Weekend Wrap-Up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Since fairly early on in the course of my depression, mid-August through the end of September has been a bad time of year for me mental health-wise. There are no difficult memories/associations from that time of year that it’s related to, and September is one of the nicest months of the year weather-wise in Vancouver, so I really don’t know what the deal is. But it seems to be starting early this year – either that, or the not sleeping well is catching up with me.
  • I had my first appointment with the new GP yesterday via Zoom, and she doesn’t feel comfortable restarting the lithium, so yeah, that’s not helpful. She’s also not happy that I don’t have psychiatric follow-up, and I don’t think she wants to be stuck dealing with me herself.
  • Still dealing with the site Ailmental dot com stealing my content. I keep doing a new DMCA abuse report with each new post. The site’s host has already taken down several posts, but they’re rather slow, so there are a bunch of posts still waiting to be taken down. I also discovered (via a backlink-checking tool) that a site called penileclinic dot com had stolen last weekend’s weekend wrap-up post. Classy all the way…
  • I only discovered relatively recently that WordPress.com allows people on the Pro or Business plan to mess around under the hood with their site’s files. There was some stuff related to a plugin that I used in the past that I wanted to delete from my site’s database. I decided to ask the Happiness Engineers for tips before I waded in and messed around with the database, and they said adding a line of code into one of my site’s files that would take care of it. Their suggestion didn’t actually accomplish what it was supposed to because of a bug they hadn’t been aware of, but at least it was a way to dip my toes into editing my sites files, which makes me feel more confident about implementing my child theme whenever I decide to move forward with that.
Casper the guinea pig curled up in a corner of her cage

Nobody puts Casper in a corner… except for Casper herself! Here she’s got herself curled up in the corner of her cage behind the pigloo hidey-house. I’ve marked where her right back foot—not front foot—is tucked in close to her mouth.

Guinea pig Butternut sleeping on a granite slab with his feet sticking out behind him

This is Butternut sleeping. He’s lying on a piece of granite that I stuck in the cage as a cooler spot for the boys to hang out. This is not a normal guinea pig sleeping position to have his back legs sticking out behind him with the bottoms of his feet facing up, but I guess he was trying to maximize the granite-tummy contact area.

How has your week been?

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66 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing.
    That sucks that she didn’t want to restart the lithium.
    Im sorry you’re having a harder time right now. At least you can sort of predict when you might be feeling lower…maybe if you can predict it, you can eventually find ways to combat it a little bit too.

  2. I love a good survey. You should ask the mankini question at waterparks. My experience with those is larger than expected numbers of speedos. European travellers, perhaps.
    I’m still a rollercoaster, but it’s shrinking. Kid section now, as opposed to a terrifying wooden one. The loxapine does quiet intrusive thoughts. I appreciate that immensely. I did love the rainy break.

      1. It’s the travellers. Speedos are still more popular with Europeans. It’s fabulous when you’re on the stairs behind someone wearing one. The eye level view is awkward 😉

  3. My migraine attacks are worst Aug-Sep and idk why. I love to be warm, hot even, but I guess my head does not. I wake all sweaty in the night now even with AC. So that’s fun lol. Otherwise things are ok. Sorry to hear about your doc annoyance 🙁

  4. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I’m the same way – traditionally mid-August through the end of September is my hardest time. Also like you, there’s nothing that would associate with that time of the year, it just is what it is. We’ve never been able to nail down a root cause. It’s especially odd as fall is my favorite time of year and I always look forward to mid-September until the beginning of November.

    That’s disappointing about the doctor. I’ve never understood why so many medical professionals never listen to the people actually taking the meds or doing the therapy. Most of us know what works well for us and what doesn’t.

    I do so love your piggie pictures. They always brighten my Saturday.

      1. My biggest depressive episode in the last decade happened in late August a few years back. A few years before that was another one at the beginning of September. It’s weird.

  5. Butternut sleeping reminds me of how puppies sleep. So cute! And the summer sizzle survey was hilarious. Is a mankini the same thing as a Speedo?

    Sorry you haven’t been sleeping well. Sending good sleeping wishes your way.

  6. I hate it when doctors act as if we don’t know what’s best for our own bodies… as for me, wife and I are in DC this weekend to see Adam Conover live!

  7. I get a bit of seasonal depression in the summer months, too, but I don’t think it’s caused by the weather. I think it may be caused by watching everyone out having fun that I’m missing out on. I have pretty bad anxiety, so anytime I try to take part in activities with people I usually don’t enjoy it like I should.

  8. Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. The lack of sleep is probably not helping.

    The photo of Casper is cute and Butternut is making most of that tile, to cool down.

    I am feeling low still. There’s been tears, but I am in email chats with Samaritans.

    Doing little as possible still doesn’t help with my fatigue crashes when they get really bad. I have the muscle and joint pain more this week.

  9. Those piggy pics 😍😍😍 I live when my dogs stretch out on their bellies like that. So adorable 🥰

    Bummer about people stealing your content! That sounds like a lot of extra work for you 😤

    Also bummer about not getting lithium 😣 I hope things start to look up 💜

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