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Weekend Wrap-Up

laptop, wrapping paper, and ribbons

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It’s been another slooooow brain week.
  • I’m a big fan of closure, as in wrap it up, stick a bow on it, and put it away in the back of the closet to gather dust. Circumstances don’t always like to play along nicely, though, and sometimes there are no bows to be had. I don’t need pretty ribbons, but I want a damn bow.
  • I don’t own a scale, so I have no idea how much I weigh, but the effects of the depressive lack of appetite over the last few months are adding up (or subtracting down, I suppose). It’s been quite a while since I last had the body I have now.
  • Yesterday I got a voicemail from “Amy” at the mental health team, which would make the fifth case manager from there who has called me. She said that I missed my appointment that morning, and “Ruth” (who I’ve never met, and who called mental health emergency services on me a month ago for no reason) would be back next week. I haven’t heard from Ruth or anyone else at the mental health team since before MH emergency services threatened to call the cops to come bang on my door, so I don’t know where this missed appointment nonsense is coming from. These people really do not have their shit together.
  • I would rather be a guinea pig than a human. Just sayin’. And while googling “just saying”, I came across the term “howling anachronism.” Why howling? Back to Google, and there were six pages of search results for “howling anachronism” (in quotes). It interests me that multiple people, including the Canadian Nautical Research Society, have chosen to pair those words together.
  • My upstairs neighbour’s shower is now fixed and the hole that was cut into my ceiling to discover where the leak was coming from has finally been repaired.
  • While I was researching for last weekend’s post on how WordPress works, I came across instructions on how to do a local server installation of the WordPress.org software, and I set that up this week. And what, pray tell, does that mean? It means I’ve created a WordPress site that exists only on my computer, and I can customize it, poke at it, and break it all I want. I also found a LinkedIn Learning course on creating a child theme, and I can access it free through my local library. So I’ve taken my first little baby steps towards my goal of eventually creating my own child theme for my blog. Fun times!
  • I was also very pleased with myself for figuring out how to get certain images on my site to preload. Again, what, pray tell, does that mean? There are multiple tasks a browser has to do when loading a page before stuff can actually display, and preloading an image gets the browser to fetch it without waiting around for other tasks to be completed first; this means the image gets displayed faster, which Google likes. Not that this will be meaningful to many of you, but it took quite a bit of time, faffing about, and confusion before I discovered that I needed to preload using the imagesrcset attribute for responsive images rather than href. Go, me!

Earlier this week I posted a survey on how people’s hygiene is affected by their mental illness. If you’d like to participate, you can find the survey here.

Casper has a signature move that I call the jump and fluff. After I’ve had her out of the cage for a cuddle and some petting, she likes to rearrange her luscious locks back into their natural resting position. So within a few seconds of me putting her back in the cage, she’ll always jump up and shake our her hair. Both Brownie and Toffee have learned this behaviour, even though they have short, sleek hair and no need to jump and fluff. It kind of reminds me of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde teaching the bend and snap.

The first time you watched the video, you probably noticed big floofy Casper jump and fluff, but watch it a second time, and pay attention to little Toffee, whose back half is peeking out from behind the right side of the hidey house. Right after Casper starts her jump and fluff, Toffee copies her.

colouring sheet of flowers against a black background

I’m still doing an hour to an hour and a half of colouring every day. Here’s some from this week.

How has your week been?

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50 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

    1. A local server is only accessible on your own computer, and can’t be accessed from the internet in general. It’s possible to create your own web server, although I’m not sure what’s actually involved in that. Most self-hosted sites are hosted on a hosting company’s servers (like BlueHost, DreamHost, etc.).

  1. I was reading WordPress tech news and thought of you. There was apparently a forced upgrade of sites with the Ninja plugin to plug a vulnerability.

    Your artwork is fantastic.
    Casper is adorable. 😍

  2. There’s been a few very hot days here. Yesterday was the hottest dsy, so I have been feeling drained by the weather.
    Thurs afternoon I had to have a sleep when back from vets with Daz, as I had a headache. I think the sun got me that day. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. Its cooler todsy, with rain. But I don’t care. I only went out to a shop to sell some dvd’s and bring a couple of more back. I felt I didn’t have any spoons, so did nothing else but watch dvd’s today.
    I am actually surprised I haven’t fell asleep watching, because thats how I felt today.

    I have only 2 working days next week in evening job and 3 days to go in morning job before on annual leave in both.

    I loved the video clip of your guinea pigs as usual. It brought a smile to my face.

      1. I have ideas what I am doing. Walking out in a couple of local places. But it may change depending on my energy levels, but also if I am in the dentist sooner than my check-up appointment, as my crown has come out on my back tooth.

  3. Beautiful Picture, I used to love colouring but haven’t done any for sometime.

    Its been a bit of a crazy week here, I should be doing coursework, but cant focus today. Far to hot and my partner is in hospital awaiting a minor op. He makes the worst patient, his op was postponed so he is bored stiff and has to wait for the op to happen tomorrow now.

  4. Well that was fun! Except for your interactions(?) with the mental health team. I had to Google ‘child theme” . For someone with a ‘slow brain’ you certainly are involved with some very complex tasks. Your posts are always so complex and in depth and well researched I wonder that you call your brain slow – your brain seems very snappy to me! (To be honest, I don’t remember the definition of ‘slow brain’ but yours seems anything but…)

  5. Interesting stuff. I’m happy the repairs were completed. That’s good you don’t have that issue anymore. My πŸ• Cookie flashes/shakes like Casper once she thinks I messed up her look.

  6. The jump and fluff – you were right, I didn’t notice Toffee doing it the first time around. So cute!

    And yay – the leak and the ceiling are fixed. Finally!

    Howling anachronism. Now that’s an interesting one and I don’t see the relationship to “just saying” and I know I should google it but I’m afraid of falling down the Internet rabbit hole. πŸ™‚ Nice work on the coding!

    1. The only connection to “just saying” was that someone had posed a question to the Language Log blog about whether the use of “just saying” in Downton Abbey was a howling anachronism. The blogger seemed to conclude that it may have been an anachronism, although it was hard to know for sure, so I guess it wasn’t showing. 😁

  7. Agreed re: closure. Events will jostle around in the forefront of my brain for years unless it’s as nicely wrapped up as December decor. Why can’t life chapters be clean cut, dammit.

    I like the info about howling anachronisms!

  8. much impressed & glad for you, Asgley — I especially love the sound on the video πŸ™‚ my week’s been good, but wishing gazillion little things didn’t get in the way of doing the ‘larger picture’ stuff I wanted to do… ah, there’s always next week…

  9. I’m a closure-lover myself. Yet I have so many things in my life I’ve never gotten it for, that perhaps I ought to just stop wanting it at all.

  10. Good luck with the WP building! And yay for the hole finally being fixed!! Lovely coloring, I wish I had the patience needed for it… 😊 Have a lovely new week! 🌸

  11. Johnzelle Anderson

    I’m so glad to hear that the leak is finally fixed and that they fixed your ceiling! It’s hilarious that one of your guinea pigs has locs! My week was Meh, as I fell off my bike Monday and broke my elbow and wrist. But at least they had my favorite color for the cast lol!

  12. So glad your roof is fixed and your little ones are doing well. The coloring is beautiful. Somehow I got on a vocabulary word site and the latest word is “lunate” meaning crescent shaped. There you go…!

  13. Exciting news about your progress on building a child theme! I looked into this and was immediately overwhelmed.
    And I hear you on wishing you were a Guinea pig. I sometimes feel the same way about dogs. My good friend always says she’s working hard on being the best human she can in this life so she comes back as a spoiled dog in an upper middle class family in her next life πŸ˜‚

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