Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I think the lady woodpecker who roosts on my balcony has a suitor. He sometimes pecks at the chimney around 6am. I guess the crows managed to get the robins’ eggs or babies the other week, because the robins have disappeared.
  • I had a rather odd visitor on last week’s weekend wrap-up. Dude was an Israeli dermatologist (as per his LinkedIn profile) who decided that my post conveyed that I had racing thoughts, and he seemed to want to diagnose me. When I pointed out that this was odd, he wrote, “When you show the world your thoughts don’t think that professionals in this area can’t write what they think about it in the prospective of psychiatric medicine, and I know exactly what it is.” Uh-huh, sure you do…
  • I was checking a medical clinic’s schedule to see what doctors were working on a particular day, and then I Googled the doctors’ names so I could have a look at any patient reviews. One of the docs had been reprimanded and fined a year and a half ago by the College of Physicians for using sexualized language with a teenage female patient, like referring to her as a “loose woman.” There were multiple reviews on RateMDs.com that leaned hard into victim-blaming. One said, “I think the woman who complained should pay for the fine!!!” That’s pretty fucking gross.
  • I think I mentioned a while back that my latest book wasn’t available for expanded distribution on Amazon (meaning it could be ordered by non-Amazon booksellers), and when I asked about this, I was told it was because of the interior images. So I removed those, but it’s still not eligible. Now they’re saying it’s because “our distributors don’t accept content that is excessively reused, recycled, or repeated within or across books.” What on earth are they talking about? When I emailed again to say that didn’t make sense, I got a reply from someone who was either a bot, didn’t speak English, or hadn’t actually read my email. I think Amazon has a lot of confused people working for them.
  • I was browsing through books on Netgalley and came across one entitled How to Tell if You Are Fat and What to Do About It, and the cover had an arrow pointing from the “how to tell if you are fat” in the title to a picture of someone’s belly. Seriously? How did a publishing house decide that this was what they wanted to put out into the world?
  • I rarely look at Bing’s Webmaster Tools because I forget Bing exists (and who are all these people who use it?). Anyway, I was looking at it this week and comparing the search terms that I get the most clicks from on Bing vs. Google. There’s almost no overlap, which I find very interesting. I’m not sure if that’s entirely to do with differences in their algorithms, or if there are also differences between Bing searchers and Google searchers.
  • I’m always proud to be a Canadian, but sometimes I’m reminded of just how much I appreciate living here rather than in the US. Our Supreme Court is far less politicized than in the US.
Casper the guinea pig sitting in a hay rack

This is Casper McFloofy Floof around the time I adopted her 4 /2 years ago. She was found in a parking lot, and the fur around her midsection had been shaved off. Shee was happy to have a new home, and I think she’s very happy being an adoptive mama to Brownie and Toffee. Brownie is Little Miss Independent, but Toffee is very attached to Casper.

Guinea pigs Peanut and Butternut, who has

This is Peanut Potato and Butternut. Butternut’s favourite spot is tucked into that corner of the cage with his little fence he can chew on and his canopy towel. The boys’ cage normally lives in the bathroom, but I’ve temporarily moved it into my bedroom while waiting for the stupid bathroom ceiling leak to get dealt with.

colouring page with flowers and leaves and black background

Here’s some colouring from this week. I was quite happy with how this one turned out.

How has your week been?

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43 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I love the photos of your guinea pigs as always and I love the colouring of your latest. The background makes the flowers stand out.

    New cleaners started this week. They are all lovely and we get along having a laugh. And because of one situation where we had a laugh I decided to have a joke with one and it backfired. I didn’t know until the end of the shift that night until I asked her directly, that I had upset her. This wasn’t intentional and how I joked was how we joked the ptevious night with someone else and how I have joked with previous colleagues I worked with before they retired. So naturally I was upset that I had upset her and I couldn’t apologise enough on Thursday night. She has accepted the apology.
    I cried bucket loads the minute we departed our ways and yesterday, I was just full of anxiety and hyper alert.

    My Uncle’s funeral is on the 24th of this month I learnt as of yesterday and space has been made in the car for me. I have sorted time off in both jobs for that day.

    Today is a hot day. I have been out in town, but was too busy for my liking. Mainly watched dvd’s today. But not so long ago I had been in the garden to plant my 3 strawberry seedlings in a large pot. While out there, I tidied up a little.

    1. That’s too bad that she reacted that way. I’m glad she accepted your apology, but I can see how that would be very stressful.

      That’s good that things are all sorted for you to go to your uncle’s funeral.

      I hope your strawberry plants do well and you have lots of strawberries this summer!

  2. Nice coloring! Cute piggies! Yes, Canada and Western Europe are looking good compared to the decline of the US. Soon we won’t be able to access any healthcare or credit without a man’s permission 😡

  3. So, a dermatologist said you had racing thoughts? Interesting! LOL I’d be proud to be Canadian, too! Nice coloring! I’m working on a page now. Slowly but surely it’s coming along. My week has been so-so, and I’m just anxious to move! 🙂 :/

  4. It was okay. I kept calm at least. 🙂 The coloring is beautiful! I’ve been inspired by you and Marilyn’s efforts and have been working on some myself, but have no current way to upload it to the ‘net as the printer and computer don’t get along and I have no idea where the software to do that from the tablet might be on this new system. Arrg. I’m working on tropical fish currently though. The piggies continue to be so adorable! Thank you for sharing them with everyone! 🙂

  5. I am not sure I would want a dermatologist diagnosing my mental state from any blogs I post…🙄 I’m not even sure I would want them diagnosing any skin condition that I may or may not have. It certainly makes one wonder who decides what should or should not be printed in a book these days. I have not read your book, but I am pretty sure I know when I am fat and in the best position to decide how I should deal with my own fatness. 🤨

  6. As always I enjoy the photos of the guinea pigs, so cute. Your artwork is fantastic!
    I am great full to be Canadian too. Healthcare is challenging enough without added pressures of cost.

  7. I remember that comment, I think. I remember thinking unkind thoughts.
    Caspar’s adorable in that little basket.
    People think birds are lovely, and they are, but they’re also vicious little carnivores lol.
    The week sounds pretty good 💖

    1. Yeah, there are some mean birds. I take the guinea pigs outside occasionally, but I always make sure to keep them very close to me because there are eagles around here, and I wouldn’t want one of them deciding the piggoos are lunch.

      1. Eagles worry me even when my parents take out their cairn terrier. I stood next to one once. Eagles are BIG.

  8. Johnzelle Anderson

    It is always frustrating when the armchair therapists find their way into the comments or your social media… So annoying Amazon isn’t giving you a human to solve this seemingly clerical issue! My week was meh. Panic attacks are on the rise for some reason. But on a brighter note, I’m excited to begin working on my summer book club on my podcast for the second year.

  9. Oh the Amazon horror. Reminds me of the time they forced me to cancel my account and start a new one because their two step verification could not be updated with a new phone number because my old number was no longer valid and my credit card expired. They simply forced me to let them steal my entire Kindle collection. After hours on the phone I gave up. I hate Amazon.

  10. Microsoft probably employs a few hundred thousand people worldwide. If they, their families, Microsoft’s key clients and suppliers all use it, maybe that accounts for most of bing’s users 😂

  11. When I saw those comments from that ‘doctor” I wanted to reply to his comment and tell him to fluff off – but I didn’t think that was my place LOL What a jerk! I’ve been pretty much inactive on the interwebz these past 3 days – so much reading to do – it’s just about 4:30pm here and I’ve just turned on my computer – (ok, I’ve been reading on my iPad but not cruising the web…) I like your coloring page – definitely reminds me of fabric but not a tapestry – interesting.

  12. There are so many interesting threads on this! An Israeli dermatologist wants to diagnose you based on your weekend wrap-up? Hmm, I wonder how his business is going?

    And I know there are many reasons to love being a Canadian but you are so right that the US supreme court is too politicized. I find it exhausting…

    And someone shaved Casper’s midsection? Those guinea pig pictures are so cute and how lovely they found a home with you!

    Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead!

  13. Your drawing is quite good. Me? I haven’t been feeling so hot and I don’t know whether it is from side effects of Caplyta which I started 12 days ago or if Im actually in a substantial depression. Time will tell. Have been in touch with my provider.

  14. Owww the Piggooooos! They’re so cute. 😊
    Haha the bit about the dermatologist made me laugh. It’s just so silly, IMHO…. 😊
    Too bad about the Robin’s eggs though 😔
    I’ve had a very big mix of emotions this week. My eating has been very bad! Hopefully I can start fixing that next week. I won’t buy any more snacks, as I only got them for my birthday and then only a few people came 😔 so it made me sad and I ate the lot 😂 so bad!

  15. Lol about your apparent racing thoughts. :O

    Must be frustrating how Amazon keeps finding odd problems with your book!
    I’m glad you’ve had fun with colouring and the cute piggoos this week. 🙂

  16. I love your colouring page! Before I read your description I thought you were going to say it was a new wallpaper you picked out for your bathroom you were going to put up after your ceiling got fixed.

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