for depression

NAMI (2020). Why Stereotypes About Psychosis Are Harmful

New Life Outlook (2018). My story

Psychreg (2019). Blogging as a therapeutic tool for mental health

Respect Yourself (2017). Using your voice for mental health

Stigma Fighters. (2017). Personal story

The Mighty:

Uncomfortable Revolution (2019 ). A Venetian romantic getaway for me and my depression

Unsinkable (2020). Mental Health Professionals Aren’t Immune to Mental Illness

Visions: BC’s Mental Health and Addictions Journal (2014). On both sides of the desk: Working as a mental health nurse with a mental illness. 

Vocal Media (Author page). Staff pick in Psyche: Barriers to Mental Health Care for Mental Health Professionals

Guest Appearances on Other Blogs

Facing the Challenges of Mental Health (2020): Interview

Happiness Between Tails:

Our DID Journey (2019): Featured Hero in the mist

Panoramic Counseling (2019): My therapy journal

Renard’s World:

Secretladyspider (2019): When body meets brain

Undercover Superhero (2020): Interviewed for The reality of major depressive disorder.

Selected Articles in Medium.com Publications

Age of Awareness:

Feel, Heal, Share (2019):

Invisible Illness:

Live Your Life On Purpose (2019):

Noteworthy – The Journal Blog (2019): My Fortress of solitude

P.S I Love You (2019):

The Ascent:

The Haven:

The Startup:

The Writing Cooperative:

Writers On The Run:

Academic publications

You can find me as A.L. Peterson on Google Scholar and Semantic Scholar.