Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • After my friend Liz mentioned in a post that Bloglovin’ has been down lately, I did some poking around and discovered that Bloglovin’ has been taken over by the company Impact.com and rolled into Activate Social, which connects influencers and brands and doesn’t seem to have any of Bloglovin’s features. In other online goings on, is anyone else annoyed with the recent updates to Canva? Now there’s all kinds of stupid things popping up in the way. Just let me make my graphics and leave me alone!
  • I used Zoom for the very first time this week (gasp!) for a call with the lovely Danei Edelen, who is the president of NAMI Brown County. I met her here on the blog while I was in hospital, and while I don’t live in Brown County, Ohio, or even the US, it was nice to have a chat with some other folks dealing with mental illness (including a fellow Canadian). The next Zoom call is on April 28, and if anyone is interested in joining in, pop over to Danei’s blog to say hi.
  • Back when I first published A Brief History of Stigma, Amazon took issue with the cover being too distressing and wouldn’t allow me to advertise it, so I came up with an alternate cover to use for the Kindle edition. Amazon also has this thing for paperbacks called “expanded distribution” that allows other booksellers and libraries and stuff to order your book. I just discovered recently that the stigma book paperback isn’t eligible for expanded distribution. I figured it was probably the same issue with the illustrated girl in a cage cover being too distressing, so I decided to switch everything over to the alternate bird flying out of a cage cover. I emailed Amazon to ask about this, and got a response from someone who clearly didn’t read any of the words in my email beyond “expanded distribution.” After asking for an actual response, I had someone tell me that it wasn’t the cover at all, it was the images inside the book, meaning I didn’t need to change the cover. Oh well, I guess it’s better for all editions to have the same cover, and the old cover was showing up really washed out in the Amazon paperback listing. Just goes to show that assumptions are not reliable information.
  • I discovered from my friend Josh that there’s this thing called WorldCat that lets you see if your book is in any libraries. My first three books made it into a few college libraries, which I thought was pretty cool, but also a bit weird that they would consider a self-published rando to be in any way reliable. I like the word rando, and seeing Paula use it regularly has increased my use of it.
  • I found a t-shirt that I lost probably 8 years ago. It always seemed so strange to me that I had managed to lose a piece of clothing, but it turned out it was behind a piece of furniture. I suspect there are probably multiple items, particularly socks, behind my clothes washer/dryer. It’s in a closet and I’m fairly sure I would injure both myself and it if I tried to pull it out, so the socks will have to stay where they are.
  • My concentration remains quite bad, and I find I’m often having to read things multiple times before they sink in (if they sink in at all). My appetite is still low, which is mildly concerning, because that’s generally pretty well managed with meds. At the same time, me losing a bit of excess psych med weight is a good thing. So it’s on my radar, but no alarm bells quite yet.
Ashley with Peanut the guinea pig sitting on her chest

This is Peanut the guinea pig all settled in and comfy sitting on my chest. For the first few minutes I have him out with me he’ll stand there on his little feet, and then eventually he’ll sit himself down and snuggle in. He always points his head in the same direction, towards the window. He’s a farty little boy, and not long after this picture was taken, he started lettin’ ‘er rip. He’s the only guinea pig I’ve ever had who’s been a fart monster. I like to call him Peanut Potato, because doesn’t he look potato-shaped?

How has your week been?

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53 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. It’s so hard to trust your friends when they don’t always seem so worthy of it. I’m glad you’re doing the best you can with it, I know how hard it can be.
    That’s so frustrating with the Amazon thing. I don’t know why they just just get it together and, I don’t know, read emails in the entirety? Instead of picking out keywords? Frustrating indeed.

  2. Peanut is adorable.

    That is pretty cool that your books are in some college libraries. This issue with Amazon sounds very frustrating.

    I hope the issues with memory and concentration improve.

  3. Congratulations on your books making it into WorldCat, that’s a big deal for researchers.
    I stopped using Canva after it took ages, after all the pop ups, to save and download my image in the format I desired.
    Peanut is adorable.
    May your day be peace-filled, Ashley Leia. Sending warm hugs to you.😊

  4. As you know, I spent most of my week in the psych ward. Should prob go back, but am currently managing. Love the pic, and will consider Zooming! 😀

  5. Great to hear from you Ashley! Terrific that you tried zoom. I’m always glad when I lose excess weight from psych meds(or my own eating addiction). I didn’t know guinea pigs fart! 😂 Much love to you 💗

  6. We found that socks get static and hid inside other clothes. We lost one sock of a pair of expensive hiking socks we treated ourselves to with a gift card we received. Younger Child found it inside clothes at college and brought it home at spring break 😂. Reunited ands it feels so good

  7. I’ve found Bloglovin’ always had a glitchy site, and even thought it’s working right now, I’m never surprised when my page won’t load. Peanut does look awfully potato-shapes, doesn’t he 😁

  8. I am so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital — and a great big apology for having been absent from your circle of support. You have always — always — been there for me, no matter how many times I attempt to find my online writing home; and that has meant the world to me. I look forward to becoming newly acquainted with your blog, and am frustrated at Amazon for being so… dense? (For lack of a better word). I hope that you are on the mend, Beautiful Lady! Sending light and love from the Sonoran Desert your way! 🥰

  9. Sorry. (But not sorry.) 😉 I had a good laugh knowing your guinea pig farts. 😁

    I hope your concentration improves and your appetite to being as it usually would be.

    A short working week for me with it bank holiday yesterday and the other bank holiday is Monday, so relaxation has been the key. Also took this opportunity to be away from Twitter over the bank holiday period too.

    Take care. X

  10. Love the picture of you and Peanut! And that’s so funny about finding a t-shirt and also knowing it had been gone 8 years. You must have a distinct time marker of when it when missing.

    I love how you dig in and research things. So cool. Sorry your concentration and appetite are suffering – hope they both return soon.

  11. Even after two years of ZOOM, I’m still getting used to using it. I know many folk don’t like it, though I’m glad we have this way to connect- I prefer it to phone.

    The lost clothing thing!! OMG! This happens so often for me- and I can almost turn my place upside down looking. And, then it just seems to turn up- one time I think I found an item in a bag- other times, I dunno, just is there in a corner where I dear I looked. Eight years is a record amount of time.

    Assumptions…*sigh* yes, not reliable sources for information or decision making. I do this a little too much 🙄

  12. You’ve been doing great things, and continue to do things that have an impact. Good for you!

    And, great work on the Zoom meeting! It’s nice to see someone who faces their fears in order to help others.

    All is well with me. Just have to keep on!

  13. Owwww a pretty mixed week I see. Good and a bit bad news about the books, but I’m glad they seem to be doing rather well! Yay for that. Sorry that Amazon is being an asshat about the illustration. Wish someone would actually read the words that go with it to have the right context before denying some sort of services. 🤔
    Haha a farty potato😁 just your luck! He looks really cute though.
    And I’ve never had a zoom call before, don’t even have the app 😇 so wouldn’t know anything about it. Still cool you were able to char about your experiences, I always feel that it can help quite a bit.

    Wishing you a lovely Easter 🐰 🐣 🐇

    1. He’s very cute, so I’m willing to put up with the farting. 😉

      I didn’t even realize that Zoom had to be downloaded. I just thought I’d follow the web link and it would take me right there

      Hope you have a lovely Easter as well! And I’m kind of surprised that more Easter-ish emojis don’t exist… 🐇🐰💖

      1. Haha I’m the same with Arwen, though she can relieve some sorts of winds….. Pfew 😂!

        Haha I know it’s an app but I have never needed it so no idea about it besides that… 😊

        Thank you! Am at my parents who are doing their own things so 🤔 yeah a bit weird… But that’s my folks I guess. Yeas we should need better Easter emojis for sure. 😊

  14. Dear Ashley,
    I just bought your book.
    For many years as a mental health nurse in a mental health short-stay unit and as a university lecturer I have tried to fight stigma by raising awareness among colleagues and students. I hope to learn a lot from your book.
    Greetings and best wishes!

  15. Get yourself one of those reaching poles with the little pincher doo-dad on the end! It’ll save your socks and shirts and all kinds of things you can’t reach by your human self.
    Peanut is a cutie, and I didn’t think he looked much like a potato until I typed potato and the emoji came up 🥔 he’s def a potato 😂

      1. I grow my own potatoes, and they’re all round, fingerling, or some crazy shape! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a 🥔 shaped potato. Your Peanut is an adorable little russet, I think 😂

  16. I’m annoyed at Pinterest. They randomly started removing my pins recently, claiming I’m violating community guidelines. They said I could appeal but they wouldn’t tell me which pins nor which guidelines I violated. They removed about 200 pins at least.

    1. Pinterest annoys me too. When they’ve removed my pins before, in the email notification they sent me, they said something about it not being my own pins that violated guidelines, but other people’s pins that I had saved.

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