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Weekend Wrap-Up

laptop, wrapping paper, and ribbons

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had a follow-up appointment scheduled at the mental health team a week ago Friday. At the beginning of the week, I had emailed my case manager to say I wasn’t coming and didn’t want to see them again. Perhaps he fell off the face of the planet, because on Friday I got a text message from some other person saying she wanted to know if I was okay since I had missed my appointment. This was the 4th case manager I’ve hard from from that team, so I’m not sure why they don’t have their shit more together. Anyway, I was somewhat annoyed, so I texted back “Leave me alone.” She responded that they could close my file if I wanted, but their protocol is to get it in writing. I don’t give a rat’s ass about their protocol, plus I already put it in writing, so I just ignored that.

    Then on Saturday I got a voicemail from someone at mental health emergency services wanting to check if I was okay. That seemed absurd and all kinds of unnecessary, so I ignored it. Then on Sunday I got another voicemail as well as a text saying they were going to call the police to do a wellness check if they didn’t hear back from me. Then I got an email from my mom; they had called her to find out if she knew where I was and how I was doing. What the actual fuck? These people seriously need to take an Ativan and calm the fuck down.

    One would think that after getting MH emergency services to threaten to call the cops to check on me, the mental health team would try to get in touch with me this week to follow up. I’m glad that they didn’t, but it all just seems like a very strange way to conduct themselves.
  • I got a message via my blog’s contact form from someone organizing a blog book tour for a book by a mother who lost her daughter to suicide. The book contains excerpts from the daughter’s journals. I’ve gotta say, it seriously creeps me out when stuff written by people who’ve suicided gets published. Maybe the dead don’t have a right to privacy, but I sure as hell don’t want anyone publishing my journals if that’s how I go.
  • I’d been wondering why FedEx hasn’t been using my buzzer to get into the building to deliver my pet supply store orders. After a couple of failed delivery attempts this week because I supposedly wasn’t home, I realized what the issue was. A few months ago, I’d been setting up my delivery preferences on their website, and I had to enter my buzzer code. I was having a hard time remembering it, despite having lived here for 17 years, and I ended up entering the wrong code, which is why they haven’t been buzzing me. Funny how the brain can misplace familiar information.
  • i was looking on Moz.com at search terms I rank well for on Google, and discovered that my post Master of My Domain? A Look at Depression and Masturbation ranks #6 for the search query “are depressed people more likely to masturbate”, and apparently that’s something that people are searching for. You know you’ve made it big when…
  • WordPress announced recently that they were shifting to having on two options, free or pro plan, for people newly signing up. They’ve now essentially brought back the Personal plan (which allows you to have a custom domain name) with the new Starter plan for $5/month. There’s more on the WordPress.com blog here. I thought I’d share for anyone who hadn’t seen it but might be interested.
guinea pigs Peanut and Butternut playing kissy face

In this pic, Butternut (on the right) is asleep and Peanut is sitting facing him playing kissy face. Butternut can be a meanie, but Peanut is very fond of him. My last pair of boy guinea pigs also had an alpha male and a beta male. Girl guinea pigs don’t do the hierarchy thing so much.

Firearm rates in the USA > 4 per 100,000 people vs. < 1 per 100,000 in other o
RCraig09, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

“What are we doing?” – That’s a damn good question, and all too often, the answer is sweet fuck all.

That waste of oxygen Ted Cruz said that targeting felons, fugitives, and people with serious mental illness is what will prevent mass shootings. To that, I say an emphatic go fuck yourself, you ignorant jackass. Stigma doesn’t solve anything.

How has your week been?

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51 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Johnzelle Anderson

    That’s so strange they called your emergency contact instead of checking with you. I had a great week and am getting used to intermittent fasting. Have already lost 5.5lbs of the Prozac weight. Starting my new med trinyellix on Tuesday as I continue to taper off the Prozac. Changed the oil on my Prius today (which I’ve done every 10k since it was new). Forgot to remove the old gasket and $50 of new oil poured into my driveway… had it towed to the shop where I’ll have to pay these people to “change my oil” even though I literally did all the work. I’ll know to check the gasket next time… love seeing pics of the ginea pigs!

  2. That book with the daughter’s suicide journal entries…what the fuck? Maybe the author had some twisted notion that it would help people more if they put that in? Or maybe they thought the shock value would sell more, which is pretty disgusting to me 😐

  3. I’ve been the victim of overzealous hospital personnel who tried to keep me from leaving after a routine procedure until a mental health assessment was done – which taught me never to answer their ‘mental health’ questions honestly or with sarcasm LOL I told them to bugger off picked up my stuff and left. Then I got a phone call almost immediately from some county mental health department – my Uber driver was laughing his ass off at my end of the conversation.

    Actually heard some dumbass woman at the NRA convention spout the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and the coverage in today’s paper had me screaming into the void. I hate this country.

    1. I remember going to a primary care clinic once to get a lab requisition for some routine bloodwork and they didn’t want me to leave because some overzealous doctor somehow decided I was suicidal.

      That whole guns don’t kill people thing is so bizarre. A person armed with a rubber chicken is going to have a hard time killing someone.

  4. It’s sad to know that gun reform continues to be stunted in the US. I wonder if there’s some sort of loophole or practice that could be implemented within communities to help reduce the rates of gun violence without having to go through an authority and system that’s all too difficult to budge.

    Anyhow, in terms of my week… or like today, I got to run somewhere scenic, which felt nice. God willing, I’d like to bake some cookies tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll make me feel a bit better after feeling a little off this week.

    1. I hope the cookie-baking helps. I baked some cookies yesterday, and it was nice and peaceful (plus yummy).

      The gun reform situation in the US is bizarre. Some cities do have bans on high-capacity magazines, but I’m not sure how much that actually accomplishes. The idea that anyone would think that having a gun for purposes other than hunting is a good thing is just impossible for me to wrap my head around.

  5. Johnzelle Anderson

    Turns out auto zone gave me the wrong filter, prompting the oil spill! After getting my car fixed I promptly marched in there for a full refund!

  6. I have been a fairly calm American liberal for most of my life, but this most recent school shooting is pushing me over the edge. What the fuck is going on? Time to take the gloves off. If 19 dead kids don’t change gun laws in my country, then we have no future. Ted Cruz and the rest of those guys (and women, too) are … I don’t know. To claim to be pro-life and then defend our completely INSANE gun laws at the same time is hypocrisy to the point of utter absurdity.

    I’m completely fed up with it, going between rage and despair. I was angry and depressed all week, and I finally had to pull back and stop reading about it. The only way to explain American politics right now is either through the horror genre or satire/absurdity. It’s almost like you can’t make this shit up anymore. The GOP is talking about school security and all sorts of asinine proposals to fix this. Yet almost ANYONE in my country can easily access high-powered weapons, body armor, and basically make themselves a one-person army.

    The police didn’t confront the gunman for so long because they were probably SCARED. The guy had a lethal assault weapon that he bought as soon as he turned 18 that basically obliterated everything in its path. I read that the bodies were so mangled that they couldn’t be identified, and they had to do DNA testing in order to identify them. How fucking sick is that? And Ted Cruz and them, knowing this, can STILL defend gun laws? God help us all.

    The fact they’re blaming it on mental health has also raised my blood pressure.

    The GOP has NEVER cared about MH in America. Our healthcare system is a joke, largely because of them. Accessing MH care in my country is incredibly difficult, there’s still a huge stigma to it, and it’s also VERY expensive. And most folks with MH people who have access to guns kill themselves, not others. But, in a sick way, I guess they don’t give a shit about suicide, either right?

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant. But I had to vent.

    1. It’s truly incomprehensible. No matter how hard I try, I can’t wrap my head around the thought process that concludes with the assertion that more guns = better/safer/freer. No one is free when they’re at the mercy of someone walking around armed to the teeth.

      1. I know. It’s really, really gross. America has always been a violent country. And the gun culture is baked deeply into our history and law. I really hope this changes but I have my doubts. I’m not sure how much more many of us can take. It’s not just schools either, it’s everywhere. Grocery stores, movie theaters, and that’s not even counting the “regular” gun violence that happens on a daily basis in cities like mine of Philadelphia. I think some of us here in my country are getting to a point where we’re learning this may just be a normal hazard of life, which is really sad.

          1. I know. It’s pushing me to get more politically active, though. I have never been politically active, but enough is enough. I’m tired of having this helpless feeling about it and I want to channel all this anger into something positive. Fighting for it faces long odds, but it’s def a fight that’s worth it.

  7. On the point of that unfortunate suicide. Those journals are seriously creepy and I wonder if someone is allowed to even publish something so private after that individual died by suicide. It can be perceived as exploitative unless the money goes to charity organizations for suicide victims, their families, or those suffering from mental health issues.

    1. I guess people stop having any sort of right to privacy once they’re dead. I remember a while back reading a book by a psychologist about suicide, and in one chapter he had included some excerpts from the journal of a teen who suicided that her parents had shared. In both books, the goal was to help people better understand suicide and prevent it from happening, but it’s still something I find very creepy.

  8. That’s funny about the door code. It is so interesting when something like that goes missing.

    That chart that you included about the gun ownership in the US. OMG. It is so incredibly frustrating that our government is completely ineffective at implementing common sense gun laws but perhaps that’s because they have no common sense! God help us.

    The guinea pigs are sweet therapy. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. I like how you had to label Butternut’s face. I didn’t know about that sometimes guinea pigs organise themselves in guinea pig society, too cute.

    This is probably no new take, but I wonder if America’s gun problem can be eventually approached the way Portugual handled and reduced the use of hard drugs. (Probably not while gun ownership is enshrined in the second amendment 🙁)

    Re: my week, work has had us learning about Dr. C. Terry Warner’s research. It was about human behaviour, self-deception, improving communication and interpersonal relationships. I was thinking of your blog and thought it was right up your alley.

    1. The second amendment sure does get in the way. It’s a weird thing to be baked into a constitution.

      I hadn’t heard of C. Terry Warner, but from a quick Google search, the self-deception stuff sounds really interesting.

  10. Hi Ashley 😊 These weekend wrap ups posts of yours are my favorite . I think you are just terrific! What’s new with me? Caplyta has really kicked in and I’m a new woman! I’ve been very busy. Setting goals. Me and a friend had a tiff and it’s hard to tell who’s at fault. 😊 💕

  11. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good week. The gun issue is crazy. I’ve had a pretty busy and stressful week. Meditation is helping and I’m getting back to a brisk walk before breakfast. Which is why this is a short reply. Time to go.

  12. I had a conversation with my 19 year old who leaves very consecutive. I think he was trying to bait me into getting fired up and I did but then I made a valid point. These mass shootings or crimes in general are not about a mental illness but hate and revenge those a anyone human emotions not just to people with a mental illness. I bright it home for when he was in therapy due to his bullying and wanting to kill people at the school I simply asked him was it due to his mental illness or because he had so much hate he wanted others to hurt like him? He was speechless which rarely happens as I think it hit home what it’s really about hate though a million times worse then having a mental illness is the root cause of these murders not anyone having a mental illness

  13. I think there might be something to being depressed and masturbating a bit. I am no longer depressed and haven’t suffered with that for a long time, but there was a time that l used non-stop – when l hear you shout? Well there was a time and we’ll leave it there, bercause it was a sad time in the office when l was discovered ‘hands on at the helm’ shall we say and my excuse was ‘it’s because l am depressed and this offers me relief’ wasn’t well received!

  14. How weird that your mental health team made so much fuss. I hate places/organisations where people don’t communicate between each other and you have to tell the same stuff over and over again to every single personn like you have it with those case managers, it can be infuriating after a while.
    The thing with the journals is really freaky. I don’t think I’d care overly if someone read or even published my journals after my death – by suicide or not – but I also most certainly wouldn’t give my consent, particularly to the publishing bit, while still alive, and given that it’s obviously quite highly unlikely that the woman has her daughter’s consent, it baffles me how she can think that this is an okay thing to do.

  15. That’s nice, about the personal plan, as that is the plan I use. I will have to check it out to see what has changed. As annoying as the situation was, I like that you were checked on by authorities. Or whatever they are. Nonetheless that seems like a positive step forward as far as wellness checks are concerned. It makes me feel better knowing that you are safe.

    1. I don’t think threatening to call the cops on someone for no reason at all does promote safety, though. It certainly ensures that I’ll never call mental health emergency services if I do happen to be struggling at some point in the future.

      1. That is true. There are definite kinks as far as mental healthcare is concerned. Threats of any kind don’t usually offer positive results. For this exact reason personnel should be trained. Unfortunately we aren’t there yet.

  16. I agree, publishing the private thoughts of someone after they have suicided is creepy and disrespectful. Equally disrespectful and creepy… the responses/lack thereof, of your mental health workers. I hope, if you decide to find new ones, they work FOR you, and WITH you. Lastly, thanks for sharing the video… powerful.

  17. That was some follow up! You’re right, the dead should have a right to privacy. I mean unless someone instructed their work be published when they die… Cute gerbils (are they gerbils or hamsters?) They remind me of a cartoon I used to watch called Hamtaro. Congrats on ranking number 6 on a post! My week has been okay. I was in a lot of pain yesterday. I woke up with neck pain and it persisted despite a hot shower and rubbing anti-inflammatory analgesic cream on my neck and shoulders. The pain spread to my right back down to my hip. I’ve been adding a lot of new products to my stores. I’m so excited. I designed 12 shoes, but I only added 3 this week. I also designed stickers and a tote bag. I’m trying to fix my sleep schedule. Last night I began a meditation class (it’s 10 sessions. Yesterday was the 1st session). It helped me sleep better, but then I woke up 4 am and im not being able to go back to sleep. I’m hungry but bloated and my head is bursting with ideas. Yesterday I got the idea to design coloring pages. Not sure if I will put them on one of my shops or give them away for free on the blog. Anyway, im rambling…lots of housework to do today, but still in pain from yesterday, but less.

    1. I’m sorry your pain has been bad. I ho9pe the meditation class helps with your sleep.

      My little furry friends are guinea pigs. They’re bigger and more interactive than hamsters and gerbils.

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