Signs that Humans Are Dumb

Inspired by a post by Melanie on Sparks of a Combustible Mind, which in turn was inspired by another blogger, I decided to go looking for some dumb signs. And since dumb humans are ubiquitous, they’re easy to find.

Jon Wiley, Flickr

One sign says “No stopping any time”; the other says “stop.”

No stopping and stopping, to be done simultaneously… Maybe this is the official sign arrangement for “rolling stop”?

Helpful Reminder
Ash Kyd, Flickr

Adelaide Airport Limited uses recycled water for toilet flushing – DO NOT DRINK

The fact that a sign was necessary for this is a bit disturbing. It’s one thing if there’s been a natural disaster and there’s no water to be found, then maybe in desperation you turn to your toilet tank, but the Adelaide Airport toilet water is going to do very bad things to you whether it’s recycled or not.

funny signs, september 2014 (7)
bertknot, Flickr

Stupidity is not a handicap! Park elsewhere!

Yes to this, on so many levels!

Ken Ronkowitz, Flickr

No eating in food court

I don’t think the term “food court” applies if there’s no eating there. Cafeteria is the same deal.

confederate stupid
Doc, Flickr

I’m with stupid (arrow pointing to Confederate flag). Welcome to Richmond. We’re not all backwards-ass crackers.

I like backwards-ass crackers just because of how it sounds, but I didn’t know if cracker had an actual meaning, so I turned to my good friend Google. Apparently it’s the same kind of deal as redneck. Flying the flag of the losing side in a civil war is some weird shit.

Pako Guzman, Flickr

Village of Crestwood: English is our language, no excetions, learn it – Mayor Chester Stranczek

Mayor Chester Stranczek appears to be one of the backwards-ass crackers the previous sign referred to. It would have been even better had it been “no excretions.” I’m surprised dude kept his Polish-sounding last name; is that an excetion?

Stupid Machines
HeatSync Labs, Flickr

This machine has no brain. Use your own.

This needs to be the brought in as the lock screen on cell phones.

eltpics on Flickr

Warning: Dangerous cliffs. Do not sit under cliffs. Do not climb the cliffs. Do not approach edge of cliffs. You have been warned.

As we’ve seen with COVID, the quickest way to get people to do stupid things seems to be telling them not to do those particular stupid things.

26 thoughts on “Signs that Humans Are Dumb”

  1. Oh this is excellently hilarious! Love the sign about learning English, lol. Your comments on that one are priceless…I couldn’t stop laughing.
    Thanks for the laughs. An excellent share as always Ashley Leia.

  2. Oh such fun! Can’t even pick a favorite, tho the one in Richmond VA makes me snort – I live in Virginia but don’t get all het up about it I’m from New York City – I guess ‘cracker’ wouldn’t be on most people’s list of insults, I’d like to say most people in the USA know what it means but that’s just a trap.

      1. Chimin’ in (I was ‘eavesdropping’ on your conversation). “Cracker” is a slang term (particularly in the Southern United States, which is akin to calling a black person a n**ger when one isn’t black. Don’t be calling white people ‘cracker’. Some might get really riled up and all! 😛

  3. Thanks for being inspired by my silly post! 😳😋 I really want one of those handicapped signs. My hubby had some made up on card stock paper, which he’d stick under the windshield wipers of miscreants. His had MIckey Mouse flipping the bird, and saying “Stupidity isn’t a handicap, but obviously you’re special and they made an exception (it would have been funnier with “excetions’ of course! 🤣 All of these are HILARIOUS though, and you might really be onto something with that cell phone idea! 😉

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