Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • There is a very loud family in my building that has been particularly annoying lately. I don’t know what they’re saying, because they’re speaking a language that I’ll hazard a guess is Urdu. The parents are loud at baseline, especially the father. Plus I think they fight a fair bit, although it’s hard to know for sure in a foreign language if it’s actually fighting or just enthusiastic bellowing. They have a daughter that is very fond of screaming. Shut up already, people! Or at least close the damn windows. Preferably, move to a house in the woods so no one else has to listen.
  • The provincial government and college of physicians have released a letter to physicians saying they need to start routinely seeing patients in person again. I’ll believe it when I see it, but seriously, fuck the phone call lame-ass excuse for health care bullshit.
  • I ordered a picture frame from Amazon, and it arrived broken. Given the packaging they sent it in, I’d estimate the chances of it arriving intact would be 5% at most, which surprised me, given that Amazon is normally really on the ball when it comes to secure packaging.
  • From someone trying to be creative with their spam, I got an email with the subject line “Hello? Is anybody there?” The email itself began “I’m Jack. That Jack [lastname] who’s been clogging your inbox for the last two weeks. I haven’t seen a single living soul here and now I feel as if I’m checking in the creepy haunted basement. 😀 But I’m brave enough to give it a last try.” Stay away from the creepy haunted basement, please and thank you. It’s that way for a reason.
  • WordPress seems to have gotten a lot worse lately in terms of posts not showing up in the Reader. My own posts are disappearing from my own feed too. And weird things have been going on with copy and paste. Seriously WordPress, stop breaking things. Another weird thing I’ve noticed with WordPress is that sometimes (but not always) when I paste text or links into the block editor, the html for the block will show that WP has arbitrarily decided to change the font for the bit I pasted. What do they change it to? A system font stack, which is a list of the system fonts for a bunch of different operating systems, including fonts you’ve probably never heard of like Oxygen and Ubuntu. I discovered this by accident because I was trying to figure out why certain bits were showing up on my site in a different font. Since I never have reason to write about Ubuntu in my posts, searching my lists of posts and pages for “Ubuntu” shows that WP does this random in-line styling a lot. Why, WordPress, why?

Here’s Peanut and his whiskers. His buddy Butternut just has a few stumpy little whiskers, but snouty Peanut is very whiskerlicious.

And in case, like Ami, you’ve wondered what the hell a purple eater is, we sang this song a lot in elementary school. A one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater… 🎶🎶

How has your week been?

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34 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Ugh loud people! I used to complain about the guy next door standing outside on our shared walkway bellowing into his phone, but he hasn’t done it in months. Hope your peeps get some valium or whatever and chill out.

    I hear you on the weird copypasta! My issue is more of selecting a glob of text from a block, but when I go to paste it, WP decides to cut some off. Happens with links too… oh, we only want to hyperlink half this phrase, OK? No! Not OK! GRRRR!

    Funny spam. Knowing me, I’d reply to something like that, eek.

    “Purple People Eater” was on the kooky album I bought off the TV back when. Some great offbeat songs were on there, reminiscent of Dr. Demento…

  2. Word of the day, “Whiskerlicious.” WordPress has been disappointing for a few years now… they make it harder to read blogs when they keep breaking things with their updates. My week was ok. Still recovering from the racism nonsense of last weekend. Speaking to my therapist helped.

    1. Word of the day, “Whiskerlicious.” WordPress has been disappointing for a few years now… they make it harder to read blogs when they keep breaking things with their updates. My week was ok. Still recovering from the racism nonsense of last weekend. Speaking to my therapist helped.

  3. Peanut’s pic made my heart melt. The eyes are a thing of beauty.

    Sorry about the loud neighbours. I’m lucky – my locale is on the quiet side. Plus, I’ve a friend who throws loud times in her backyard: I can visit if the mood strikes and escape when necessary 😆

    The week has been hard. My pain jumped – the weather shift, perhaps. People got official with diagnoses and I got a SPARC card form signed. I don’t mind the option of the phone visit IF I can do in-person if necessary and if they get paid less. It’s not the same quality of care.

    I loved that album. I was partial to “Hello muddah, hello faddah (a letter from camp).” As to WP, I’ve been lucky. The only issue is for a while, my posts were invisible in my reader. I changed themes and that seemed to fix it.

    1. Interesting that changing themes fixed that. WP is such a weird beast.

      That sucks about the pain. I’m glad you were able to get the SPARC card form done. I agree about phone being a good option to have available; it should really about what works best for the patient rather than what’s easier for doctors who don’t want to have bother seeing patients.

  4. I have been saying purple people eaters since I sent you an email and it’s boggled my mind so much, I had no idea what it was and its a stark difference from what songs you sang at school and what I sang (hymns) haha!

  5. I had a ‘non-conversation’ with my therapist yesterday. It might be the end of the road for that practice and me. I’ve seen most of their staff now and this last one showed promise, but seems to feel that she’s run out of ideas for help. *sigh* There are no other groups that take Medicare or that I would patronize even if they did. Maybe it’s time to jump off the therapy train and just let it be.

  6. Loud families are the worst. In the complex we used to live in there was a family that yelled all of the time. It was especially prevalent in the spring and fall when the windows were open. Annoying as all hell. So I started blasting 80s hair metal when they were at it.

  7. Well…. you know I don’t need to repeat what I think about loud people, having had it one time at my previous address.

    My week has been nothing more than something associated with the upcoming moving day this week and everything associated with moving in.
    Moving day was Wednesday. It didn’t go quite straight forward. I had to leave my washer until a plumber was sorted. So everything went, other than that. Removal men picked it up the next day and I had the same plumber to set it up yesterday.
    I am keeping his number safe, for whenever I may need him in the future.

    I don’t have a cooker and neither a microwave. When I get round to sorting this, I don’t know. Luckily I have a slow cooker. When not using that, it will be either sandwiches, ready made pasta meals, or salad type ones, you find in the fridge section in supermarkets, or something I can eat hot using hot water from a kettle, for lunch and dinner.

  8. I had a really good week, high energy. Decided on all the songs for the demo and released it. So that’s done. Also been slowly redesigning the web site to try to make it easier for people to find things that pertain to the musical and harder to find things that don’t. I also got the church job for sure. I’ll be starting in October though I’m providing special music tomorrow.

  9. My my, Peanut, what big whiskers you have!

    I’ve heard that GP practices in the UK have likewise been told to start seeing more patients in person again. I don’t believe it much either. I’ve been waiting, and I’m still waiting, two months to speak to my doctor on the phone. I dread to think how long a face to face would take. To get an appointment, you’re told to use an online thingybobby, which takes ages and can be really glitchy, then it goes to reception, they send to a doctor, doctor sends message to reception, reception contacts you, doctor may or may not bother calling you some day. It’s immensely annoying, and it started before the pandemic with this online triage nonsense. The pandemic was just a great excuse to push it full throttle.


  10. I live next door to an AirBNB and whilst indirectly it doesn”t affect me directly it does affect the bedroom attached to the house. I have the front bedroom and l am next to Edward who is 85 and as quiet as a mouse, BUT now that Suze is staying here she uses the bedroom attached to the BNB and this week we have a hers of rhinos in who also happen to be Greek! Everything is sing song and loud, they party like it 2399 never mind 1999, and even l can hear them in my own bedroom at night – there is noise and then there is serious noise!

    I suppose the one good side is that Suze is currently on strong medication to help relax and make her sleep, so she only hears the noise for a while, however l can still hear them when l retire for the night.

    WordPress is just making things harder for the sake of it l think!

    We have the same thing with Doctor’s surgeries over here, lazy tossers, – no practice is willing to see face to face patients and prefer for them to go to the the already overburdened hospitals!

    1. In that situation, I might have to find an AirBNB for myself to escape the Greek rhino herd!

      That whole idea of forcing people to go to the hospital in order to get seen in person is so ridiculously ass-backwards…

      1. Yes it is backwards with regards the medical decisions practices are now making.

        The biggest problem l have noticed Ashley, and perhaps you also have seen this or ‘heard’ this is that with the arrival more specifically of Covid, people seemingly don’t care about being courteous to others anymore.

  11. It must be devastating to live with the noise. I can see that you treasure the quietness in your surrounding very much ❤ I hope the family can understand and keep their voice low.

    whiskerlicious! I love this:)

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