Weekend Wrap-Up

Not much to say this week, because it’s been another pretty crap-errific week in a crap-errific month. But I do have guinea pigs for you.

Casper the guinea pig with a haircut from Oreo

Oreo goes through phases of munching on hair (a guinea pig behaviour called barbering). She has been giving Casper haircuts recently. The green tinge to the tips of Casper’s hair is because guinea pigs like to store chewed food in their cheeks, which is green. Casper doesn’t seem to mind the barbering at all. Maybe she likes her new ‘do.

This video was taken a couple of days later, and Oreo is really going to town on Casper’s hair.

How has your week been?

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33 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. How cute. My week was fine. I am doing keto and recently found I am lactose intolerant and having trouble staying in ketosis with the decreased fat intake. But, I feel sooo much better off dairy. Have a great weekend. I had a guinea pig as a child. Wheep, wheep, wheep

  2. Week was OK, with a nice bonus of 2 days off at the end. Have to go to a wedding today & while I am happy for the peeps, I’m not really looking forward to being social for 8 hours. Icko…

  3. Sweet guinea pigs! I love how our relationships with animals can bring us such joy snd help us stay in the present moment. In my case, it’s our two big dogs. For my friend, her horse. It does matter—that cross-species love is precious.

  4. We can never have too many guinea pig photos here. 😊
    Lovely to see the barbering in action. Will there be a queue for haircuts? 😉

  5. I wish I had a pet here. A cat would be nice but they don’t allow pets.

    Had a great week except for a pretty bad flashback on Thursday — first one in a while — causing me to get behind on my work. Then Friday I was all amped up trying to get something done that I’m not good at — and thank you again for your help.

    Submitted EIB to three theatre companies in Oregon, Chicago & NYC. Got a lead for one in Wisconsin tipped off by someone local whose brother has gotten original plays produced there, and he says they do original musicals. They look GREAT – big outdoor ampitheatre, friendly looking people. They also do Zoom shows.

    Saturday I was very relaxed before Z’s singing lesson after which I went straight back into the flashback, conked out at 7 in the evening completely spent, and awoke at 10:30 at night, having yet to go to bed. I may take a Benadryl now because I need to be functional at 11am.

    Weird week all around but kinda like two steps forward one step back. I dislike getting off my preferred matinal schedule, but unfortunately it happens.

    1. No pet restrictions suck. I’m technically not allowed to have guinea pigs; my strata bylaws say people can have one dog, one cat, or two small caged birds. I ignore that bylaw

      Fingers crossed that you’ll get a bite soon on the musical!

      That’s shitty about the flashbacks. Hopefully this coming week will be easier.

      1. It’s been periodic now for a few days. I’m noticing that things that wouldn’t ordinarily trigger me are triggering it. Not triggered now but I am eager for a resolution to this particular trigger and to my PTSD-related issues in general.

          1. The woman who runs the Recovery Center has PTSD and also claims some expertise. She suggested that I have “complex PTSD” rather than simple PTSD. She ran off a workbook with which you may be familiar. I see no front page or title, but the first page reads: “Session 1: Defining Trauma.” I leafed through it, and it does appear to be more pertinent to my condition than the CPT workbook.

            She suggested I go through it and come back to her (so I will). She would not charge me, but I am also very hesitant in a small town to work with the mother of the best friend of one of the kids in my project. Well – to be honest, I’m hesitant to work with *anybody* given my recent experiences. However, this seems promising.

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