Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what’s happened in my life this week:

  • I did a guest post earlier this week on Through Anxiety and Beyond about how much the support from the blogging community has helped me.
  • This morning I was looking at Wynne’s photos of the week post, and she had a photo of the US Presidential motorcade. I had to think for a good minute before I could remember who the president was. I do have memory issues due to the depression, but I think that’s probably ECT-related. As far as I can tell, the ECT hasn’t knocked anything fully out of my memory, but it has pushed some stuff a little further back into the mental filing cabinet.
  • I’m still not looking at the news at all. I used to regularly watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, both of which satirize current events, but I haven’t watched those either since getting home from hospital. While I used to like the comedy aspect, I think for now I’d prefer to go without. Actually, I haven’t been watching Netflix or Youtube or any other kind of videos. No particular reason, although maybe I just don’t want to be exposed to the world.
  • I’m tired. Not sleepy tired, not physically tired, just… I don’t know, I just wish things were easier.

This video shows Brownie (the dark-haired one) and Toffee (the lighter brown-haired one) playing, while Casper watches the silly babies. The light is bad because it’s dark outside and I don’t have bright lighting in my bedroom. There’s sound, but you have to turn up the volume really loud to hear it. Just before the 4-second mark, Brownie popcorns. She’s on the left side of the house and partly behind it when she does it. She jumps straight up and then flings her back end and feet high in the air. It takes a fraction of a second, which is why it’s so hard to capture on video.

The video is from Thursday morning, and the babies remained playful all day. Toffee kept trying to climb on top of Casper’s head—she hasn’t done that before, and I’m not sure what that was all about. I checked my journal, and I brought the babies home at the beginning of October last year, so they’re not really babies anymore, but they’re still so much smaller than Casper. Then again, Casper’s wild and luscious hair makes her seem larger than she actually is.

My dear friend Predictably Unpredictable asked me to share some of my colouring, so here it is. My tremor means it looks a bit messy close up, but it looks fine from a bit of a distance. I also have a tendency to combine colours that really don’t go together very well, but these ones are pretty good. I’m not actually being self-critical; I just don’t take myself seriously when it comes to this kind of thing. I’d rather embrace being worse than I actually am instead of being dissatisfied that I’m not better. These pics are from two different colouring books. The one with the black pages is called Midnight Garden.

How has your week been?

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70 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I too don’t watch the news. I catch up on current affairs in small does on BBC online.
    Casper is so cool…not phased by the little ones gymnastics.
    Your coloring is fabulous!!
    Praying for you to enjoy good sleep and wake up refreshed. Love and hugs to you Ashley Leia.

        1. Hmm, today I’ve been seeing them, but the last one I got was last weekend. They haven’t been going to spam, because I check my spam regularly. I think something strange is going on with WordPress, because it’s eaten comments I’ve left on several people’s posts over the last week or so.

  2. Love the Midnight Garden! My week was sorta good (until last night when I fell asleep crookedly on the sofa and messed up my back more than normal). My second job got outsourced to the Philippines, which is hard to remember how to spell, and while the money was nice… I am totally enjoying my free time now!

  3. I definitely relate to the being tired, but not necessarily sleepy. I wish things were a bit easier for you too. And for all of us.
    I like your coloring pages!! I hope it stays a relaxing activity for you.

  4. Love your colouring and thank you for sharing.

    It seems there’s a lot of activity going on with the guinea pigs, with what you have shown a lately. Its making me smile or laugh, when watching.

    Nothing much from me than work, walking out, some retail therapy and enjoying quietness at home when not watching films.

    I have today though heard more regarding my family member. He has deteriorated further and it may be just a matter of days now. I am ok. It’s to be expected. I am just glad he got his wish to be at home. I know when he passes, he will want to be with my aunt.

      1. I imagine its been fun watching them, with there being more activity than usual.

        Its good knowing he is at home and knowing when he passes away, he will be together with my aunt again. (My mum’ssister.). She already passed away some years ago, which was what I meant by this. I know my uncle always talked about meeting her again. So if there is such thing, I would find that nice knowing they will one day be together.

  5. You’ve inspired me to do some colouring myself. 🙂 The piglets are sooo cute. I love the word “popcorning” to describe Brownie. Always enjoy reading these updates. Happy weekend to you, Ashley. 🙂

  6. Aw! <3 The piggies are ADORABLE, thank you for sharing your light in the gloom with us! 😀 I haven't voluntarily watched the 'news' (that stuff isn't news, to me, it's crap IMO). But someone ALWAYS has to share a story with me, like they don't know what to talk about if it's not the latest horror show or tragedy. Maybe the art of conversation face to face is dead. I hope for your speedy lift in spirits, but I understand that somehow it's NEVER speedy. Just take care, breathe and watch the guineas. They'll perk things up for you and no news required! 😊

  7. I loved your guest blog post!

    As for the memory, perhaps the third item (not watching the Daily Show or anything else news-related) has to do with not being able to pull up Joe Biden as President. Also, I’m thinking I know the Canadian prime minister (Justin Trudeaux, right?) but I’m not really paying attention so perhaps we get a pass for leaders of countries that are not our own?

    Love the GP piggo – wow, that is fast. And the coloring is great. I especially like Midnight Garden. Happy weekend!

  8. I really like that midnight garden one! The last big depressive episode I went through ended with lots of coloring while listening to soothing music or self-help audiobooks. I also recall going through a period of withdrawal that felt like being in a cocoon. I’m fact, I feel like I’m breaking out of one right now. It’s normal to want to unplug from the world every now and again. I think we all need that. At least I do! I can handle watching late night news once or twice a week now, and not if I’m feeling remotely stressed or in a low mood. Watching fur babies play is much more fun 🤩

  9. I love your coloring! That Midnight Garden book looks pretty cool. I still have my coloring book from when I was in the hospital 6 years ago. I should bust it out again sometime.

  10. The only reason we still have cable tv is because my husband likes to watch the evening new – local and world – why is beyond me since he reads all the same stuff in the newspaper every morning – if I could just downgrade to internet only I would be very happy – we watch ZERO cable tv – everything we watch is streaming. I don’t exactly have my head buried in the sand but I’m also not looking to raise my blood pressure any higher. Today I’ve been having fun with curtains again – hey, I’m easy to please. I wish I could put the glitter curtains in all the rooms but I need some privacy in the bedrooms…I don’t remember what kind of week it’s been. Cheers!

  11. Johnzelle Anderson

    I also just unsubscribed from the newspaper. It makes me feel even more hopeless about the world. Beautiful coloring and I love the videos of the piggies. Keep them coming! As for me, the most exciting thing I did was purchase an Apple Watch. It’s been fun pushing myself to work out more rigorously and keep up with friends who are doing the same. Plus I love being able to go on a run without my phone

  12. Ooh lovely! Thank you for sharing the lovely colouring… I will take a few shots of mine and send them by email… sometime tomorrow hopefully…

    I understand about being tired…and have had to rest today…. and I get that you don’t wanna be exposed to the world. It can just become too much at times. And sometimes we do have to cocoon ourselves a bit.

    I am thankful you put the pictures up. They are beautiful…well done.

    I have been editing many many pictures and sorting them into categories, and even that can get me stressed…so I told myself I’ll just get one post done today… I’m still up doing it…

    Lovely to see the pigoos too…

    Love you ❤

    1. I look forward to seeing your colouring photos. And I always love seeing your other photos. My photos are almost all of guinea pigs, so no categorizing required. 😉

      Love you too. ❤️

  13. I am not watching the news though I do like Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, John Oliver and Trevor Noah.
    It is too much for me to watch the senseless violence for no reason.
    I haven’t been on Social media since dumpty was pres.
    I will listen to a news story about every 5 days. But the visual is way more likely to do harm.
    Love Casper. You too

    1. Yes, John Oliver is great! The dumpty gong show was the reason for an extended Twitter break for me. Then I went back, last a few months, and ran screaming as far away as I could get.

      Love you 💖

      1. I am in the hospital for my hypothyroidism. It was causing my heart And brain to go haywire. Now I have a bladder infection and the doctor said that I need a specific antibiotic, which has in the past caused c-diff and almost killed me. Everything is a cluster fuck right now.

          1. Thanks. Friday was mom’s birthday, and my husband has driven like 25 hours in the car for the past 3 days to help take care of my dad.
            And my dad is dealing with dementia and SEvere OCD has decided to be a total shit. So I had to call him and tell him to stop being a shit And Behave. 🙄 😒 😑
            Now my husband is having to take time off to stay with my dad. So stressed

  14. I don’t watch anything either. Haven’t watched the news in years. My mother informs me if the weather is acting up. Other than that, no world info for this girl. It hurts too badly and the truth isn’t guaranteed. I use to like late-night shows but it’s been a while.

  15. Owwww piggooooos! I always enjoy them! 😊
    I also barely watch the news, it’s just too depressing most of the times. And just saying it all gets more and more expensive and where should I get that extra needed money from? No one can answer that!
    I haven’t read the guest post you did yet. I did read the one you shared here, I enjoyed it. Should check out the other blog and your post. 😊 Maybe I do that after this comment.
    Yesterday Arwen pulled me on my face. Fortunately I fell on grass but I have muscle aches and even some blue spots. I never get those, like ever! So it went hard! But still trying to keep active as I hope it will prevent my muscles from stringing out on me all the way. 😊
    I’ll write about it in my Journal post as well 😉.
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Loads of hugs 🤗 🍀 🌻

      1. Thank you! I am wide awake again after sleeping two hours so watching TV and riding the hometrainer… 😊 If I don’t get tired, I may get another nightly gym session 😂 I know it’s bad to deviate from my usual routine. But my body is still very sore, even with a heavy painkiller, so I better stay active against the muscle aches. Hope you had a good day! 🌻

          1. You’re very welcome 🤗 and thanks! For now, watching the Good Witch while slowly riding a bit. My legs were getting very stiff so while it’s a little painful, it hurts less than just laying awake. I have a silly mind and body 😇

  16. Firstly, love to see the pop corning!! That’s pretty funny.

    I also find it beneficial to review what I watch or what I expose myself to- helps reduce negative feelings. I’m actually finding it pretty easy to do at the moment. Even if I agree with something, some material can just inflame negative emotions.

    The colouring looks amazing! I like the perspective you’ve taken with it ♥️

  17. Gorgeous colouring. Well, ECT and depression, trauma, and probably more have really impacted my memory. I like the filing cabinet description. xo

  18. I had my 4th wedding anniversary this past Thursday. ❤️ Other than that, the usual aches and pains. I won’t complain … it could be worse. 🙂

    I love the coloring! Looks like a very relaxing way of de-stressing.

  19. Isn’t it funny how we’re so drawn to dark imagery? I also loved the Midnight Garden picture (it’s also the title of a Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick book I love).

    Sorry about the memory. That stuff can be frustrating.

    Sorry too about the tired. I’m a bit worried about the way you sotto voce’d that one. There’s a bit of burying the lede going on there: the fatigue of mental illness is no small thing. Be careful, and keep on keeping us in the loop.

    Brownie was hilarious – I laughed out loud. Maybe it’s spring and the piggies thoughts are turning to love?

    1. Yeah, maybe the piggies have spring fever.

      The tired wasn’t hinting at suicidality. But some other stuff has gotten worse, like appetite, and I just wish depression would fuck all the way off.

  20. Holy shit, that’s what you fall fast pop-corning! I want whatever they’re having to have enough energy to go that quickly. I’m glad you got the video, kudos for the effort because I can see why it’d be hard to wait around for it to happen, then merely blink and miss it! Very cute video.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling tired. Sounds to me like Life-Tiredness. I split Tired into three categories to explain my own tiredness: “Sleep-tired” (self-explanatory), “Body-tired” (physical chronic fatigue), and “life-tired” (mentally exhausted, fed up).

    I bet some people wish they could forget Biden is president.

    I’m glad you shared your colouring with us – these look awesome! I love the colour combos too. I’ve lost any joy in the things I used to do so I don’t do art stuff any more, but even with Canva designs, I feel like I’ve lost how to put colours together. Like I can often think in my head what’ll look good, and I know what I like when I see cool designs, but I can’t get it on the page/screen. If I did colouring in, I think I’d have the same problem and it’d end up a miso-mash. It’s weird, not sure what I can’t connect what’s in my head to what I try to do/create (if you can call Canva creating) anymore.

    Is Toffee trying to get the lay of the land by getting up on Casper’s head to get a better vantage point? Or maybe that’s just how they play the furball version of tag? xx

    1. I like the categories of tired, and yeah, I’m life-tired, although better now than I was last week.

      The colouring examples I picked were ones where I did well with the colours. A lot of them end up being weird combinations, because I’m clueless. I’m like you, I know what I like when I see it, but I can’t come up with it on my own.

      Toffee is very attached to Casper, so maybe she was trying to get extra close? That morning both babies were popcorning a lot, so I was able to catch them while they were at it. ❤️

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