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Weekend Wrap-Up

laptop, wrapping paper, and ribbons

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • This has been a particularly slow thinking week. In particular, I’ve noticed that responding to comments is slower than usual in my head. Thank goodness for emojis!
  • There’s something in my world that I wish I had a why for. I’ll never get that why, and it’s not a why that I can deduce on my own. That bugs me, and it makes the thing the why would be about harder to wrap up, stick a bow on, and push out of my head.
  • It’s felt like a quiet week in Blogland.
  • I had been contemplating going self-hosted when my current WP business plan expires this summer, but with the new WordPress.com pro plan being substantially cheaper than the business plan, I’ve decided to go with that.
  • This week’s learning and applying new things focus has been CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, a language used to make web pages look the way you want them to. I already had some familiarity with it, but I’ve finally learned enough to fix some of the issues I’ve had for a while of certain things looking kind of wonky on mobile devices.
  • There is a loud and obnoxious family that lives in my building. The parents are loud and shout-y, although I’m not sure what they’re saying because I think they’re speaking Urdu. They’ve got a young daughter who is very screechy and is particularly fond of screeching in the very early morning hours. Some people really just should not have children, and I think these parents are among those people. I like trying to guess what foreign language people are speaking. I came up with Urdu for these folks because they sound Indian-ish and I’m fairly sure they observe Ramadan.
  • I was noticing on Google Search Console that Saturday is very consistently (as in 12 out of the last 13 weeks) the slowest day of the week for people clicking through to my website from search results. That’s an interesting pattern—I guess people have lives and have better things to do than googling on Saturdays.

I wonder sometimes what’s going on in the heads of marketing folks who try to get bloggers to link to websites, as some of the requests I get are pretty weird. I got one yesterday via my site’s contact form, for which you have to enter a name and an email address and then the body of the message. The name was Jayson B____. The email address was jeff@____.net. In the body of the message, Jayson/Jeff was asking me to add a link to a page that’s not at all related to what he wanted me to link to. Then he signed off as Jeff P_____, with the email address _____.outreach@gmail.com. Really? Two different names and two different email addresses in the same message? Perhaps Jayson/Jeff is drunk…

Guinea pigs like to be safely tucked in. Casper’s favourite tucked in spot is behind the hay rack when it’s partly knocked off the cage bars; she picked this up from her sister Oreo (RIP) and now sometimes Brownie will do this too. Peanut has his own little corner with a canopy where he can be tucked in.

How has your week been?

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45 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. First off, I love your critters. They make me smile. Another thing I love is your use of the phrase slow thinking. I’ve been telling people I have cognitive deficits or difficulties from fibro, but maybe I’ll say slow thinking. I like that. The week was busy with PT, counseling, writing, guys in to fix broke pipe, husband preparing to go see his mom for last get ready before she puts it on the market! Yikes! So good to visit with you on a Saturday.

  2. My week was very headachy, culminating in a vicious migraine Thurs/Fri. I had to take meds again this morning too. I’ve just been trying to maintain and I probably haven’t replied to as many posts as I usually do. I guess I’ll stick with the lowest level plan I have for $48/year (I think), which knocks out ads and gives me a domain name idc about. I have plenty of storage for my needs so far and don’t have any use for the business type widgets. Piggoos are cute!

  3. I have been thinking of getting my child a couple of guinea pigs, my friends dad has had one that has babies and they will need to be re-homed. She is very Good with animals, really takes care of them, just need to find a suitable hutch and run for them.

    I am a bit rubbish at blogging at present, I have very low energy levels.

  4. My week has been increased anxiety. I will mention about this in my next chit-chat post later this month.

    I have also received bad news from a couple of friends. Just been in tears a little, holding back from a full blown cry after receiving her bad news via a text, while with other friend today on a planned day out at a Vietnamese restaurant today, who is the other friend who gave me her update of bad news.
    Thats as much as I can go into because of respecting their privacy and so there will be no mention of this on my blog.

    The restaurant we went to today though was very nice and enjoyable. A vietnamese restaurant.

      1. Thank you. Yes, my friend fancied a change and has been her before and absolutely loves it. I love it too. My friend wanted to go here, while she has the chance.

  5. My week has been tiring. I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy yesterday and am relieved to learn that the prep for that horrid test has improved by leaps and bounds. I was still sick trying to do it, but not as sick and now one doesn’t have drown themselves by drinking two 64 oz. bottles of sludge. 🤢🤮😠 The anesthesia rules have changed too, and now the regime doesn’t make me psychotic, a blessing for everyone. But the residual weakness and overwhelming fatigue is still a huge factor. Today I got one load of laundry done, got some groceries in (soft foods still), and plan on hibernating in my house for the rest of the weekend with the blinds closed and all the fans going. It’s 86 and rising in temperature, and the forecast all week is in the high 70s – 90+. Summer has arrived. I need my A/C checked and turned on, but think I can survive the weekend and however long it takes for them to schedule me in to do that. Ziggy loves the sun and will go out on the concrete slab/pergola behind my house and stretch out and bake. I think he’s slightly nuts. 😂 The piggos look happy and contented and I’m glad things are going as well as can be for you.

    You ARE a nice neighbor. I’d be out there in the hall shouting at the top of my lungs “SHUT UP!”, particularly when that child starts in. That translates fairly well I think into any language. I suspect that level of voice noise is part of their culture perhaps and I bet they don’t even know they’re bothering others. Bless you for being kind!

  6. The “whys” that we’ll never get are by far the hardest ones to accept.
    You should get a translating app. If they’re being loud enough, that’s on them 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I have rewritten my why a few dozen times, all in an effort to make it clearer. Here it is, if some aspect of it may help…

    My Why: I want to do what I can every day to improve my health and well-being.

  8. Love the photos, as usual. Ugh… sorry you’re dealing with screechiness! My week has been difficult. However, I have managed to write, which says something. 🙂

  9. Sometimes knowing the why baffles me more than not knowing. I still go ape-shit sometimes needing to know, and then I wonder why that is? lol 🙂 I try to reason that no answer can be as healing as having an answer. Sometimes it helps. Other times not so much!

  10. Nonviolent Communication meets our needs for information and meaning and order when faced with unknown why’s. We try to figure out from the finite list of needs what need the person/organization was trying to meet with their behavior.

    Like why people sexually abused us, etc. This is how we order our world and survive.

    This week one of our only friends (online-only friend), who had gone AWOL, replied that they had gone in-patient and were now home. This was a relief as other than rejecting us or completing suicide, we could not come up with other guesses as to their whereabouts.

    Supposed to go to a social function tonight in public. It’s a rather important (to the hosts) event and so we are going to try to go. There will be familiar people and new people. And COVID is high here 🤨. It’s close enough to home that we could leave and walk home anytime, which feels safer. We are trying to

    One of our Children is upset with us. We know what needs of theirs we didn’t meet and why we chose not to meet them. We sent an explanation via text but haven’t gotten a response. We are trying to be available and not distant without freaking out with worry.

    Another Child has been struggling with energy and adjusting after ending the college semester. We are trying to be supportive without freaking out with worry.

    Insurance won’t let us see dietician. It’s been 7-8 weeks now without support. We give up. We will just do our best 😞

    Late spring means fewer flowers and pollinators, which makes us a little sad and more bored than usual. Some of our new flowers are growing, which is a relief since we’ve had lots of drought

    We feel disconnected from people and life. Hospital keeps sounding better and better. No imminent plans though

  11. Johnzelle Anderson

    Maybe Jayson/Jeff has a dissociative situation that has a rapid cycling pattern? 🤣 My spam has been so annoying in 2022.

  12. Sorry about the loud neighbours. Hope they spontaneously turn into a peaceful family. And/or they are temporary neighbours. And/or that you can find some amazing earplugs. I read silicone ones are great for sleep, but don’t know about screechy neighbourlings. Maybe ones that piccolo-players wear…

    There’s something quite comic about Casper’s knocked over hay rack. So cute!

  13. That’s funny about Jayson/Jeff. I kinda appreciate spam like that because at least it’s easy to detect. It’s the ones that have done all the work to package it up that are dangerous!

    Love the GPs though I’m smiling about the hay rack. It doesn’t look very comfortable but I guess having your own spot is worth it!

  14. Sorry your brain hasn’t been very cooperative this week.
    Living close to loud people sucks. I agree though that it’s fun to try to guess what languages people speak. 😀

  15. It has been quieter in blogland. I know for me, I have been busy with things I can’t easily blog about (I toyed with a password protected post but that felt unnatural and the purpose questionable), I couldn’t finish any general interest blog posts, and I wasn’t in the mood to post poetry.

    Anyway, week was busy and exciting, and also stressful. Nothing bad, but a lot to process.

    I love these guinea pig photos

  16. The Piggoos remain very cute! ♥
    I’ve been thinking about a paid WP site but at the moment, funds definitely won’t allow it. I’d love to knock out the adds and have a more simple website Addy though… 😊
    I have to admit, I’m less active on Saturday as well, WP wise. I always try to have a post ready for Sunday so I can let my phone have some rest that day. 😇 Guess it’s the day most people decide to be social outside of their digital circles.
    Have a wonderful new week 🌸

    1. That’s good to give your phone a rest. And yeah, ad-free and having your own URL is nice, but I don’t think it makes that much of a difference to readers, so not the kind of thing that needs to be a priority financially.

      Hope you have a great week too! 💖

      1. I know 😉 it’s just the idea of it. If most people do, like me, use the WP app reader, they won’t see the adds anyways… I hope they won’t cut the space as I’m using some already. Otherwise, the need for space would make me look into a paid version.
        Thanks, I will do my best 💪🏼 😄

  17. Jayson/Jeff is a spam bot in action, forgetting who he is when he copy/pastes so much shite onto contact forms.

    Shame about the loud family, that’ll grate pretty quickly I imagine. Shame you can’t get sound-proofed apartments. I think only serial killers in films have those.

    Good luck with the CSS and dealing with the unknown “why”. Is there any chance you’ll ever get the answer to the “why”, realistically speaking?

    1. Chances are slim to nil on getting an actual why. It’s a pain in the ass, because it makes it harder to hit the off switch to try to shut the whole thing down.

      I got a second copy and paste contact form message from the Jayson/Jeff spam bot. I briefly considered responding and saying he/they/it might want to reflect on the dodginess of multiple names/email addresses, but I didn’t want to give them my email address by responding, so I didn’t.

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