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Blog stats can be crazy-making if you get too caught up in them, but there are also some interesting tidbits of information you can find. This post will look at a few of them, ignoring competitive numbers like views because they’re not the fun part.

I currently have 845 published posts, 36 drafts, and 25 scheduled posts. I have been quite enthusiastically deleting old posts and consolidating short posts into fewer longer posts. In total, I would guess I’ve probably published around 1500 posts since I started, but publishing every day for the last 3 1/2 years, there was a fair bit of crap and filler thrown in, and a lot of that’s been chopped. I probably get as much satisfaction out of deleting as I do out of publishing.

Best days & months

My most popular day is currently Tuesday, which has been the case for much of my blogging history, although I have no idea why. My most popular time is 8am, but that would be because I publish almost all of my posts at 8am local time.

My best views ever was May 23, 2021, but that was only because I was using an SEO tool that actually showed up as views when it was crawling through my site (most of them don’t). My best month for views and visitors was November 2020. Second best was October 2020. I guess people were stuck inside because of COVID and spent all their time on the internet. My WordPress-driven traffic has dropped a fair bit since then.

Word count

My average word count per post is 763. It was 633 when I started writing this post a couple of months ago. My total word count currently stands at around 660K.

When I first started blogging, my average was somewhere in the 550-600 range. It looks higher now, though, because I’ve gone back and deleted a lot of the shorter posts, and lengthened some other posts. Right now, my highest average length was 831 words/post in 2017, which was the year I first started blogging. That’s only because the few posts I kept from that year were on the longer side. There were quite a few 300-400-worders that I’ve since trashed.


As for countries, WordPress is kind of annoying in that their map doesn’t show the names when you hover the mouse over a country you haven’t visited, which meant having to find another map for comparison.

I still needs some peeps in Svalbard (some islands owned by Norway), Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Western Sahara, the Solomon Islands, North Korea, and Turkmenistan to step up to the plate and fill out my map, as well as probably a few other stragglers I can’t pick out on the map.

Granted, the dictatorships in North Korea and Turkmenistan would probably throw anyone who managed to get internet access in jail for the rest of their lives, but priorities, people!

I’m pleased to report that my future husband in Kyrgyzstan has stopped by for a visit to the blog four times. The yurt doesn’t usually have internet access. I’m also pleased that I got two views from Greenland, which adds a big-ass chunk of territory to my map. I also got a single view from Antarctica; while it’s not shown on the map, that’s all kinds of epic!

Is there anything strange or surprising in your stats that you’d care to share?

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79 thoughts on “Having Fun with Blog Numbers”

  1. My stats are very low by comparison. Mostly I am blogging to express myself and provide self care. I tell myself that my numbers aren’t important but if I am honest to a certain subset of myself they are…..:)

  2. 🤔 Hmm. There is nothing strange that I could mention on my end.

    The majority of the incoming views to my blog are from India.

    And, it should not come as a surprise that the most popular day for my blog is Saturday.

  3. I so rarely look at my numbers for anything at all, that I couldn’t say. But I do know this last week’s Share Your World blew the cap off for comments (50!!) which astonishes me. I usually get a sedate 15 to 20 (sometimes a bit more) in the comments section.

    Mondays are my most popular days (no surprise there).

    I’ve published 5,596 posts, 44 of which are private, and two which are pending and probably will be scrapped.

    I don’t know my word count, but I bet it’s high. I’ve been working on that a bit lately. Shorter posts mean more time.

    Interesting stroll through your numbers Ashley! 🙂

  4. *grumble* WordPress isn’t letting me comment on your blogs lately Ashley. Don’t know where the issue is, but I suspect that whole .com versus .org thing is rearing its hideous head again!

    1. I’ve heard that from some other people too, and I have no idea what the deal is. My blog isn’t self-hosted, but the WordPress.com business plan does something different with the comment form compared to what’s used on other WordPress.com plans.

      1. This happens on your blog occasionally and one other. That other blogger has a site like yours, I don’t think it is self hosted, but it is .org like yours. BUT I’ve had days when commenting on anyone’s blog at all proves tricky. I wonder if the ‘elves’ behind the curtain here mess with stuff randomly (well I KNOW they do) and that’s what causes the glitch.

  5. My best year for stats was 2019, with March showing my best views of 8.4K. This was all due to hosting 3TC. Feb 2021 was also huge for some reason, but my refresh occurred in April (all previous posts hosed), so idk why Feb was so exciting to peeps. My most popular day is Monday, probably due to the peeve, which people enjoy. My avg word count is significantly lower than yours at 280. This is because I post a lot of poetry now and way fewer unhinged rants…

    1. The low average word count makes sense what with the amount of poetry. I’ve been particularly delete-happy with my shorter posts. Every time I think I’m done refreshing, I find more I want to delete…

  6. I can’t trust any of the “most popular day/time” stats because my blog’s default time zone is wrong, so I have no idea what time it is actually referring to. I could fix it, but I don’t want too.

    Poetry really does skew the stats – average word count, even # of views and comments, because there are so many poetry bloggers on WordPress. I’ve enjoyed participating in some of the prompts and I actually really like some of the poetry I’ve written in response, but I really did not intend for this to be a poetry blog. That said, poetry is certainly easier and faster to write than other types of content.

    Probably the strangest blog stat I saw at one point was noticing that I had a bunch of visitors referred by a site that I wasn’t even aware linked to posts of mine and that were only tangentially related to that blog’s focus. I didn’t even remember getting a request to approve the link. I didn’t mind exactly (they had linked back and did not steal and content) but I was surprised.

  7. Stats are a tricky rabbit hole for me. As much as I aim to not care about them and instead focus on expressing myself and my mental health journey, I do get caught up in them which then directly impacts my own feelings of self worth and purpose here.

  8. You’re reaching someone in Antarctica – that is all kinds of amazing :)..my stats concur with yours in that my highest view count time is exactly when I post. That does make sense although I haven’t attempted posting late evening yet.

            1. I just went hunting on Google, and it looks like some places, including Antarctic cruise ships, have wifi internet access through cellular networks, while others places, like the south pole research station, rely on satellite.

  9. I get few views 0-2 usually, so when I got over 40 from Ireland on a post, I was bewildered. I don’t know how they found me, or why.

  10. I look at my stats about once a month or so and it looks like WP can’t make up its mind which day is the most popular for my blog, because it’s ever-changing. I suppose that might be due to the fact that I don’t really have days when I’d write more or I don’t have any specific types of content that I publish on specific days that people would love significantly more than what I publish on other days. The most popular hour also isn’t very consistent but it tends to always be some time late afternoon/early evening which is indeed what I’ve noticed too that that’s when I get most comments. Interestingly, while WP says I get most views from the US, Google Search Console says it’s the UK. I agree with what you wrote in the comments that India seems to be a popular location for blogging but I guess it’s been quite a while since it was last in the top three countries that love my blog the most. With Google I’m particularly surprised that the last time I checked, Sweden was the second country from which I get most traffic. That’s really neat even though if I didn’t use Google Search Console I’d probably have no idea because I don’t get a lot of actual engagement from there or not regularly.

    1. I find that the traffic I get from Google behaves very differently than the WordPress traffic. Those people really don’t interact, and I only see them in my stats.

      I wonder if you’re getting traffic from Sweden related to your posts on Cornelis Vreeswijk’s music.

      1. Yes, that’s very true about Google traffic.
        And yes, a big part of my Swedish traffic (just as Google traffic in general) is all about music, in this case particularly Swedish music, but I’m not sure if the Vreeswijk posts stand out particularly much compared with all the other Swedish music posts that get a lot of Swedish traffic. It’s entirely possible though because those usually come out longer than my usual music-related posts as there’s a lot to cover plus often lyrics translations and Google likes longer posts more. Now I’m curious so I think I’ll have to look at that actually.

  11. Hmmm…so I’m not the only one who seemed to have a viewership peak in the fall (of last year) but have seen some dropoff since then). I guess people were hunkered down and therefore had more time to read what I had to write.

  12. Wickedly funny post 🙂

    Antarctica woop woot that’s fifty shades of woop ass there!

    Reminds me of years ago getting a phone call from Mars when l was a manager of a very busy kiosk in a swimming pool, l was ready to hang the comical swines when they rang for a third time and a supervisor had to placate me by explaining it was Mars confectionary looking for my fresh order!!!

    Most popular day is now apparently a Friday whereas it used to be a Tuesday and prior to that it was a Saturday.

    Most popular hour is 10.am – it used to be 13.35 – lguess publishing at 09.25am makes for that.

    I have a total of 975 but it used to be before the clean up in the many thousands. But l only post once a day x 7 days a week now. But l used to post a lot of posts daily and gradually reduced down since 2019 as you know … there were a lot of ‘fluff’ posts in there, prompts, games and so on. Now l simply concentrate on producing a better quality.

    Average word count is 994, with a total of words left of 300K. Most words even written was 1 million in 2019 and that is after all the deletions

    301 posts produced this year with an average of 21 comments per post which has gradually risen since 2017. On average l receive 17 ‘likes’ per post.

    Countries – mm, my top three readers come from UK, USA, India, Canada, Pakistan and Australia. Seemingly quite popular in Madagascar and Curacao and the Isle of Man – but even l, don’t have fifty shades of Woop Ass Antartica!

    1. I wonder if WP will add Mars to the stats once Elon Musk gets his colony going there.

      1 million words – wow! I have no idea how you had the time or mentally energy for the gazillion posts a day you used to do.

      1. Me neither, l think it was mainly down to l wasn’t as busy as l am today every day. So l was able to produce more posts, these days, l have more of the “1 a day is more than enough” 🙂

        Of course, Musk, yes it’ll be him that makes Mars happen 🙂

  13. Will the wedding be in Canada or Kyrgyzstan? I’d love to be a bridesmaid. Let me know!

    I’m still amazed at someone having 25 scheduled posts. I’ve been so ridiculously behind that I’m pretty much on a post-by-post basis and I’ve not written anything for a while now. You do incredibly well with your posts, not just the frequency but the way in which the content is so well written and thorough. x

  14. Antarctica? That was surprising but then if I was in Antarctic for whatever reason I would probably have trouble with my mental health for sure. It’s just so isolated.

  15. Your blog numbers are quite interesting I suppose.. getting views Antarctica and Greenland! Mine are mostly from india only..(may be because I AM an Indian 😉

  16. This is interesting info and gives me insight into how others tally their stats! Thanks for sharing!! I’m a brand new baby blogger. I tend to post less, usually 1-2 times weekly, but struggle to get my posts below 2k words. I’ve always been long winded 🤣 Do you find you get more engagement on shorter blog posts than longer?

      1. Well that’s a relief about the search engines! I’ve been trying to whittle my post word counts down because I feared it was actually the opposite. I am autistic and semi-speaking so most of my communication is done through sign and/or written word, which is probably partially why I’m in such a habit of being long winded lol. Thanks so much for the info! 🙏💜

  17. Thanks Ashley, for a nice article. I have just started writing. I am into stats, too. Though I am trying not to be pressured by them. I have written over 50 articles, highest views 520 per day on a launch of a new article. 2 days ago, 234 views. 5550+ views in total. Viewers from 35 over countries. I wish all those who have sent messages here, the very best in all you do and write.

  18. whoo hoo!! much applause to you from me — not only have you composed a lot of posts, but your posts are unstintingly informative. somewhere I read that active times for social media vary depending on the platform, but mostly it was midmorning on weekdays, which seems understandable to me — people are bored. they don’t look as much on a friday night, for example…

    1. I’m guessing Friday night is probably pretty quiet across platforms, whether that’s because people are fancy and going out or they’re crashed on the sofa watching Netflix and eating chocolate.

      1. chocolate is fancy… lol yes, & weekends get less traction statistically for same reason I think. on the other hand, one blogger wrote that she got most traction simply when she posted, which makes most sense to me as that’s when on promotes…

  19. Ok, I’m coming clean with my blogging mechanics ineptitude. Where do I see how many words per post and average or even views? I’m not seeing anything other than what’s on my home page or my limited stats.

    1. If you go to the stats page in your WordPress dashboard, there are a few tabs at the top. The first one is traffic, and the second one is insights. If you click on insights, it’ll show you average words per post and assorted other things.

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