What’s Your Favourite Thing About Blogging?

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I’m having a brief hiccup of feeling a bit blah about blogging. It’s a combination of a few things, but it also doesn’t help that WordPress bugginess, like the random de-following and people’s posts not showing up in the Reader, is a pain in the butt.

To switch to a more positive note, I’m curious to hear from you, what is your favourite thing about blogging? For me, even when I’m having blah hiccups, I still appreciate that it gives me something purposeful to do.

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  1. I am not really qualified to answer, since I am not really blogging. What I do is share what little, I am able to do ( poems, stories), in the hope that they entertain or inspire. I enjoy reading posts, and I am encouraged by the sheer wealth of experience and expertise that exists in this community.

  2. Being able to offload or think through my thoughts. I could do this with a diary, but somehow I’ve never been able to write for myself like that. I need an audience, even if it’s a small one, to provide motivation and, I guess, accountability.

    My second favourite thing is being able to find supportive and understanding friends in a way that I’ve struggled to do in the real world. (Actually, considering I met E through my blog, maybe that should be the best thing!)

  3. For me, its the community, the likes and comments, readers who take time to read me, and the connections I make due to people commenting or liking my posts, I love when we have chit chat back and forth.

  4. What is my favo(u)rite thing about blogging? Like you it gives some definition to my day as I definitely don’t get out and about much any more at all. It gives me a creative outlet to share my stories and poetry. Best thing? The community of people I’ve met here. Supportive, kind, funny…all the bloggers I follow are the most awesome people, and I keep meeting more too! 😀

    Bless the piggies, they don’t mind if you have an attack of the blahs…

  5. I haven’t been feeling blogging lately either – I thought it was just me!
    I do feel a sense of accomplishment seeing my blog – I’ve hit 75 posts now, which feels impressive, at least for someone like me who starts shit impulsively and doesn’t do much follow-through or commitment (the list of abandoned hobbies and drafts is fairly long!). The interactive audience has been good motivation, and the experience of really connecting and befriending other bloggers has been really cool.

  6. I’m sorry you’re getting the blahs as well. If it helps, and you believe in that sort of thing, this has been a particularly harsh lunar cycle. And this last full moon phase? I don’t wanna talk about it.

    The hard part for me is the weird sense of obligation that shows up, so when I don’t want to blog/write, I start to feel like I’m failing (at the totally voluntary creative thing I choose to do, and who remains a mystery). I’m not entirely convinced our brains are properly adaptive 😉

  7. Blogging for me is almost all about posting poems and stories. Since I’m not anonymous, I can barely mention anything that’s really going on or upsetting me. I wish I could start over under a real nym, but it’s too late. Fuck, I can’t even write about dreams now…

  8. The fact that I get to express myself, my likes and dislikes and connect with people who are of similar mind. I also like reading people’s blogs and getting a little snippet into their lives and thoughts. I love it.

  9. I’m not really in the best headspace to be overly positive after a pretty awful weekend, but I will say that I think you’re incredibly good at blogging. That’s not some disingenuous bullshit either, that’s my honest opinion (aka. the truth).

    I’ve lost count of the times my blah-ness about blogging have made me want to give it all up, but that’s because I’m not good at it and I’m not surprised nobody wants to read my stuff.

    But blogging has definitely been a blessing. I’m not convinced I’d still be here without it. Like you find with a sense of purpose, it gives me something do to that’s my own. It’s the only thing I do have left. It gives me something to focus on and distract myself with. It provides a great source of stress that also helps with distraction, even though it does my health no favours.

    I think the best thing has been the community vibe. To be a part of something bigger, to get to learn, to have my eyes opened by the stories of others, to make new friends. It’s finding your “tribe” that is totally priceless and utterly irreplaceable. You’re part of that community and you make a difference being here.


    1. I would say that you make a big difference too, and I always like reading your posts.

      If I didn’t have the distraction of blogging, I’d probably go completely bonkers and lie in bed surrounded by guinea pig poop and drowning in guinea pig pee.

    2. And after seeing Caz’s comment, I have to butt in too, to say that you Caz are a valued blogger and post helpful stuff and awareness on your blog, as does Ashley on hers.

      I am glad to know you Caz and Ashley, via our blogs.

      Hugs to you both. Xx

  10. Sebastian, obviously 😉 Jokes aside, I love how blogging has let me express myself, and I think that’s due to feeling like everybody accepts me for me, and that means the complete world to me X

  11. My favorite thing about blogging is being able to reflect on my thoughts, share my thoughts with others in hopes that they recognize they are not alone or not the only one has gone through a similar situation. I’m frustrated with blogging world, when I respond to others and WordPress directs everyone to the wrong email or wrong site several times and you have to wait a month to correct it!

  12. I find that it’s when I express myself that I can properly make sense of my thoughts. Seeing it in words and knowing that someone will read it, I have to consider what it is I’m saying and decide how well I know my stuff. If I can do that, it means that I can act with stability and develop what I know further.

    People may not always see it in what I write, but I’ll often be able to back up whatever I’m saying based through religion or science, often both. I guess you can say that I write to look for all the reasons in which I can be wrong, not to convince others that I’m right 😅

    Oh yeah, plus great atmosphere. Love the interactions with bloggers.

  13. For me blogging is a safe space to share all my thoughts and also use it as a creative outlet.
    Yes that people like it and interact with me is lots of fun. And to get to know all kinds of people.
    But that’s not my motivator.

  14. Being able to offload freely.
    The supportive community I have received from it.
    Sharing general stuff and commenting with other bloggers, whether via my blog, or theirs.

  15. I feel like I have had trouble with WP for the last year or more! It’s a number of things… I wish WP would get it together! It’s not as fun and helpful to me as it once was with all the annoying frustrating glitchy stuff that goes on just to create a simply post. I’m having trouble keeping up with my favorite bloggers because the seemed to just disappeared. I spend forever searching for them.
    The things that I like about blogging or WP is the research, creative process, the connections and the healing it gives me processing as I process and write. But like I said at the top… that’s getting harder with all the glitches or whatever it is going on with WP!

  16. Blogging helps me realize and know that I’m not the only one out there going through certain things. I like to read what other people write, and I hope that with what I do that it helps others.

  17. As I use my blog to talk about my life, health struggles and such, it’s more like I have a not so private journal… I love opening up about my journey since my divorce, even though it took me over a year to finally make the step and start blogging again. I used to write on another blog but as it contained many memories, of which some now were painful ones due to the divorce, plus I felt I wasn’t that person anymore… It feels nice to talk about my daily life, to get comments and talk about shared interests with readers. Every like is welcome as it’s a small token of appreciation, something that I haven’t really had in many years (I thought my marriage was good but I was fooled by my now ex)…. It is nice to read my followers pages as well and, when I feel secure enough, also comment on their sharing. I feel like I’ve made a few friends and through our blog posts, we’re getting to know each other better. No stress, no obligations, just me and my WP reader/writer having a relaxing time.
    Though these days, where many feel like they’re the same, I often wonder if my posts aren’t too boring, to be honest 😔

  18. I enjoy the writing itself, as well as seeing others getting something out of writing. I have to admit that if nobody got anything out of my writing, it would feel a lot less fulfilling.

  19. I always find your posts interesting, Ashley, and I appreciate how consistently kind you are.

    I often wish I had 100 hours a day and the energy to catch up on so many bloggers I care about. Unfortunately I don’t, especially as I don’t read as fast as I used to, and struggle with formulating comments without several rereading of the post. Feels like my working memory capacity is so much lower compared to 5 years ago.

    I like blogging because it’s where I can give and receive support. I’ve felt like a misfit/alien for practically all my life. WP is this safe, supportive bubble where friends understand mental health struggles, where I can wash off the grime of shame. Where I also get to connect with friends’ good days too. ❤

  20. I love looking through the reader and seeing the variety of posts, all the different subjects people are thinking about – food, nature, music, health. I love the variety. I am always on the look out for things that make me smile.

  21. What an excellent question Ashley – one that made me sit back and appoint deep thoughts to …

    Several things came to me as answers …

    1] This question can and could be answered differently everyday of the week or month or even year by each person answering s- for today and this month l answer the following….

    2] it’s a great way of finding yourself and understanding who you are.
    3] You improve your basic skills in writing and reading.
    4[ You become a much better researcher for sometimes the intricate components to an article.
    5] Blogging is a great way of self motivation and inspiration.

    ….. and finally – the friends you make on your journey.

    These and many other reasons make blogging fun.

  22. Funny as you ask the question all that crosses my mind are the things I like LEAST about blogging! There are many — and I sometimes wonder why I even bother.

    I believe however that what I like most about blogging is that it provides a free and easy platform through which I can express my fairly unusual but deeply heart-felt views.

    So let’s stick with that lest I begin to enumerate all the things I don’t like about blogging, one of which has been grossly exacerbated in the past twenty-four hours. I’d rather end on a positive note.

  23. My favorite things are probably the other bloggers I’ve gotten to know and, like you said, the purpose and stability of it in my life. Creative writing can be lonely sometimes, so it’s been nice to share what I write. Before blogging, I’d usually keep stuff to myself.

    Getting to see other blogger’s works has been fun, too. We don’t really “know” each other, but there are a few consistent bloggers I follow and “talk” with about their posts, stories, poems, etc., which is pretty cool.

  24. I like that blogging gives me space for my emotions. As I’m autistic, and only diagnosed at 38, 5 years ago, I was frequently misunderstood by people and the diagnosis didn’t really change that much – I’m still being misunderstood, just in a different way. So when I blog about how I feel and how I interpret and approach situations in my life, it’s my space, no one can say that I should think in a different way or feel differently. It’s very liberating and I believe it was blogging that helped me go through the recent crisis.

  25. On a day when I don’t feel like connecting, blogging gives me an added opportunity to reach out and share part of my day with folks. Otherwise, I might have stayed isolated more that day.

  26. I like blogging because other people often post their views on what I write, and it helps me gain more insight. It’s also nice having a community of sharing and support. I really appreciate that you take the time to read and comment too. Thank you so much for doing that. xxx

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