Do You Use a Link in Bio Tool?

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The whole link in bio situation seems to have arisen because of Instagram. It allows you one link in your profile, and doesn’t allow links in posts to your feed, although it recently started allowing people to use links in their stories.

For those of you who don’t know or give a rat’s ass about Instagram, feed posts are kind of like WordPress blog posts, and stories are a kind of temporary post that’s accessed separately from your feed. Stories disappear after 24 hours unless you save them as highlights. Complicated much? Instagram is a massive pain in the ass in terms of creating hurdles that people have to try to work around.

A bunch of tools have been created to help people get around Instagram’s lack of linking. A recent post on Influencer Marketing Hub ranks their top 11, most of which I’d never heard of before. One of these is the Milkshake App, because I’m guessing that they figure you want your Milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard.

The one I’m most familiar with is Linktree. This is how I’ve set up mine, although I no longer actually use it for anything.

The different tools have some differences, but they’re all essentially the same thing—a mobile-friendly way of showing links to important things all in one place in a way that’s more focused than a website’s homepage is likely to be.

You can use a link to your homepage in your Insta bio, but you can also create a new page on your site specifically for that purpose to display your key links in a Linktree-style way. After all, why send people to a third-party site when you can send them to your own site? WordPress recently added premade block patterns to support this.

In the block editor, go to add a block and click “Browse all” (or if you click the plus sign near the top left of your screen in the desktop editor). You’ll then see something similar to the screenshot below; it will default to showing you the “Blocks” tab, but you can click on the “Patterns” tab, and pick “Link in Bio” from the dropdown menu. It will give you a few templates to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can then customize all your buttons to point to whatever you want your visitors to look at.

Wordpress block patterns: link in bio

I decided to create a welcome page that serves no other purpose than being a link in bio. I started with a WordPress template and then tweaked it. There’s a screenshot of it below. The thing I like about doing it on WordPress is that I’m able to put a latest posts block on my page, so links to my latest posts are showing up automatically rather than me having to manually add them to a link in bio tool.

I’ve got my latest posts block set up to show my four most recent posts, plus I’ve got links to a few more things (including links to my social media) in addition to what’s visible in this screenshot. I’ve got it set up based on how I want it to look on mobile, since I figure most of the few people arriving via Instagram are using mobile devices. This page isn’t in my site’s menus or anything, because it serves no purpose other than being a place for people to arrive from social platforms like Instagram.

Over to you

For a lot of people, this whole concept is likely to be completely irrelevant. I think this kind of thing is most useful for people who are using Instagram, but it might also be useful if you have a broad internet footprint and you want a way to consolidate it in one place.

Do you use a link in bio tool of any kind?

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15 thoughts on “Do You Use a Link in Bio Tool?”

  1. I can see it must be useful….it looks very useful….it is still beyond me though.
    Plus my brain is totally scrambled with all the new software I am having to learn to use at work – I feel like such an old lady. These 20 year olds are teaching me about software I have never heard of.

  2. I had no idea what a link tree was until I started seeing them everywhere on TikTok. Maybe it’s because I don’t have anything to link to, but I often find having to go out of the content to go find a link annoying. Maybe my age is showing.

  3. I have seen those link trees but never use them. I usually link my blog site and from there, they can find out all about me that I’ve been willing to put online. 😊

  4. Do you use a link in bio tool of any kind? I may have the wrong end of the stick, because all that linky stuff gives me a massive headache. And maybe the linky tool I do use isn’t the same kind as you’re talking about. I’m a member of the MindLovesMenagerie team, and they use “Mr. Linky.” Now I LOATHE Mr. Linky with fervor and have since Rory used to use it on his old blog. I just don’t understand it. It’s based partially in either Javascript or HTML ‘coding’ (which programmers used to use) and although I have a smidgen of knowledge about those computer languages, I’m far from fluent. So I agonize over each post I put up on MLMM because I’m not entirely sure it’s showing up properly. Blame it on my OCD or my high anxiety levels, but for me? (and I’m one of those who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Instagram or any of the stuff that’s popular like it), Make it simple enough for a child (not of this current generation) to understand and I’ll probably be able to figure it out and eventually even master the thing. Make it complicated (like Mr. Linky) and I’ll lose interest through frustration.

    Further I have a question that you might be able to answer. Do these linky programs make it easier for people in far flung time zones from each other to connect? Is that the real purpose or is it more a social media Linked In sort of idea?

  5. Hi! This is helpful. Thank you. To reach a larger audience with topics restricted to a specific issue is very difficult. I have found social media to be my way out. While I say that, I really wish that IG and FB come up with more features that will help bloggers gain traffic to particular posts. It’s a bit tedious to keep sharing a post several times with links on stories and highlights just to remind people to see it.

  6. Johnzelle Anderson

    I use linktree. I figure IG doesn’t allow external linking because they make their money the longer folx stay in their app. It’s quite annoying

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