Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Higher Times inspired me to incorporate more vinegar into my home. The best microwave cleaning trick ever: 1 tbsp vinegar in 1 cup of water, microwaved for 5 minutes. The steam melts the grime right off. Go vinegar!
  • I got a notification from ResearchGate that someone I knew had commented on a journal article about nurses returning to work after being off due to mental illness. The paper was talking about alternative-to-discipline processes being the “humane” approach. Fuck that noise. Stigma with a “humane” coat on is still stigma.
  • I was contemplating deleting the Twitter account that I’d stopped using at all several months ago, but I decided instead to leave it be and just do a massive clear-out of accounts I was following. My notifications had also become unusable because someone was regularly tagging me in tweets mentioning a bunch of people, and all the responses were a massive pain in the ass, so I muted anyone who was in my notifications that was involved in that kind of thing. I’m still not planning on actually using Twitter more than once in a blue moon, but at least it will be a more civilized experience if I do pop over there. I did a similar clear-out on Pinterest recently, and it was quite remarkable how big an effect that had on improving the relevance of my feed.
  • Sometimes things pop up in my WP Reader feed that make my jaw drop. The other day, it was a reblog of a post about acceptance of transgender people being evil and sinful, with the reblogger echoing the evil part. It’s odd how a religion that supposed to be about love is so often used as an excuse for bashing certain groups of people over the head with hate. If people choose to believe something is sinful, that’s their party, but promoting hate in the name of one’s religion is fucked up.
  • A few people have been having issues commenting on my blog. I have no idea what that’s about. When I tried fussing around with settings to see if I could make things better, it only made it worse. So I decided to make my blog readable in the WP Reader again. I changed the images I’m using in my reusable media+text blocks so they won’t look quite as ugly in the Reader, but they’ll still be gimpy-looking. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • For whatever reason, mid-August to end of September has always been a bad time of year for me depression-wise, ever since I first got sick. One of the things that always gets thrown off is my sleep. But at least I’ve had some nice afternoon naps with Casper.
Guinea pig Butternut in his snuggly hangout

I got the boys a new cozy spot to hang out. It’s a particularly good spot for Butternut because he has a tendency to roam in the direction of the girls (navigation via his Washington Monument), and this keeps him contained so he can chill rather than spazz.

How has your week been?

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36 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Owwww I do love being able to read your posts in the reader again, as it supports dark mode (the site always opened bright white for me), which is easier on my eyes, so I can read it better. So thank you for that!
    I hope you will have a good weekend and that you’ll feel a bit better soon again… Sometimes some periods seem to trigger my depression as well, without there being a “real cause”, just the “time of the year” thing… 😊 Take good care dear 🍀

  2. Vinegar is such an amazing cleaner. I use it in my wash with my towels and to soak C’s smelly hockey equipment. Cleans and sanitizes all in one and doesn’t smell awful in the process…yay!!

  3. I found a surprising number of uses for vinegar too when I researched one of my posts on household hacks. It seems to be white vinegar that’s preferred, it’s pretty good stuff, isn’t it?

    I find those group tagging Tweets hard to keep up with too, especially if there are a lot of folks tagged and all commenting.

    Was this, out of curiosity, a Christian blog calling out transgender as evil? Not that it necessarily matters, it’s fucked up whatever the religion. I suppose I just grew up around christianity in this little white town I was born in, and it always boggled my mind how a self-professed religion that is so tolerant, kind hearted, open and welcoming is also so intolerant of other people who’re not like them. It’s sickening and so hypocritical it would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous.

    I’m sorry these days ahead are likely going to be harder for you in terms of depression. Casper is certainly a cutie in his tiny snuggly bed, I hope he can be a comfort when taking rest breaks and afternoon naps with him nearby. ❤️

    Caz xx

    1. Yeah, it was a Christian hate-on for all things trans. From everything I’ve heard of Jesus, that’s not what he would do, so I’m not sure why people think jumping on the hate train is taking them in his direction.


  4. No room for judgment if you are working toward being a true believer. Only person who’s allowed to judge is God. Not us peons… Wonder why people feel entitled to take on that role? So often? Especially when other people are different than them?

  5. This time of year is typically rough for me, too. However, I seem to be on an upswing right now and have been just writing a lot all week (as you may have noticed). I post some of what I write here on WP. xoxo

  6. I need to try the vinegar trick with my microwave!
    Sorry to hear it’s been a rough time for you depression wise – I hope you’re feeling better soon. Definitely a good excuse to snuggle up with the boys! x

  7. Guy with a blog in Arabic commented on my blog to follow him. I responded with why should I, I can’t read arabic. I further explained that I only follow people whose content interest me in some way (inspiring, educational, entertaining)…

    Normally I just ignore or say no, this time I explained.

    He said “ok thanks”. 🙄

    I need to do this vinegar thing, thanks for the tip!

      1. He had 25 followers. I mean, I don’t mind helping people out when they want to make their way but I can’t read arabic and he didn’t read my content, just wanted me to follow.

        Anyway I was in a mood, otherwise I would have just ignored. 🙄

  8. August-September time tends to be a very mixed bag for me mental health-wise as well. I hope it won’t be too rough for you this year. It’s nice that Casper helps you catch up on your sleep during the day. 🙂

  9. Oh boy…ignorance and thinly veiled prejudice everywhere. (Not always thinly, either! I’m sorry that it’s a harder time for you right now, I’m actually going through a similar thing. I’m sending positive energy your way! I like the thought of your cleanup by the way…we all need those.

  10. My week was good ~ I had a visit from my faraway daughter! Normal otherwise. Hope you get through this stressful time with minimal disruption. Lately I’ve also had sleep issues again…

  11. I have to admit Ashley, I do prefer being able to read in the Reader. The only reason why is that my laptop is terribly slow, and almost every time I have I have to click a post to open i, my laptop seems to freeze. Yours is one of very few sites that I have stuck with. There are many others I gave up on because it was painful waiting for my laptop to load up their sites..

  12. Hi Ashley…

    I am gonna try that vinegar trick!

    Never hate or judge the person. Perhaps someone may not agree with or even like a person’s lifestyle choices, but there is no room for stigma or hate.

    I also hope that person eventually realises this.

    There is so much more to an individual than their sexual gender, mental illness, religion, race, colour, etc etc… they are all people just doing the best they can.
    God/Jesus see and look at the figurative hearts of people. God sees their motivations, desires, intentions and their whole life course. He gives us advice on how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle of course through his word, but always allow us the choice on whether to follow that or not.
    We may hate what a person does, or their choices, but never the person.

    I used to be on twitter, and I remember doing the same thing.

    Cute picture 🙂

  13. Stressed out week & I’m all over the map. Sorry I haven’t kept up with your blog, it looks as though there are some very interesting posts. All posts of mine, a podcast, a rant about ADHD, a piano song, have been done completely impulsively without prior preparation at moments when I just needed a break. I thought about you because my friend Danielle just sent me an article on “high functioning depression” and I’m leafing through it. It looks really good, and she says that this is how she feels all the time.

    Briefly, on the transgender acceptance thing, it seems that there are two kinds of Christians, roughly speaking – the ones who are into loving their neighbors and who believe that acceptance of people different than yourself is a function of Love – and the ones who go around telling other people how to live and passing judgment on people different than themselves because they think that their lifestyles are not in line with the truth.

    The former gravitates toward ecumenical churches and the latter toward evangelical churches. I do think that there is love and goodwill among their own “tribes” (of course) but one kind of Christian extends the love & goodwill toward people outside their tribe, and the other doesn’t.

    Unfortunately the ones who try to live by the words of Jesus and adjust their behavior are a lot quieter than the much more conspicuous Christians who are trying to impose their value systems on others. It’s also worth noting that the people who angered Jesus the most were religious hypocrites — not gay people, not homeless people, etc.

  14. I’m sorry you’re coming up on a depressed period. Those on the outside might think it helps to know when it’s coming, but when it’s inevitable no matter what “good” things you do, knowing doesn’t help. Fingers crossed then that it’s brief. And yes, stigma is still stigma, even the warmly patronizing kind.

    Vinegar is the bomb. I love it. I use it in my dishwasher instead of the rinse agent: I use it to clean nearly anything, and I use the apple cider version as both a hair treatment (half AC, half water as a rinse. Hair is glorious. Rinse after, of course, to eliminate the smell. I didn’t the first time 😆) and as part of a tisane I sometimes make.

    There’s nothing quite as anti-Christian as a right-wing Evangelical.

    Sending good thoughts and energy your way. 😊

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