Weekend Wrap-Up

Casper was continuing to have a hard time without Oreo, so I decided to get her a new friend. The pet store had two young females. I didn’t want to a) have to choose, and b) leave one all by her lonesome, so they both came home with me. I usually adopt from a shelter, but their process is more involved, and I didn’t feel like dealing with that.

Guinea pigs Casper, Brownie, and Toffee cuddling together
Guinea pigs Casper, Brownie, and Toffee cuddling together

The darker coloured one is Brownie, and the lighter brown one is Toffee. They’re quite young, and about half the size of Casper. Their fur is very silky-soft. Casper is thrilled to have babies to look after, and Brownie and Toffee are equally excited to have Casper as their new mom.

Both of the babies are pretty scared to me unless Casper is close by. Toffee is more of a fraidey-cat, while Brownie seems more adventurous.

How has your week been?

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41 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Toffee and Brownie are adorable! And I love their names. My week was meh. Had the Notary exam Monday, still haven’t been able to kick my resurgent insomnia, and I fell Thursday so am more hurty than normal 😒

  2. I had a great week until Saturday. I was in bad spirits all day Saturday, largely the result of a musical I saw on Friday night, in which Cody played one of the 13 parts. It was going along great until the end, leading me to feel that time-honored saws that have historically differentiated American musical theatre from other forms of the Performing Arts were actually being honored in the present day. I was even about to revise the “Square” page on my web site accordingly.

    But then, at the very end of the show, they murdered the main character for shock value (as though the playwright couldn’t figure out how to end it) and left the entire audience hanging as to the reactions of the “ingenue” (as though the feelings of the woman who was in love with him did not matter.)

    I rarely get out of town to see a live performance, and in fact Cody drove me out there. I rarely in fact even watch any movies. I am always so deeply affected by seeing a show of any kind, it stays with me for months afterwards. So I don’t like to see too many shows or movies.

    In this case, the despair I felt was pretty huge. Then I became angry, and when I was angry I revamped the “Square” page in order to reiterate my personal philosophy with respect to musical theatre. This caused me to feel good about myself once again, if not about the state of the Art, so all’s well that ends well.

    Otherwise, I had a great four mile run, spent five days in the zone of editing a potentially effective podcast, and put half of Keva’s album together, now on sale. My daughter also is doing much better these days, for which I’m glad.

      1. I find Art to be great for channeling difficult emotions, in general. My daughter has made some very sound decisions lately. Hope she keeps it up.

  3. So glad you got some new fur friends! My week was a doozy. Thinking about starting a wait list for new client calls.

  4. Aww Casper has two new girls! It’s sweet of you to take both. I don’t know if I could have chosen just one either, not if it meant leaving one behind alone. Way too sad. I hope they all get alone as well as possible and that the new mother-in-charge feels less lonely and off without Oreo. Sounds like a great start for Brownie & Toffee (no police have had to be called for any scuffles, at least). xxxx

  5. I try to stay away from places that have animals on offer. Like you, I’d have had both. The names are wonderful (and suddenly, I have an urge to bake some blondies). Love heals, though pets do break the heart πŸ’ž. Happy Thanksgiving.

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