Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I rely on organization to do the work that my brain isn’t able to. My brain has been extra slow and overwhelmed lately, and my organization system isn’t keeping up. One thing I decided to change up was the categories on my blog, to make it easier for me to keep track of things. But I still feel like I’m swimming in a moat of mental mashed potatoes.
  • Speaking of swimming, there was an “atmospheric river” that blew threw the province earlier in the week. There was no flooding near my place, but I’m guessing there will be grocery shortages coming up, as a lot of farm animals were killed in the floods.
  • I got a letter from the College of Physicians and Surgeons saying they’re going to investigate my complaint about my doctor. I figure the chances are pretty much nil that anything will actually come of it, but at least I can get some satisfaction out of the fact that this will create some degree of pain in the ass for him. Suck it, motherfucker.
  • Google is confused about my new book, A Brief History of Stigma. When I search for it, both the search result listings for Amazon and Google Play Books display the book’s subtitle rather than the title. It’s particularly weird that Google is confused by the Google Play Books listing. I wonder how long it will take for it to get unconfused.
  • I rearranged the furniture in my living room. I don’t actually spend time in there, so it didn’t really accomplish anything, but it was something that involved no brainpower, and sliding furniture across hardwood is easy. Brainpower is difficult to drum up for much of anything.
  • You know you blog a lot when blogging-related stuff starts appearing in your dreams…
  • I’m not impressed with what the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict says about America. Actually, scratch that; I’m not impressed with what the fact that this verdict was so clearly expected says about America. I’m glad that’s not my country.

Toffee, the lighter-coloured baby, likes to hang out in the house during the day, but in the evening, Casper takes over the house. If I get too close, Toffee will run into the house, which she does right at the very beginning of this video. Casper will exit the house, then return, pause, and kick Toffee out. Toffee exits via the window. This happens every evening when I walk by the cage. Sorry it’s rather dark; I don’t have bright lighting in my bedroom.

How has your week been?

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49 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I am pretty sure I ordered your book on stigma reduction from Amazon by the title? It got here within a few days no problems.

    Also, if you are swimming in mashed potatoes and are this productive, I don’t know what that says about me? Am I swimming in some sort of solid matter and barely moving an inch in the duration ..:)

    Trying not to compare me to you but you are always always super, super productive in my book!

    1. It’s listed on Amazon properly, and on Google Play. It’s just on Google search results that they’re displaying it strangely.

      Thank you! I also do basically nothing else in my life but blogging…

      1. Well, you are a rock star at it!!! Be proud of your self!!! Not just because you are prolific, but also because you are thorough with research and always a good read!!! Just a suggestion to give yourself kudos!!! You deserve them!!!

  2. Piggies!! <3 🐹 (I know that's not actually a guinea pig, but it's as close as emotis get to one). They're so ADORABLE!! <3 As to the Kyle thing, I had no idea who that even was until you mentioned him. I think that America isn't unique in that scenario though, we're just more publicized because of that orange asshole who played at being in charge for four years; and who drew the world's attention our way. He started it (nyah nyah nyah) although the seeds were sown years and years ago. I remember Columbine (the first well publicized mass shooting) and how shocked I was. The creepiest thing to me about that phenomenon is that people are doing NOTHING about it. Nobody wants to tread on the NRA's toes or be targeted for being "too liberal" any more. You are glad you don't live here? You ought to be. The inmates have taken over the asylum (to use a cliche)…

  3. When life gives you potatoes, mash them? In the book The Martian, potatoes play a central role—and so does poop. It’s a novel about solving unsolvable problems with science knowledge—and poop.

  4. As a black woman, the verdict and what it says about America, with me BEING a black, female American. The flag should cover me as well. I write, encourage and pray for ALL folk. Knowing there are many, not of my color that wish me il, just for having been born. Yet, I shall continue to shout into the darkness. Love WILL win in the end. I must admit the expected outcome is/was…😥

  5. I hope you get something acceptable from your complaint regarding your doctor and that its not brushed over.

    Love the guinea pig clip at the end if your post as always.

  6. Haha! Love how Toffee is still small enough to dive out of the window, I miss guinea pig antics! Fingers crossed the useless doctor bucks up his ideas!

    My week has been rather eventful. It started off OK, with blogging stuff and physio… then the whole thing on Twitter, 11 fucking accounts over 3 days… they didn’t like it when I said if they continue, I will not only report them to Twitter but to the police too. That hit a nerve 🙂

  7. Sounds like you still were productive, even with the mashed potatoes and all 😂
    I’ve been trying to up my activity, not using my crutch anymore, riding the bike, doing my exercises. And hopefully return to the gym on Monday…
    Your piggies are so cute!
    And I tried to read up on the Kyle thing and damn… Talk about white privileges… I know the people he shot weren’t angels either, but still… He went out there looking for trouble with a weapon he wasn’t even allowed to have… I saw his “crying” on the stand and all my autistic brain registered was: damn this is fake…….

  8. Yay for turning the doctor in; I can’t even about the Rittenhouse verdict, when it comes to guns in this country the red neck yahoos win every time. Love the fuzz-butts video…

  9. I am once again heartbroken with the failure that is the US justice system. I am doing a special episode on my podcast about this fucked up verdict. Glad you’re able to piss off that asshole physician. My week was hectic. In addition to running my practice, I started doing Instacart (a grocery delivery service) on weekends to make extra money to pay down my student loans faster. Just started Will Smith’s memoir and I’m pleasantly surprised.

    1. Indeed. I kept myself busy today with the side gig and listening to audible because if I ruminate on how scary it feels to be a POC in this country, it may be debilitating. I imagine when I discuss the topic on the podcast with my guest, it will get emotional.

  10. Ashley, I always love when you post videos of your guinea pigs. Is Tofee a new member of the family?
    I agree with your comment on the verdict of Rittenhouse. My best friend when he heard it said “this is bullshit!”
    Now, if that would have been an African American the outcome probably would have been the opposite.

    1. If he was African American, the police would have shot him the day of the incident.

      Toffee and her sister Brownie are new members of the family. Oreo passed away a little while back and Casper was having a hard time on her own, so I got some new friends for her.

  11. Even though I haven’t written much blogs recently, I have been messing about with it a lot recently. Theme alterations, adding pages, better organising my categories and tags, as well as modifying some of my older posts. Well, I’ve deleted one so far because I noticed it sucked. That’s just the practical stuff, ignoring the theory like what type of posts I’d like to make in the future etc.

    Hope you’re enjoying the time you spend on your blog too!

  12. I’m sorry that the mashed potatoes are making things so difficult, even with your organisation system.
    I really wish something more could come out of your complaint than some mini pain in the ass for the doctor and your healthcare situation could actually change in some way as a result and it sucks that it’s not really a very realistic thing to happen.

  13. I still have a lot to clean up from my blog name transition like categories and sifting through old content. It just takes so much time and it’s so tedious and boring.

  14. I know that feeling of needing to do something if you are treated badly. Earlier this year, I was treated badly by a Holiday store employee. It upset me so much that I sent an email about my bad experience. I usually don’t complain but I felt like I had to do something about how badly she treated me. I hope they listen to your request about the doctor. You’re guinea pigs are cute.

    I have been watching a lot of Korean shows on Netflix and new Christmas movies. I will be seeing my family after work today.

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