Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • We’re in the midst of a dumb pandemic federal election here in Canada. I’m guessing that’s responsible for the sudden uptick in phone calls from random numbers, although hard to say for sure, because I never actually answer the phone. I sent in my vote by mail, voting for my 2nd choice of party because there’s no way the candidate for my 1st choice party is going to win in my riding.
  • For the last few years, my pattern has been starting to get sleepy in the early evening, going to bed early, and getting up early. I haven’t been getting sleepy much at all lately, so I’m staying up later and have been on closer to a normal person schedule, but it feels weird to me.
  • The cap for the “o” key on my Macbook keyboard kept popping off. Macbooks are great, but they sacrificed durability for thinness with their keyboards. The key itself seemed to be fine, so after much wrestling trying to pop the “]” key’s cap off, I pulled a switcheroo, and now have a functional cap on the “o” key and a gimpy one on the “]” key that I never use. I was quite proud of myself for that improvised fix-it job.
  • A couple years ago I started a notebook system to keep track of my health history, but I didn’t organize it well enough so it had gotten pretty chaotic. I decided it was time for a new system, so I got a couple of little notebooks, set up my system, and am still transferring everything over. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but I need a system to compensate for my brain not working properly, and for this kind of thing, I prefer paper to digital format.
  • I got a new aromatherapy diffuser because my old one, after being on its last legs for a while, fully went kaput. The new one has a much bigger chamber for water, so it runs longer, which is nice.
  • I discovered that the .com version of my URL, which GoDaddy had parked when I got my .org, is now being sold on dan.com for $9500, and is listed by a private investment fund. How absurd. The whole domain name aftermarket ripoff business may be perfectly legit, but it just seems so scuzzy.

In antivax stupidity news, people here are protesting a vaccine passport that’s being implemented soon. Specifically, they’re protesting outside hospitals and harassing health care workers and getting in the way of ambulances. Harassing the people that are going to try to save your sorry ass when you get yourself and your family sick with COVID is an ass-backwards way of protesting government decisions.

While roaming around puzzled by the stupidity of the world, I came across some British douchebag who decided to do a “dark vacation” in Afghanistan, and wasted oxygen and other resources, but more importantly a plane seat, getting his sorry ass evacuated. He had been documenting his vacay on 4chan, the armpit of humanity where the whole QAnon nonsense thrives. So I wandered over to 4chan, and took a peek at their politically incorrect message board, which is the cellulitis that developed from a boil topped with a nasty fungus in the armpit of humanity. Holy fuck, no wonder the world is going to hell in a handbasket with these people populating it.

Speaking of the world being fucked, the state of Texas, whose government is heavily stacked with old white men with privilege up the wazoo, has passed a heartbeat law prohibiting abortion once cardiac activity is detected, which is at around six weeks pregnant. Many women have no idea that they’re even pregnant at that point. I have a serious problem with people trying to impose their religious views on other people’s bodies.

All in all, I would conclude that our world is fucked.

That means we need 2 guinea pig photos this week.

Casper curled up in a little ball

This ball of fur tucked into my arm is casper. I have added labels to identify which parts of the ball are the different parts of Casper.

Peanut the guinea pig tentatively stepping off of his blanket onto a quilt

Guinea pigs always seem to be a bit unsure about moving from one surface to another. Here’s Peanut tentatively venturing off his blanket, with his back legs stretched out behind him. If I have him out for morning cuddles, he like to stay burrowed in his blankets, but when he’s out in the afternoon, he’s more curious and roams a bit.

How has your week been?

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40 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I’m completely disgusted with TX and our entire South. FL particularly sucks as well. I note that they’re all happy enough to beg for funds from the “evil feds” whenever a disaster hits ’em, but the rest of the time they’re bitching about it DESPITE the fact that their politicians are the biggest swamp of all. Mitch, anyone? What a bunch of hypocrites. And their pro-fetus legislation will of course burden the poor more than anyone else, since the wealthy have ALWAYS found ways to rid themselves of inconvenient pregnancies. Ugh! I can’t even look at the news today because I want to have a nice weekend…

  2. I’m so disgusted by Texas it isn’t even funny. The only bright spot is that godaddy apparently hosts their whistleblower site and now claims that it’s in violation of its TOS. Hopefully it gets taken down. This is ridiculous.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one shaking my head at the hope for civilization. That domain price is insane, but likely a testament to how big your site has gotten. My week was crazy booked and I had a great 4 day weekend planned, but that just got ruined by an entitled racist… Glad I picked up a bottle of wine at the farmers market before all hell broke loose. I’m ok though. Looking forward to reading more of “Hood Feminism” (Mikki Kendall) and Netflix at home ☺️🍷📖📺

  4. I seen on Twitter the uproar regarding prohibiting abortion and to right. This is going to cause huge problems, upsets, affecting those greatly who may need an abortion for whatever reason.
    This is going backwards I feel, for what this will cause, for women.

    Yes, the world is fucked. I have felt this for some months now and it can get depressing if following the fucked news. So I avoid reading too much of that now.

    Love your guinea pig photos as always and I know I am not the only reader here that does. Yes, sometimes, lol, your photos need to show what end we are looking at on your guinea pig, when all we can see is a bundle of fur.
    For a small thing, there is lots of fur. 😁

    For me, its nothing but about moving from my flat, to the house. 8th of September is my moving day. I can’t remember if I mentioned this already to you.
    I keep popping there daily to do things, or just to get a feel of the place, to know what is going where.
    Daz (hamster) is already there, so I am feeding and watering him accordingly.

    1. Yes, unfortunately so many reasons to believe the world is fucked.

      It’s wiid how much fur Casper has. And it’s still shorter than usual because of her summer haircut!

      That’s nice that Daz is getting a chance to adjust before the chaos of moving.

      1. Casper’s fur is certainly wild. Still looks like lots of fur, regardless of haircut. 🙂

        Daz, seems to have settled in well.

  5. The guinea pigs look awesome and they’re definitely needed, following your very accurate summary of the current state of hell. Way to take one for the team and check out the insanity on 4Chan. I’ve never made it, though I’ve perused some interesting hashtags on Twitter. It requires an immediate shower.

    The arrogance of this election is enraging but like you, I rarely get to vote for someone I actually like. Those who bemoan strategic voting don’t live in bible belts.

    I love paper records. It’s often easier and quicker than the corresponding electronic version.

    1. Need for immediate shower indeed. Maybe there’s an option for mental illness-related aversion to showering…

      If I’m not concerned about potential federal Conservative or BC Liberal victories, I will vote based on actual preference. Otherwise, it’s all about strategy. The average income in my riding is too high to go any further left than Liberal on a federal level. And the federal NDP might as well not even run candidates in the bible belt.

      My big thing with paper is the ability to flip back and forth between pages, which is so much easier than trying to do the same thing digiitally.

      1. The federal conservatives in my riding have NEVER provided value for money. They remain, however, well-connected and re-elected. 😒

  6. I hadn’t heard about the Canadian elections. I hope you get the lesser of the evils. It’s sad that’s what we have to wish for. Why can’t there ever be someone good to vote for, someone who also stands a chance at winning?

    Well done on the keyboard rejigging. Smart thinking, putting the gimpy on the one you don’t use much.

    The new organisation system is a great idea. I started doing the same a little while ago because I was getting in such a mess with the legal case I’m still going through. I’ve now got big file folders with everything in plastic punched wallets, neat and somewhat organised. It makes a massive difference. I prefer paper copies too and I always make notes by hand to keep in the files.

    Just imagine if you had sat on mentalhealthathome dot com, you could be selling it to the highest bidder for thousands. It really is crazy. I know someone did that when Meghan Markle & Harry got together and they bought up a bunch of URLs they might want to use when they started their ventures in the US.

    “…which is the cellulitis that developed from a boil topped with a nasty fungus in the armpit of humanity”. That is quite possibly the best expression of distaste I have ever read. Very well said.

    I’m glad you labelled the ball of fur. I would totally have assumed the ass was the head.

    1. Luckily I don’t mind my second choice in the election, but having the election at all right now is dumb dumb dumb.

      Organization is a wonderful thing. Makes things so much easier for my brain…

      The URL thing is slimy, but with something big like Meghan and Harry someone could sure make big money!

      One of my previous guinea pigs had really long hair, and the only way to tell the ass from the head in pictures was that she had a white patch at the head end.

  7. Thanks for making me laugh about pretty much all the things wrong this week. Loved the description of 4chan. 4chan is like that quote that says “hell is empty and the demons are here”, except they’re on 4chan.

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