Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My concentration is particularly crap-o-riffic this week. I try to read people’s blog posts, and it’s a bit like trying to read a bowl full of vegetable soup with the alphabet pasta letters. I wonder who ever came up with the idea for that soup…
  • JoAnn of The Sunstone Journal pointed out that she’d gotten a pingback from a sketchy blogger who’d stolen a post of mine in which I mentioned her. For all WordPress’s shortcomings, they’re very good about taking down plagiarized material promptly. Google, on the other hand, is useless at taking copyright-infringing things down on Google Sites.
  • I was all kinds of unimpressed when I ordered some hay for the piggoos to be delivered, and Fed Ex left two large boxes down in the building’s lobby for me to haul upstairs. Given that I’m very slow and therefore not very mobile, that was not particularly fun. Amazon manages to deliver shit to my door every single time, so what the fuck, Fed Ex?
  • Peanut potato and Brownie are both on my shit list this week for being noisy at 4:00 in the morning. Peanut is damaging his teeth by biting on the cage wires, and Brownie is squeaking her little heart out. If I take Peanut out of the cage to shut him up, then Butternut decides that he should start chewing on the wires to prompt me to bring more celery, although they all know full well that celery will be forthcoming when I get up and go to the kitchen to make more tea. Mid-cup noisy interruptions are not welcome. They’re cute and all, but STFU.
  • On a more positive note, my new book comes out this week!

On Thursday I asked about whether people believe in New Age ideas. Here are the survey results.

This video is of the girls running laps in their cage; turn up the volume to get the full effect. This isn’t the greatest video, because if I were to move closer to them, they would stop frolicking. This is also not at peak frolic; that part happened before I started filming. They run so fast sometimes that they bounce off the corners of the cage. Brownie’s the one flopping around like a stranded fish in the top left corner. The noise at the end is her sipping on her water bottle.

Perhaps I shouldn’t mock people’s religious goings-on, but this is absolutely hilarious (you’ll want this at a much lower volume than the guinea pig video). The comments on Youtube are a riot, too. I especially liked this one: “These folks are ably represented by the guy who forgot his soap on the way to the bathroom, then forgot where the bathroom is. They’re all lost…”

How has your week been?

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53 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. My week is where I am on annual leave in both jobs, which I have desperately needed, as you know.

    So I caught up with a friend who I originally thought over a year, to nearly two years. But now realise it is definitely over two years.

    I seen my other friends and former neighbours on usual days with exception of today, as today was my flu jab and I wanted to be at home after, in case I felt unwell.
    So today has been dvd day. I have another couple of films to watch affer leaving this comment and preparing something to eat.

    I have found a second hand sofa from British Heart Foundation to be delivered next Saturday, as best day to do it, so I can be in no matter what time its delivered.

    I chose to see mum Friday morning. With being off work meant I could try a morning and see if the visit would be better than when I usually go. But it wasn’t.

    Anyway, thank you for your blog posts, commenting on my blog posts, as well as chatting with me via Twitter.

    Have fun with your guinea pigs. It looks like there’s not going to be a dull moment with that clip you share.

    1. That’s nice that you had the chance to catch up with your friend and see others. It’s too bad you had the unpleasant visit with your mum to get in the way of your week for relaxation.

  2. Hope you are well,

    I know what u mean about pets making a noise, my cat, kitty, sleeps under bed. Especially during the winter, I have never known anyone, human or animal, snore as loudly as she does. Sounds like a freight train.

    I’ve had a hectic week, between school run and course work and all the normal jobs I seem to have no free time.

  3. Congratulations on the new book! And I can relate to the 4.00am thing, though with Oreo it’s 5.00am which is pretty crap also coz who the heck gets up at 5.00am?

    My week hasn’t been that great. I’ve started taking new medication which I’m waiting to kick in so until then my depression has free reign over me. At least I have another week off work to be meh.

  4. I did some fall cleaning around the house today, so my bookshelves and drawers don’t look as much like an earthquake recently hit it. I wanted to make some brownies but my little sis was interested in learning to make it so I taught her how to and let her try as I supervised instead.

  5. Those pigs are so lively!

    I wish I had taken the survey, it escapes me now why I didn’t have time when I saw it. The results made me reflect to a year ago and now, how my own perspective has shifted, how my ability to tap into my intuition has improved, and how all of this awareness has affected my emotional and mental health. I’m no longer so quick to reject an alternative perspective, having seen my own improvement by learning the tarot.

    Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it. 😉

    Congratulations on the book release! 🎉💃🎊

    1. Thank you!

      Casper was always very lively, and Brownie seems like a little chip off the old block.

      I’m curious, do you see tarot as giving you new information about things that will happen or more giving you a tool to see things within yourself?

      1. It’s more an intuitive thing for me. The symbolism or pictures tell a story I can apply to my own individual circumstances. As I tell the story I see or hear things I hadn’t considered and I begin to look deeper at perspectives or sides I didn’t see before.

        I guess the best way to describe my experience is I no longer have linear visions or views (not that I was particularly rigid to begin with), but I am better able to acknowledge things I might have resisted or repressed before.

        If that makes sense.

      2. So I definitely do not see it as a prediction or fortune telling.

        Although when I listen to some online tarot readers and they give me a message I like, it’s easy to become more focused on the positive. The pictures tell a story of hope or wishful thinking and inject an element of “it can happen, to make it so I need to focus on x” rather than sit idle and wait for some spirit to deliver a miracle.

  6. Oh things were chugging along then came Friday and then came Saturday – hellish – details NOT forthcoming. Sunday better be better…*sigh*

  7. Why would a blogger give a pingback to another blog that would tip yoou off that they’d stolen your content? That’s…idiotic. I’m sorry it’s happened but I’m glad WP are at least responsive. I wonder whether there’s any more material on their site that’s not their own work? Mmm.

    The results of the New Age polls are pretty interesting. Some I’m not surprised about; on the balance of probabilities, I’d anticipate more people not believing in such things, but some are fairly close, like spiritual energy in items and astrology. Nobody believes in vibrations attractions us to different things. I might try holding out two chocolate bars. One I’ll vibrate on the top of the washing machine, the other I won’t, and I’ll see which one is more appealing to my inner chocolate monster. That’s about as close as I’d come to considering that theory.

    Sounds like Peanut, Brownie & Buttercup have already got you wrapped around their tiny little paws, knowing the best way to press your buttons & get food. Cute and smart. Or they just want to make their own mini rockband, who knows.

    1. The blogger stealer forgot to remove the link that I had in the post, hence the pingback. Equally idiotic.

      If a chocolate bar could vibrate more chocolate bars into existence, I would be a very happy camper. I may have to try the washing machine thing and see if that manifests any more chocolate bars.

      I could do without the 4am rockband, but they definitely have me wrapped around their little paws.

  8. My week has been a mixed one. While I’m on my own again, mum went home, and while my activity is slowly getting more and better, my neighbors decided I don’t need too much rest 😔. I’ve been feeling very sad and I think the weather and housing situation have pushed me towards another depression… I know I’m getting them even if I do all the best I can, but I have less energy now to battle it so I struggle more with its effects. 😔
    Your little piggies are very cute! 😊

  9. I hope you have better upcoming week Ashley. I know its probably of little comfort because feeling bad is awful, but you are an incredibly amazing person. The amount that you always seem to get done (writing another book no less) and the way your solid analytical brain works is pretty amazing with depression as a part of life. I always appreciate your blog posts, reviews, and insights. I have read Managing the Depression Puzzle and found it very helpful in my work. And, I have found many resources on your blog that have been helpful and which I have also utilized. Thank you for this. I hope Sunday is good to you. ❤

  10. I’m sorry your concentration has been so crappy.
    I feel you with regards to being waken up by the piggies. Misha’s not a guinea pig, but he can also be very annoyingly noisy, moaning like a ghost around the same time, especially when it’s sunny but there’s no fixed rules really as for why and in what circumstances he does that, not as far as we can tell anyway, and he’s very successful at waking the whole house up.
    My week has been okay-ish overall but really migraine-y. My meds are working reasonably well though so even though I’ve been feeling yuck a lot of the time it’s thankfully not so yuck that I wouldn’t be able to function.

  11. Congratulations on the new book!

    “I try to read people’s blog posts, and it’s a bit like trying to read a bowl full of vegetable soup with the alphabet pasta letters.”

    I snorted with laughter, so thanks for giving me a laugh during a difficult time!

    I relate somewhat, though my cognitive issues can fluctuate a lot. Some impairments feel “permanent” though – poorer ability to concentrate, executive functioning issues, problem solving.

    Feel like cognitive impairment due to depression seems to be a symptom that’s not well understood by not-depressed people?

    Come on, scientists, please find other medication like vortioxetine, cognitive impairment surely affects a lot of people!

    My sister had a job ad for me to look at and thankfully she wasn’t pressuring me. We had a conversation via text and it was decent with no boundaries violated. I call that a win.

    I’m definitely trying not to fall even further into “double depression”.

      1. ❤. Been reading stuff and omg… how have scientists notttt paid much attention to treating cognitive impairments in depression? There’s even an old term (pseudodementia) for depression where cognitive impairment is the main and most severe issue.

  12. I loved your guinea pig video. Its cool to hear them play! Lol about them waking you up so early! I can relate, my boy does that to me too!
    I’m going to try to get to reading your book soon! And do a review on my blog!
    hugs! Xoxo

  13. Glad I could be some kind of hero no matter how small, lol. The results of the survey are quite interesting. In particular I would have thought more people believed in healing crystals.

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