Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Fall is my favourite season, but this time of year also happens to be crap for my mental health. Blech.
  • One of the downsides of going back to displaying whole posts rather than just excerpts in the WP Reader is less control once things are posted. I realized that I’d very much missed the mark in the tone I was going for in a post at the beginning of the week, so I trashed it. But the WP Reader doesn’t care much if that post is deleted, and cares even less if it’s in the trash but not permanently deleted yet. If you’re just showing an excerpt, then it’s no biggie, but note to self – if deleting a post in the future, delete the text, update the post, then delete the post…
  • It was really windy here early Wednesday morning. The power lines out to my neighbourhood run through a forested area, so windstorms can mean power outages. It was out when I woke up, and it seemed so ridiculously uncivilized to have to get up and not be able to make tea.
  • How big a hole in the crotch is too big to continue wearing a pair of leggings? I’ve settled on larger than two fingers as my current standard. When I put on a particular pair of leggings early in the week, there were a couple of holes smaller than two fingers. I wore them out in public. But over the next couple days, the holes grew into one larger hole, so I decided the time had finally come to toss them. Yes, these are the standards I have for myself now. πŸ€ͺ
  • I decided to clear out all my old tweets, and wasted a lot of time deleting them one by one until I realized that TweetDelete.net could do it for me automatically.
Butternut the guinea pig sitting in his fleecy house

This is Butternut in his fleecy house, with a poop-catching towel because being out his cage is always an excuse for the poop factory to shift into high gear. What looks like two fat toes on his right foot is actually him stepping in a piece of poop.

How has your week been?

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40 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Hugs if wanted. I hope your mental health improves but I know it’s not that simple. Hopefully you still have a few pairs of comfy clothes! And electricity for tea! ❀

    Huh, thanks for explaining the WP Reader thing.

    I don’t tweet, but good to know. Reddit is also script friendly.
    For stuff that don’t allow scripts, such as Instagram, I use a gesture recorder to bulk archive posts.

      1. Lularue is supposedly an mlm that went pretty much the way of mom’s. It’s a great docuseries if u like to see bad people get taken to task. So, they are basically a leggings and clothes company with an mlm like marketing structure.

  2. I also hope you are well! I’m a little disturbed myself, about so much mental illness today, and much of it going unrecognized, some of it even untreated, so many bad things out there, that I want to hide in many face in the sand some days. πŸ™

  3. The seasonal shift does provide an unwelcome punch, doesn’t it? I like the weather, but the negative personal effects would be nice to do without. 😌

  4. There’s a big hole in the butt of my gray pants that is partially soluble by remembering to wear underwear. (You may extract any images from that statement as you so choose.) It did start out as a small hole, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s reached a statute of limitations. (At lest it’s not in the crotch.)

    Fall’s my favorite season too & October in fact my favorite month. A lot of people seem to be talking about “new beginnings” lately, and I sorta feel that.

    I had a very good week though am at something of a cusp. I balk at marketing my product for the same reason I balked when I finished another big musical in 2008. Specifically, I have no clue other than to keep sending it out anywhere and everywhere, feeling like there’s about a snowball’s chance, and wondering if whoever picks it up will do it justice. It’s not my forte & I wish somebody else would just do it all for me.

    Generally unsure where to go from here, but I recall the editor and publisher interested in my anthology. I just cant pay the editor right now. And I find myself uninterested in the anthology.

    I’m thinking I either have to take all the music I wrote post-Eden in Babylon and put it in a brand new musical or else rewrite the one I never did anything with in 2008. I’m tending toward the latter, because then after I die I’ll have two good musicals left over for the world and not just one.

    It would also be easier to produce The Burden of Eden locally, since it’s only a cast of seven and we could even do it at the small community theatre. So that’s something to consider, but basically (like a lot of us) I’m just wondering what to do next.

  5. My week was fine up til you gave us the limit on holes in our fave leggings etc….*sigh*…have one particularly comfy set that I KNOW is time to depart from. Much too big to go out in public. Now, good egads a bit too much for home, alone. I am withya on the what’s the point to arising if one can’t make the tea/coffee? The heck with that, I say. My 39 inch television had the NERVE to go out on me…*gasp*…BEFORE the football games. Yet, in just enough time for me to rush to Walmart to pick up this wondrous 50 inch Smart TV. Who KNEW tvs could be so darned smart? Now, I boss it around turning to this channel, turning itself on and off. Wish it could make me a sandwich and coffee…one can dream. Take care. Great read this week. πŸ™‚

    1. I remember back in the day having to actually get up too change the channel on the tv… How far we’ve come… But a sandwich and coffee/tea maker/server is definitely the next step up in civilized comforts!

  6. I agree and relate to loving fall, but not as far as mental health is concerned. I think you are right about the hole being no more than two fingers big. If you really love them, perhaps you can put a patch on them? I love Butternut – make sure to pass on the message. πŸ™‚

  7. I personally hate when my favorite leggings get holes! I have one fav home pair that has a hole by the knee. My toddler likes to poke on it and go “uh oh mama fix” I’m like “yeah no, that just stays there” lol. Like, is she telling me to get new leggings? Cause I don’t remember where I got these lol!!

  8. A poop towel, how very convenient!

    I’d agree on saying bye bye to those leggings. The weather’s getting chillier and the bigger the hole, the colder you’ll get (those are my standards) πŸ˜†

    I now have my head wrapped around how to use Twitter and it’s going okay-ish, but I’m not sure why you would delete old Tweets. Is there a reason you do it? I feel old and out of the loop even having to ask! xx

    1. I’ve been feeling the urge to delete the Twitter account altogether, because I don’t like Twitter and rarely use it. But then I figure that if I do decide to use it for anything in the future, it’s better to have an established account. So my compromise was to clean house.

  9. I love the fall! Mainly because that means we’re closer to winter and the holiday spirit (which is my favorite time of year).

    Also, purging social media content releases such a heavy weight. It was the best feeling in the world when I decided to limit my social media to little to almost none a couple years back to help my mental health. Is that sort of why you’re deleting content?

    1. I’ve mostly stopped using social media because it’s better for my mental health not to, but decided to keep the accounts in case I want them in the future, so purging content was a way to step back further without deleting them altogether.

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