Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I posted earlier this week about WP’s upcoming changes to their plan structure, and there are updates, which you can see on the Pricing Feedback forum and a post on the WordPress blog on Tuesday Apr 5. They’ve increased the storage limit on the new free plan from 500MG to 1GB. They say “Additional storage will be available for purchase at a very reasonable price, very soon” and “as-you-need them add-ons for both plans, to give you a la carte upgrades” are also coming soon. Depending on the prices they set, being able to pay for only the specific features you want could end up being better than what’s currently available.
  • I’ve been getting a lot of spam via my site’s contact form in the last couple of weeks for erectile dysfunction drugs and horse dewormer. I’m trying to decide what to do with that. It might help to add a Recaptcha, which is the Google prove-you’re-a-human thing that can be either just a checkbox or a select-all-the-squares-with-buses thing that always seem to indicate that I’m not a human. Anyway, I don’t know if that would solve the problem because I’m not sure if it’s a bot leaving the messages or an actual human (although I suspect the former), but the bigger problem is that using Recaptcha apparently slows your whole website down (correct me if you’re more on the ball than me and I’m wrong). That wouldn’t be great as my site is already a little on the slow side as it is. Another option is to just remove the contact form for a few days so hopefully the spammer will learn that there’s nothing to see here. Haven’t decided yet what I’ll do, or if I’ll even do anything, as the whole shebang is bugging me less than spam typically does. Because I love words, I just Googled shebang to find out where that came from, and according to Vocabulary.com, it was a US Civil War term that meant hut.
  • The baby guinea pigs Toffee and Brownie have been popcorning this week. It’s hard to capture on video because it happens so fast, but it involves jumping straight up in the air and then contorting themselves like a popcorn kernel popping. It’s all kinds of cute. They’re also spending a lot more time hanging out on the roof of the house than they used to. Casper seems to be sleeping quite a bit, which I suppose is probably because she’s getting to be quite a senior piggoo.
  • I got all the assorted bits and bobs and ideas transferred out of my hospital journal and into either my home journal or my laptop, and the hospital journal is now retired and tucked away in a drawer. That felt like a very positive transition.
  • I used to think that having some idea of what was happening in the world was part of being a responsible citizen, although during the pandemic I’ve been pretty careful to limit my total daily intake of news. However, being almost completely news-free for the last month and a bit has changed my mind somewhat. What’s happening in the world is going to happen whether I know about it or not, and reaching out for information on specific topics as needed might serve my mental health better than trying to follow the news regularly.
  • The brief mixed depressive/hypomanic episode last week has fully subsided, and I’ve been sleeping well (8-9 hours a night) all week with meds, which is positive. Speaking of meds, but not really, I’m mega-dosing on vitamin B6 to manage my lithium tremor, which involves popping 9 pills a day. Normally I can down a big handful of pills no problem, but these are an odd shape and they’re not coated in any way, so they stick to my mouth and the back of my throat. Even swallowing 2 at a time is hard, so I’ll definitely need to get a different brand next time.
  • Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on my draft letter about the hospital mouse infestation. I think I’m sufficiently de-dudgeoned now, so I’m going to finalize it this weekend and send ‘er off early next week.
  • I ordered some hay online got the guinea pigs, and the very awkwardly large box got left by the building’s front entrance. This has triggered high dudgeon and the sending of fiery emails on more than one occasion in the past, but now I have my shopping trolley-type deal, which also functions as a hand truck (which I always thought was called a dolly, but apparently I was wrong). I can load boxes onto it and cruise along dudgeon-free.
  • As another example of me trending in a mellow direction, I finished writing a review yesterday of a book that included a section that got all psychosocial reductionistic about mental illness (Johann Hari Lost Connections style), and I didn’t even feel the urge to rant. I think feisty Ashley has left the building for some well-deserved R&R.

I managed to catch Casper grooming herself. It’s early in the morning so the lighting isn’t very good and I didn’t want to move closer and disrupt her, but despite the crappy video quality, I think she’s still all kinds of adorable.

thriving prayer plant sitting on a windowsill

I tend to be a plant killer. This prayer plant seemed like it was on its last legs back in February, but it’s doing much better now. A metaphor, perhaps?

How has your week been?

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63 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. The week has been tumultuous. A couple hassles with humans had me on edge for a while. I seem to be in good spirits today however. Also, if there’s an analytics tool that will inform me who’s linking to my blog, I’d like to know about it.

  2. My week has been good! And you have had quite the busy one! Its cool that you got the hay for the piggies! Hope that letter to the hospital gets a response, fingers crossed!

  3. There’s been a heat tsunami (much worse than a wave!), which has resulted in migs for the last few days. TG for sumatriptan, but even so it makes me slower and clumsier than normal. I just spilled coffee on my sofa, tipped over the cat water, and dripped cheese on my pants, and the day has only begun. But things could be worse. Glad to hear you are leaving the bad experience behind 💖

  4. I can remember when you shared the guinea pigs pop corning before. It was so interesting to see.

    Nice to a guinea pig cleaning themselves, as I have never had the opportunity to watch a ginea pig do this before.

    Glad you are sleeping well.

    I hate the recaptcha thing if its the one where you select all the squares to whatever question it gives, that you have to click on. I have had huge problems in the past and getting no where after several attempts that I give up.

    My week has been good withots of walking after my morning job, around the res.

    My tennis elbow has flared up again. Not helped by bloomin banging it either. Its made me struggle to type on the phone, as well as work. Especially evening job.
    Ordered some stylus pens to have about my home and found I have one on the end of a free pen I have from an order months ago. The other stylus pens will still come in handy, as I can leave a few around my home and one in handbag.

      1. I need to stop banging my elbow at work. Its happening too often and so taking longer to heal.
        I wear support banage in evening job, as thats when I struggle out of my two jobs.
        I do a couple of different stretches that I am aware of from when I had physio years ago, after injuring my wrist and elbow at the same time on my right arm, because there was two injuries going on then from my accident at work. One being tennis elbow.
        And I have come across a video of how to massage my arm, as I knew you don’t touch directly the site, but around it. So wasn’t sure how to do it, until I watched that, which gave also two other exercises to do. So doing those things while changing the way I work for a bit, till it heals.

  5. I tend to also be a plant killer… yet I do not mean to be…. it just happens…

    I’ve had planned to go out today for a walk… as it was a better day; but didn’t sleep well and have had a headache all day… and feel a bit poo…

    Sometimes I am glad to get to the end of a day…

  6. I’m glad things seem to be on the upswing. Hope you can show us some piggoo popcorning. The plant does seem very symbolic by what you’ve described. Have a great weekend Ashley!

  7. ‘Toffee and Brownie” awww, such cute names!! I like your attitude toward the news, I’m with you there, it can become all consuming and I see this happening to some people I know personally, it’s all they talk about and worry about. I’ve always thought it would be nice if each newspaper dedicated an equal amount of air time/print space to uplifting news as well as the negative stuff – n=but the scales are always tipped one way these days. 🔆🤗

  8. My week? Um. Fraught. Mixed. I have been going through a bit of mania cycle myself – I’ve done loads of stuff I didn’t have the energy (nor motivation) for a long time now. I’ve planted flowers, got someone to come do the harder work of cleaning out the dead stuff (I discovered I have got ZERO strength any more, which is concerning), I think I’ve contracted a very mild case of shingles and I’ve actually cleaned my own house for once. Um. Next Tuesday I see a brand new doctor (internest) in the hope that he will give me some answers. I’ve had several dizzy spells, one bout of projectile urping, an extremely touchy stomach (smelling food is what caused the urpage, because I insisted on continuing to eat after I knew it was more than time to stop. It was a big healthy salad too. I had cut up a fresh tomato in it, and that might have triggered what might be an incipient or actual ulcer. So overall it wasn’t boring. My eye doctor also gave me a great report about how my surgery is doing. No glasses now (although I do wear sunglasses outside because the light seems to trigger a migraine (or it’s the potential shingles that are doing that).

    Casper is so funny! <3 She was very thorough with her toilette too! And didn't I see another piggie doing the same behind her? One with dark fur? I am glad you waited and tweaked that letter after the dudgeon had calmed down. I can say it's real foolish to let anyone see those missives written in the heat of full dudgeon. I'm glad also that you're home and you are getting back to square. Your experiences were terrifying.

    1. That’s great that your eyes are doing well! I really hope the internist is good, or at least not a jackass.

      In the background of the video that was Brownie giving herself a good scratch with her back foot.

  9. Love this wrap-up. And all your uses of dudgeonry – de-dudgeoned being my favorite. And Caspar grooming and the prayer plant – lovely and deep at the same time! Beautiful!

  10. I’m loving plants at the moment. In the past year I’ve accumulated quite a few….maybe too many. Many have sadly died…and I simply replace them. I think I would benefit from just focusing on those I have now. All my prayer plants have died- I think I had four or five of them. Great to see yours coming back! They are beautiful plants.

    Never having had guinea pigs I didn’t know anything about popcorning- that is brilliant!

  11. My week has been very rocky, with many ups and downs… Unfortunately. I enjoyed reading your progress, it’s so good! And of course the piggoos are always fun to read about. 😊
    I am glad about the space update on WP as I’m between 500-1012 mb myself and not in a state to be able to pay for a site yet. I’d love a paid site some day, if money would allow. 😊 Thank you for the updates, saves me much frustration seeking it out by myself. 🤗
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday ☀!

  12. I stopped reading the news a couple of years ago, and don’t regret it. I’ll sometimes read stuff when friends share them (usually it’s important to our lives in some way), but otherwise I only look up something when I need it.

    My week been good and bad. Quite tired of the ups and downs.

    Beyond tired of my situation being called “complex” (though that’s not my fault), but it pays off with the right people who actually listen and believe me.

    I got food aid in specific ways I really really need, considering I can’t cook in my room and eating out is awful for my health.

    That’s a big WIN and I feel less hopeless.

    Considering just how much “why don’t you X?” (where X is something I’m ineligible for, or have already done) I get from people unfamiliar with the social welfare system and particularly the massive chasm I fell into.

    …you bet it’s refreshing!

    I’m in high dudgeon with my sister too, hahaha.

  13. I loved reading your update this morning 🙂
    Casper is adorable, I love that video! The “pop Corning” sounds like the cutest thing ever.
    That Dolley also sounds like a game changer. I might have to invest in one of those for my apartment as well- it sounds like it could be kind of life changing in a lot of ways.

    That’s awesome to hear you are sleeping well again! That re captcha thing sounds frustrating- I hope that if you try removing the contact form they’ll take the hint and leave your blog alone.
    I totally hear you in terms of the news- I find it’s either stay informed or have hope for the future. It’s been way more pleasant trying to focus on the latter lately- easier said than done though some days.

  14. Johnzelle Anderson

    I’ve been getting a lot of spam on the guest post you did for my site forever ago. Maybe spam is contagious?

  15. I’m glad your mood and sleep are back on track. Lack of sleep can do such weird things to your mood sometimes that I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone went into proper hypomania just because of sleep deprivation/extreme dysregulation. I like how sometimes paradoxically lack of sleep gives me more creativity or even energy but for longer it’s incredibly daunting.
    That feeling when you find out that some VIPs in a particular niche have linked to your blog, lol. Congrats! 🙂

  16. You’re right, it looks like ReCaptcha still slows sites down. I would have thought by now the latest version would have made it work flawlessly and without any drag, but no. That’s a bit of a conundrum. How about I swap you the erectile dysfunction emails for the ones I keep getting lately on bitcoin and hair loss? I think the spammers must know I’m poor and my hair is thinning. It’s disconcerting.

    All I can think is to set up a filter in your email for “erectile dysfunction” and another other spammy keywords so you don’t get it in your inbox but it’s bloody annoying getting junk anywhere, including the junk folder, because you still go through them all just in case a proper email went in by mistake.

    Yeah, that’s a lot of rambling so say I don’t have a clue, sorry. But a huge congratulations for having the Utah Valley University library linking to your post, that is incredible! I can see why they would so it doesn’t surprise me, but it’s very cool.

    You make a good point on the news. I think it has turned me into a raging bull. Looking at specific things and limiting intake rather than following generally and regularly sounds like a plan.

    It makes Casper all the cuter to see her in action. Think you could sneak in a video of the popcorning for us? xx

    1. Setting up an email filter is a good suggestion. No one but spammers is going to be emailing me about erectile dysfunction drugs. I wonder how these spammers figure out which blogs to target.

      I’ll try to get a popcorning video, but it’s hard, because they only do it a few times and by the time I grab my phone they’re already done with their playing. I’ll keep trying, though!

  17. I love vocabulary.com! I use it a lot and have recommended it to several others lol

    Yay for transitioning the journal! That’s an accomplishment! And yay for good sleep!

    I agree about the news. If there’s nothing I can do about it, do I really have to know? Especially when it will just make me feel worse? Of course the exception is when I can do something. Like, I donated some money to UNICEF because of the events in Ukraine. But I don’t need to hear all the details, and I definitely don’t need to hear about it constantly.

    Other actions for me would be signing petitions and voting. And with local news, there are more direct actions I can take. But local news generally isn’t so alarming! And I generally can’t do much beyond donating, petitions, voting, and maybe the rare protest for any news that isn’t nearby.

    I guess another exception for me would be if the news would really change my worldview. I don’t want to be in the dark about things. I just think that if I have the general idea about something, I don’t really need to hear it all.

    My week has been okay. There have been some good parts because I had a dance show, and it was really great. But I’ve also been having a hard time eating and sleeping. And something must have triggered trauma in me because I’ve been having old psychosomatic pain, nightmares, and depersonalization that I thought I had left behind… :/ and I think I’m depressed again because I’ve cried at least once every day, after not crying in a while. Whelp. But I’m a lot less angry now (I’ve been so angry for several weeks). Maybe the anger relaxed into sadness. I wonder if that’ll end up being a helpful thing or not.

    1. I’m glad the dance show went well!

      Not eating and sleeping properly is hard. I hope the triggered stuff doesn’t stay active for too long. I find sadness takes less mental energy than anger in the short term, but it’s not so good when it gets settled in like it wants to take up permanent residence.

      1. Thank you!! 🙂

        Yeah, it is. Things seem to be getting better. 🙂

        Yeah sadness does feel more relaxing (?) sometimes, but too much can be a problem for other stuff. Well put.

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