Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It was a pretty quiet week. Had a massage for the first time in a few weeks, as my massage therapist had been on vacation, so that was nice.
  • Out of curiosity about who this Ben Shapiro conservative blowhard was, I watched a video of him talking about Dr. Anthony Fauci and masks. He himself is out there enough, but sweet fancy Moses, the comments were downright scary. No wonder the delta variant is rampaging through these people like a wildfire. It’s rather ironic that many of them were insisting that Dr. Fauci isn’t an actual doctor, yet they’re choosing to take public health advice from Ben Shapiro…
  • I got a spammy blogger outreach email this week from an ammunition company wanting me to link to their article blaming SSRIs for mass shootings. Oh for fuck’s sake, are they that dumb that they think this is appropriate? I usually ignore marketing emails, but in this case, I made an exception and let ‘er rip in a reply.
  • WEGO Health announced the finalists for their annual awards. These kinds of awards (as in the bigger ones, not the assorted winner-less ones floating around the blogosphere) fascinate me, because they tend to reflect things other than what they reflect on the surface. One of the only names I recognized was a finalist for Best in Blog. What makes it interesting is that this person’s blog isn’t their thing; their podcast is their main project, and they’re active on social media, but it’s been almost a year since their last blog post. I’m sure there were plenty of people nominated who were very active with their blogs, so it makes for an odd choice. It’s not that there isn’t a podcast category; there is. Similarly, Vuelio‘s 2021 top 10 UK mental health blogs list earliier this year included a blog run by someone I know and who is fabulous, but this person has mostly stepped away from their blog to focus on other things and was running mostly link-dropping guest posts by marketers.
  • On a related note, Feedspot has assorted top blog lists that aren’t reflective of top anything. It finally clicked in my head that them selling their list of contacts, something they freely admit that they do, is probably a source of at least some of the spammy emails I get, so I’ve asked them to take me off their list.
  • I stumbled across a master’s thesis from Pace University called “Examining Stigma Against Mental Health Victims Among Public Health Administration Students.” Mental health victims??? Where it gets weird is that the “against mental health victims” bit wasn’t in the actual title of the thesis document, nor was the term “victim” anywhere in the thesis itself; it was only in in the title that the Pace library had listed it under. Who pulled that out of their ass to arbitrarily add in? I emailed the school’s library to point out the discrepancy, and got a response that they’d look into it and make any necessary corrections. I was pretty impressed that they did correct it, and very quickly at that, but I’m still curious how it made it in there in the first place.
Oreo the guii

I couldn’t remember how old Oreo was (or any of the others, for that matter), so I was looking at the dates of pictures on my phone to try to figure it out. I’ve had her since 2015, and she was at least a year old when I adopted her, so she’s probably 7-ish, which is pretty old for a guinea pig.

How has your week been?

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29 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Aw. Oreo is gorgeous, but all your piggies are great! <3

    I had a suggestion for a possible post topic for you in the future. Don't feel pressured to write about it, but I for one would find it very interesting to know about. Could you tell me more about "reactive attachment disorder?" I know it's more a child's issue than an adult, and I know they can't really do anything about it once a person is past a certain age, but that's all I know. Thanks Ashleyleia!

  2. I don’t know of Ben Shapiro but he seems to be an asshole… I stopped watching the video less than a minute in. Love the pic of Oreo

        1. I haven’t heard of that before, but I just read the blurb, and it sounds great!

          I’m reading The Self-Compassion Workbook for OCD by Kimberley Quinlan. Speaking of which, I I get a lot of free reviewer copies of books from Netgalley.com – you should check them out. New Harbinger Publications offers quite a few mental health books through Netgalley.

  3. From following your blog for some time now, I knew you had Oreo for some time now. But I wouldn’t have had a clue how old Oreo was. That’s a good age.

    I have had a couple of melt downs towards end of the week. My worse one when I was really tired. But my second melt down wasn’t as bad. All because not helped by coming to prepare to move, with other things. But I am ok now and now things are sorted, I should hopefully not have anymore. Even though things to do still.

    I made sure yesterday to just relax after getting something done and not worry about the one I couldn’t do. I will do that Monday night.

    Today will be one car trip to the house, with my friend who is driving. I am only doing one car trip and leaving rest to the removals, because I know mentally, I just can’t risk doing it like before.
    I am cooking dinner after.
    Once he’s gone, I will just relax and do nothing else.

    Monday will be hanging with my friend downstairs. We were going to have a walk out, where we enjoyed before, but due to a new medication he is on, that’s making him need the loo a lot, its best not to do that walk.
    In the afternoon, I then plan on continuing notifying people and arranging transfer of my mail to new address.

    1. Yeah, it just really reinforces that it’s not actually about “best in ____”, it’s about who can manage to rally the troops to get the most endorsements. I’m surprised Wego would let something like that slip through, because it’s really a slap in the face to people who are working really hard on their blog, or whatever it happens to be.

  4. It sounds like a pretty nice week. Massages can be awesome. I hope you aren’t getting buried under smoke today.

  5. Wow those spammers definitelty spammed the wrong person! Glad you let ‘er rip.
    We need more people to be outspoken, when it comes to stigma applied to those with mental health conditions.

    I’ve been more scattered and grouchier than even is usual for me. Unless I stayed completely indoors, efforts to get things done in the outer world mostly amounted to losing and having to replace various items that I’ve been failing to keep sufficient track of without aid of wallet (lost or stolen) and backpack (broken at the bottom seams). The backpack I ordered arrived today finally, so things ,ay be looking up.

    Just a heads up, I’ve not been online much but suspect this might be one of those times when WordPress decided you are not to be following me — unsure, jury’s still out — but it’s a possibility. I’ll read your top post now, it looks interesting.

    1. Ugh, lost/stolen wallet sucks big-time!

      In the ongoing saga of WP gremlins, it shows that I’m still following you, but your posts haven’t been showing up in my Reader feed. I changed the settings so it should start notifying me. Thanks for pointing it out.

      1. Yeah I got a notification that you were now “following my blog.” (I’ve also been getting notifications lately letting me know that I myself have started following my blog. Happens about every three weeks or so.)

            1. I really wish they would grasp the concept of not trying to fix things that aren’t broken… maybe it was stop them from breaking so many new things on such a regular basis!

            2. “If a thing works, don’t fix it.” Another example of common sense being disregarded in our increasingly bizarre society.

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