Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I’ve been sleeping much better this week, which has been nice. My appetite has been nonexistent, but I suppose losing some weight is probably a good thing.
  • I occasionally go through phases where I hate writing and everything I’ve ever written, and that’s been going on this week, which is fun. I have some lousy posts that I wrote or started writing while I hated blogging but needed something to do with my time, but I don’t really feel like trying to salvage them.
  • Now that I’ve got a stash of meds again, I’ve been doing a pretty fast upward titration of the doses. That has meant physical symptoms of anxiety all week, which is a temporary annoyance I’m fine putting up with in order to get a decent amount of meds into me.
  • I’m currently reading a book that’s over 800 pages, which is way over what I’m normally willing to read, but it’s by my academic crush Steven Pinker, so I’m plowing through, although I highly doubt I’ll finish it by the time the library ebook loan ends.
guinea pig Toffee with a piece of celery

This is little Toffee at celery snack time. I’ve had her and Brownie for almost 5 months now, and they’re still such little babies compared to big floofy Casper. Brownie has liked hanging out on top of the wooden hidey house for quite a while now, but Toffee has only recently caught on that it’s fun to be queen of the castle.

How has your week been?

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52 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Glad to hear about your sleep improvement! Toffee is adorable <3

    My week was OK. I was seriously sleep-deprived (no reason) at the start, but the last couple nights have been better. I'm looking forward to making some chocolate chip/butterscotch cookie bars in a bit for game night tonight. I bet I could tempt your appetite with one of those!

  2. I love that you always include a picture of a piggy or two.

    I’ve been there with writing. Sometimes you just have to write crap and push through it. See what, I’d anything, you can salvage later.

    Glad you’re sleeping, the loss of appetite can be troublesome, though.

  3. I’m mad at a ghosting friend for ghosting me and have been beyond busy in the city with kids and appointments but next week is looking So! Much! Better! so there’s that…

    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  4. My week was OK. I’m hoping my super-large dose of vitamin D might do something for my energy levels.
    I’m depressed about Russia invading Ukraine though.

    I’m not usually a great fan of things I’ve written either.

    1. Heyy! I was trying to find your blog and couldn’t remember the URL. Going to turn on WP Reader site notifications for your blog.

  5. Sounds like a pretty decent week. The best I can say these days is time’s passing. I wish it would start passing with warmer weather 😊

  6. Sounds like your doing little bit better. That’s always a good thing glad to hear. My week has been rather boring. I’m ready for the warm weather so we can actually go outside. Hasn’t been that great out with winter still here. I’m finishing up some books that I bought awhile back. I started a new latch hook to keep me occupied at night. It’s just boring everyday , that actually does effect me more negatively

  7. Loving Toffee and the fact you’ve given them food names. I’m glad you are doing better!

    I’ve been listening to an audiobook, How To Be Yourself by Dr. Ellen Hendriksen, which I think you may find interesting (down the line after your big book!)

  8. Johnzelle Anderson

    Glad you are getting more sleep and getting your meds figured out. I think occasionally feeling apathy for writing is normal when you’ve been writing as long as you have. Be kind with yourself and ditch a post if it’s more frustrating than productive.

  9. It’s been hell all week and to top it all off we just spent the afternoon in the emergency room…One more day to the week…can’t wait to see what Sunday brings – I just bet it won’t be rest and relaxation…

  10. Every time I see one of your little piglets, I say “awww” out loud. Very sweet! Glad you are sleeping better — what’s your secret? 🙂 Last but not least “floofy” is my new word of the day! 🙂

  11. I love that you use the phrase academic crush. I have quite a few of those and that’s a perfect way to describe it!

    Toffee is so cute. So glad you’ve been sleeping better!

  12. Sweet Toffee 🤎
    I hope your pills are working out, that you get much restorative sleep and the anxiety lessens. I suspect your little piggies help as much as anything (dear little things!).
    Ashley, my week has been more sleep than usual and sleeping at the wrong times. I started a psychology counselling degree and chose a very science/biology based course for the first year. It’s very interesting…been fascinated by T-cells!
    Love to you and your little piggies xox

  13. Howdy Toffee, aren’t you a cutie pie? ♥
    Glad your sleep improved! A little jealous of that, to be honest, as I haven’t been sleeping well and it’s causing all sorts of troubles 😔.
    Hope you’ll be able to get through the book in time! 800 pages is a lot!
    Have a fabulous Sunday ☀

      1. Thank you! So far it’s pretty decent. Battling my depression demon a bit, and I have a very painful strained leg muscle… 😔 But trying to make the best of it nevertheless!

  14. So glad you are sleeping better. I go through phases with my blogging as well. Please know that your blogs are always at the top of my list to follow. I am sorry they are not that fulfilling to you right now but you could have fooled me. I look forward to your posts every few days. Sending good vibes to you and your guinea pigs for whatever your needs are today.

  15. It’s good to hear you’ve been sleeping better. I’m still undersleeped as it seems and keep sleeping up to 13 hours a day, which I have very mixed feelings about and I don’t think it actually makes me feel more rested or anything, but hey, at least my circadian rhythm has been consistent for three weeks-ish now, which is unheard of.
    There are some types of crushes that do demand significant sacrifices, and I think academic crushes might belong in there as well. 🙂
    I hate reading my own writings as well. It used to be a lot worse than it is now, and I have a lot less problemm with stuff like journal entries or blog posts, I actually reread my journal entries regularly but that’s more in order to draw conclusions over time rather than enjoy my writing. Re-reading any creative writing/fiction though is hellish, especially after some time, not right away, hence I usually write things and then get rid of them immediately so I don’t stumble upon them months or years later by accident. 😀

  16. Omg that Guinea pig is so adorable!. I can totally relate to the not wanting to write. Even hating what you already have published. I currently myself are going through the same exact thing. I’m trying to get back up on the wagon. It’s just really hard sometimes. I am so glad your doing little bit better. Putting one foot infront of the other ❤️

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