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Weekend Wrap-Up

laptop, wrapping paper, and ribbons

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I made a telephone appointment at the clinic where I got my meds ordered back in February. I kept it short and sweet, skipped over the whole hospitalization business, and just asked for a refill of what I got in February. The doctor agreed to order another 3 months of meds, which I’m happy with. The downside is that the web of lies I constructed over the course of this appointment and the previous one left out the part about me normally being on lithium, since GPs seem to get themselves a bit worked up over ordering that. So no more lithium. I also had to lie to the pharmacy about it being stopped and going from weekly dispense to 3 months at a time, and what the doctor was aware of. But hopefully by the time that supply of meds runs out, I’ll have a permanent GP through the patient/GP matching program the hospital referred me to, and maybe at that point I’ll be able to go with honesty rather than the web of lies.
  • I had written a letter a while back to the CPP (Canada Pension Plan) Disability people to let them know about my earnings last year from royalties on my first book, which put me over the maximum employment income they allow. I was somewhat worried that they were going to decide that this meant I’m employable and not disabled. I got a call from them this week, and it’s not going to interfere with my disability benefits, so that’s good.
  • On Thursday morning, I woke up to one of the guinea pig babies chirping. Guinea pigs are very talkative, but chirping is a very rare sound for them to make, and no one seems to know what it means. It sounds very much like a bird chirping. Later that same morning, Brownie was bound and determined to hump Casper, which looked particularly silly since Casper is so much bigger than her.
  • Someone left a comment on an old post of mine about psychomotor retardation asking me to remove the word retardation from the title, as they had learning issues and found it triggering. I don’t question the validity of them being triggered, but it’s an interesting request. The literal meaning of the word retardation is simply slowing (from the Latin retardare, which is also the source of the the Italian ritardando, abbreviated rit. in sheet music), and psychomotor retardation is the medical term for a slowing of movement and thoughts that can occur as a symptom of depression. I have mixed feelings around how much power to give words, and my priority tends to be precision and what’s accurate in a dictionary sense rather than the connotations that may differ from person to person.
  • Thanks to Ben Berwick for sharing the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time (both the tweet thread itself and a lot of the comments). I need to get me a horse. Bring on the multiple orgasms!

I currently have a hole in my bathroom ceiling. My upstairs neighbour has had water leaking behind his shower tiles, and black mold is growing. Presumably I’m breathing in said mold through the hole in the ceiling. This is the third leak from him in six years. He’s 20-something, and I give him a failing grade at adulting.

guinea pigs Casper, Brownie,

These are the girl piggoos. Casper likes to curl up in a C-shape, which she’s done here as she snuggles up against my arm. Brownie is playing kissy face with Casper, while Toffee is suspicious of me contorting my arm to get my phone at the right angle to take the picture.

How has your week been?

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59 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. My partner and I do not use the R word, but as you stated, the medical term for your condition is what it is.

    I understand your reader’s concern, and that is a challenge to deal with.

    1. I wouldn’t use it in the context of talking about someone with an intellectual disability, since it’s used pejoratively in that context, but outside from that, I’m not sure that it’s a word that needs to be demonized.

      1. I agree. You can only do so much. The word doesn’t need to be demonized. Also, your reader is fortunate that they found a decent author. I hate to think how some bloggers might respond.

  2. Cute piggos! I saw that Twitter thread last week and the guy is being a jerk to get attention to sell a book. Maybe I should do that, lol. I used to be good at being a jerk online, before I had books to sell. Of course, he may truly believe this garbage ~ either way, I hope women have sense enough not to get involved either with him or the horse he rode in on.

    For a few years, I caved to the PC police and quit using the word retard. But I’ve decided I will use it when I want to, so there. If I cared about every word that offended someone somewhere, my blog and books would be pure white space. Ooh a new art form!

    Hope you get your ceiling and your meds sorted out ASAP!

  3. Oh wow- I’m so sorry you’re experiencing trouble getting lithium. That’s the only drug that ever did more good than harm for me. I still take a very low dose (50mg) available otc. Not sure if that’s the case in Canada, or if it’s enough to make a difference for you, but thought it was worth mentioning.
    Also- cute that the piggies are chirping! I have 30 baby chicks doing the same in my office right now 😂 🐥
    And I’m with you on the precision > catering to individual triggers. But it’s good of you to bring that up in this post!

  4. I don’t expect people — especially those who only know me virtually — to understand and/or be aware of my triggers. Life itself is a trigger for some; and I think it’s ridiculous that someone asked you to change the title of a post because it contains a word (a very misunderstood word, which I know well, having been a paraeducator for those with special needs) that they find triggering and/or offensive. Clearly, they did not read the post (or did not understand it); and I do not feel that you should have to manipulate your content to please others. If it triggers and/or offends you, then don’t click on it, for Christ’s sake.

      1. If they were, it should not have been your post and the correct use of a word, M’Love. Some people are just bound and determined to not only be miserable, but to spread that misery to others… and you are a joyful spirit, so don’t give them that power. 🥰

  5. Johnzelle Anderson

    That’s frustrating navigating the mental health system! Try to get that mold taken care of ASAP. I’ve lived with mold before and it made me very sick. As for my week, I shared details about changes to my mental health in a post on IG. I tagged you on the post.

  6. Glad your money is not affected by your book.

    Oh my. I couldn’t help but laugh in fits of laughter regarding riding horses. Fits of hysterics with that one.

    Nothing much to say than I was ready for my time off work. I had from Wednesday off in my evening job. (My birthday was Wednesday. )
    I worked Wednesday morning in my morning job, but off for rest of week after that.
    I enjoyed how I chose to spend my birthday; I went for a walk around my regular place, called in cafe on there, before walking more.
    Watched dvd’s at home and shared some of my birthday on my private Twitter account.

  7. It’s terrifying dealing with the CRA. They definitely have too much power if that’s our response. I’m glad it worked out.

    It’s funny how some animals are suspicious of the camera phone. My cat hates it too.

  8. The horse thread was funny.
    Glad your book doesn’t negate your disability.
    R-slur policing is a real thing. It’s apparent how you’re using it and so maybe people can suggest alternatives rather than just asking you to erase writing about your condition for their agenda.

  9. Hi, Ashley, I am glad that your book is selling fast🧡

    Good job! And I am glad at the same time that you get to maintain your disability benefits:)

    Let me put it this way: People have psychomotor retardation, but they are not wholly retarded. Hehe…

  10. Owwww that must have been a weird noise from the piggoos, but it may have also brought a smile on your face, which is a big plus… 😊
    I hope all will work out with the meds. Our system is a little weird as well and sometimes can be hard to work with. Insurance wants this, go wants that and the pharmacy try to take a third route 😂 I really hope it works out.
    Owwww that’s not good about the ceiling and mold! Hope it’s not bad for you and that it can be fixed asap!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday dear 🌸

  11. I’m glad you have your meds sorted, though it sucks that you have to resort to lies to be able to do that and that you no longer have lithium.
    Words can sure have a very triggering potential, regardless of the context that they’re used in, and I feel for that person because it seems like they must have had a really strong reaction so it most likely stems from some properly shitty experiences, and this is a really weird and yucky word to describe learning/intellectual disabilities. But I totally agree with you that words are there to describe things precisely, and if the term psychomotor retardation isn’t considered universally or widely offensive especially by those who deal with the problem and the word retardation describes it well, then there’s no point calling it anything else, because there will always be someone who will have some awful associations with the potential new word for it or find it triggering or even offensive and then we won’t be able to communicate particularly effectively and it won’t accomplish anything.

  12. Admittedly, I want to stop my use of the R word, because while I don’t use it at people or about people, I use it to describe frustrating situations. Which I can probably find better descriptive words for.

    In your situation, I’d just see it as part of the medical term, and I’m also sympathetic. I do a bit of a double take with the word “faggot” because I’m so used to it being a slur, and sometimes people mean the FOOD.

    Glad your meds are sorted, I hope you can get litium soon. It sucks to have to lie just to get the meds you need.

    My week has been okay. I hope my upward trend continues.

  13. I’m glad you got your meds and that the disability benefits are all intact!

    I have mixed feelings about the word “retardation,” too… I think it’s one of those words that has a bad historical baggage, even if it’s not used in a harmful way in the phrase “psychomotor retardation.” On the one hand it’s the accurate and accepted term. On the other hard, eh, it rubs me the wrong way and I don’t like to say it… I feel like the ideal scenario would be for the official and accepted term to change to be something better. It’s similar to how I feel about Asperger’s — Hans Asperger was such an awful person that I do hate to say his name, and yet many people today have the official diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. And that’s in their medical records and is what allows them to access care and community and whatnot, and generally has personal feelings attached. So changing the name has to come in part from official sources, and it can take many years.

    These are just my musings, not Official, Thought-Out Opinions.

    I’ve had a mixed week — got to see a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in a while but then got covid. My sister has had some health issues as well, which have affected me a lot emotionally. I’m in a weird limbo situation now and I’m not sure what to do next week or with the rest of my life. Ehhhhh

  14. Holy moly, I am so behind and I don’t know where the week went.

    Sometimes, a web of lies for our healthcare is necessary because of the system. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? I’m just glad you’ve got the next 3 months covered, but it’s a shame no lithium. Will you be okay without it, do you think? I hope you get a decent GP soon, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I’m pretty sure the ratio of good docs versus shit ones is about 1:1000 but I have hope, and you’re more than overdue some smoother sailing with all this stuff and getting your meds. It’s very good news though about the benefits not being affected by 2021’s income.

    At least you know what the animal chirping means now. Sex hormones are rife and Brownie is out to get some! 😆

    I don’t know if there was the same slang use of the word “retard” in the US as there was here in the UK. It was a big thing when I was younger in high school. It was so commonly bounded about for all situations just to call someone a “retard” or to say something was “retarded” rather than call something stupid/pointless/ridiculous etc. Ie. “That class was so retarded”. I never knew at the time where that word came from, which I blame on my youthful ignorance. Thankfully it’s not used like it was but sadly there’s a lot of stigma and hideousness behind the word as a result, so I can understand the upset it could cause. I have to agree on your thinking on this one though because your post was about a concept – not an opinion, a well-defined understanding that isn’t intentionally attached to any connotations.

    Is that Alpha guy serious or is he taking the mickey? I can’t quite tell. I’d be amazed if anyone getting their bits bashed in by a saddle is capable of an orgasm. It’s the equivalent of a guy getting their balls mashed against a cheese grater, or being repeatedly punched in the balls.

    1. I’d agree with that ratio on good to shit doctors. I’ll be okay without the lithium. It’s not ideal, but ideal isn’t happening regardless.

      Yeah, retard as an insult was a thing on this side of the pond too. I think there will always be slang terms to refer to people doing dumb things or things that make sense, but it’s unfortunate that terms related to disabilities or mental illness get co-opted for that purpose.

      I’m guessing Alpha dude is taking the mickey. Riding a horse gives me a sore ass, and that’s about it.

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