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The Anti-Self-Deprecation Challenge: 5 Things I’m Good At

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Yesterday, Jewish Young Professional posted this anti-self-deprecation challenge. It’s easy to focus on flaws, even if it’s in a light-hearted self-deprecating way rather than a self-critical way, and most of us don’t talk enough about the good stuff. I decided to join in, and I encourage you to as well!


Organization has always been my superpower. When I was in school, I made up for my otherwise average memory by organizing chunks of information, as that made things stay in my head better.

When I was well, organization was a performance enhancer. Now, it’s necessary for functioning. Depression gives me slow brain, and my memory is total crap, so now I lean on my organization system do be able to do the things my head used to be capable of doing on its own. If organization wasn’t a strong point of mine, I would probably be a completely useless human being right now. But as it is, my superpower saves me!

Looking shit up

I’ve always been curious. I like to learn, and I want to know more. Because I like to look things up for fun, plus I’ve done a lot of schooling that involved looking stuff up, I’ve gotten pretty good at finding relevant info, appraising source quality, and filtering relevant vs. irrelevant bits. I’m like the Cookie Monster of knowledge—yum, yum, yum, more, more, more!

My love of looking shit up has a lot to do with how I run my blog. More looking up! Of course, my penchant for looking things up means that Google knows absolutely everything about me and every obscure thing that interests me, but I can live with that.

Throwing shit out

I’m not a lot like my dad overall, but this is one thing I did pick up from him. I’ve never been especially into having stuff in the first place, which is another positive thing I picked up from my parents, but I get great satisfaction out of paring down. Minimal stuff means a clutter-free home, which I like.

The throwing shit out skill extends to paring down my blog as well. I was reluctant to do that at first, but now, I’ve embraced the satisfaction of streamlining. Begone, unnecessary tags!

Guinea pig mama-ing

I’ve been a guinea pig mama for 15 years now! I’m very devoted to my little munchkins. I’m not the most observant person in the world, so sometimes I don’t catch on to things right away, but I’ve had lots of experience taking care of unwell guinea pigs, from syringe feeding to putting in eye drops to draining pus. I sometimes forget that they’re comfortable with me, not with people in general. The boys are terrified of my niece, and the girls aren’t thrilled but are prepared to tolerate her.

Baking cookies

Cookies have always been my favourite thing to bake, partly because they’re easy, partly because they’re yummy, and partly because cookie dough is a wonderful thing. The key is to always slightly underbake them. And eat lots of cookie dough.

What are 5 things you’re good at?

33 thoughts on “The Anti-Self-Deprecation Challenge: 5 Things I’m Good At”

  1. Oh good! I get a second chance:

    (1) Artistic things. Not Fine Arts, but most anything having to with the Performing Arts (musicianship, composing, playwriting, acting, etc.)

    (2) Math, logic, anything that needs to be analyzed. I have a very logical (though spaced out), analytical mind. This also involves investigative skills.

    (3) Maintaining valued friendships and family relationships. I was always told I was the “mediating force” in my family growing up.

    (4) Running, bicycling, speed walking, and weights (when I bother – I’m only doing push-ups now). Anything having to do with cardio or aerobic exercise.

    (5) Resisting the Evil Drug. It will be three years on October 1st, if I don’t screw up between now and then.

  2. Excellent list! #1 has always escaped me. To conceive of an organization system that works for the items to be organized, maintain, and scale it appropriately when you acquire more stuff (or engage in #3 – getting rid of stuff!) – those are skills I admire greatly! Thanks for participating!

  3. 5 things…. I didn’t think it would be this hard….. ummmm. I can make killer cakes. I love to rescue animals and provide them a safe a loving home. I do my best every day to be a good mom. Some days look different than others, but every day I do my best. Same goes for being a wife. While I may struggle immensely with mental health, I have not let it win. ❤️

  4. Like you …
    Organising and researching and part time as an when the moment strikes throwing shit out …
    Unlike you GP Mama nope or baking cookies nope absolutely suck at that …

    But am very good with composting and gritted determination – once l fix my focus on something l am unbreakable.

    1. I don’t know if Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough exists over there, but it’s spectacular in dough form. I’ve never actually tried making cookies out of it, because it seems unlikely they’d be good as the dough form.

  5. My therapist told me the other day that before I come back on Wednesday, I need to have a list of things I like about myself. It’s so easy to see the bad and not the good. I’ve been avoiding it all week except the three things I forced myself to write about recently. Thanks for the push and reminding me that it doesn’t have to be huge things. I always think it has to be like “I’m the best artist” or “I am the best at manager” and instead it can be like I am really good at reminding people I love them.

  6. I must say taking the time to read your blog and process it inside has been a blessing. Five things that I am good at:

    Cooking: This is something that I love to do I can really get creative.

    Blogging- This has aloud me to reach out to others

    Organised- This is something that keeps me focused. I do up to do lists and then cross things off.

    Listening- I have worked very hard on my listening skills so that I can be there for others and myself.

    Honesty- I am very upfront and honest about everything

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