Weekend Wrap-Up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I dislike blogging right now, because I dislike pretty much everything. Colouring has been the most tolerable way of passing the time.
  • The woman who was supposedly going to be my new GP called the mental health team to get them to harass me, even though I had told her repeatedly that I was not willing to see them again. I got a message from the case manager at the mental health team (this is the same dimwit who got mental health emergency services to threaten to call the cops on me for no reason a couple months ago) telling me that the GP “can’t provide service unless you are attached to a [mental health] team. Therefore you would not have a source for your prescriptions.” Oh for fuck’s sake. I got in touch with the Patient Attachment Initiative, the program that the hospital had referred me to in order to find me a GP, to tell them the doctor they’d matched me with wasn’t willing to take me on as a patient. I asked if they would be able to find me a doctor who would actually accept me, and their response was nope, I’m shit outta luck and on my own with it. Well isn’t that helpful. I submitted a formal complaint about the doc to the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons, which isn’t actually going to accomplish anything for me, but I figure if she’s going to pull garbage like that, the least I can do is call bullshit on it.
  • Namecheap is the host of one of the sites that’s been stealing my blog posts, and they are slooooow dealing with DMCA complaints. They had taken down some of the stolen posts at the end of July, but haven’t gotten around to taking down any of the stuff from August.
  • A great thing about WordPress being open source is that you can look at and adapt other people’s code. I found a plugin that creates a custom table of contents block and adapted its code to fit into my child theme and work the way I want it to work. It mostly uses the PHP language to do its thing, which I feel more comfortable with adapting than other related plugins (and the recently added Gutenberg table of contents block) that use more JavaScript and React. I got that working this week, although there’s still some more tweaking I’d like to do.
Casper the guinea pig sleeping curled up in a corner of her cage

This is Casper sleeping curled up in her corner. Guinea pigs don’t normally close their eyes when they sleep, but being curled up in a ball squishes them closed.

How has your week been?

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43 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Wow, so sorry about your GP situation, it sounds really horrid! Also sucks that you dislike everything now, there aren’t very many things that suck as much as anhedonia does I guess.

  2. Oye! So many emotions triggered by your week. I’m am so very sorry you have so many obstacles. It seems that those who need services most have to fight the hardest to get them. It’s St00pid and unfair! Please keep pushing. You deserve services to help. The world is a better place with you in it!

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