Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My little brother closed the deal last week to buy his first home. It’s a townhouse (I think it would be called a terraced house in the UK) not too far from where I am, which is a positive surprise, as he was expecting to have to move out to the suburbs. Real estate is absurdly expensive here, and his place, which is about 50% bigger than mine, costs four times what I paid for mine 16 years ago. Craziness.
  • Seeing the photos on his realtor’s website all staged and spic and span reminded me that it’s been a good long while since I’ve done the big spring clean that I try to do every year, but mostly fail to do because of lack of caring. Anyway, those photos motivated me to do some cleaning, and I was rather surprised by the amount of my hair that had accumulated at the bottom of my fridge under the crisper drawers. I don’t know how I still have a full head of head with the amount I shed, but I have no idea how so much of it, or really any at all, ended up in the fridge.
  • I’m old enough that I’m seeing things that were popular but ugly back in the day come back into style. The early 90’s were not a good time in fashion. So why did mom jeans and oversized baggy tees, with the drop shoulders and short sleeves that were too long to really be able to call short, ever make a comeback? Young folk should learn from our mistakes back then, not repeat them! Why are acid-wash ripped jeans with button fly on a fast fashion site in 2021? The ’80s called and they want their jeans back! And remember the black acid-washed to grey colour jeans that A.C. Slater rocked on Saved By The Bell? That colour is back, as, apparently.
  • There are psychiatrically crazy people in this world 🙋‍♀️, and then there are non-psychiatrically crazy. I’d say the non-psychiatric ones are the most out there. I came across one particular nutbar at bible (dot) ca, who says he’s written a “clinical textbook” on the topic of “biblical psychiatry,” and believes that schizophrenia is a “simple behaviour choice.” Someone has certainly chosen to be crazy, but I think buddy needs to look in the mirror for that bit.
  • In the continuing saga of WordPress gremlins, there’s a blog I unfollowed quite some time ago as part of a periodic clean-out of blogs I was no longer reading. Yet it has continued to show up in my Reader feed, even though it shows that I’m not following it. Out of curiosity, I tried blocking it in the Reader, yet it still shows up. How does that happen?
  • Speaking of WordPress gremlins, if you’re annoyed because you can’t publish things privately anymore, there’s a workaround until WordPress fixes it. From your list of posts, click the “Screen options” tab thingy in the top right corner. From the drop-down options, switch to “classic view.” That will switch you to the old wp-admin view. If you open your post from there, you can still publish privately. Then you can go back to screen options and switch back to the default WordPress.com view if you’re so inclined.
  • Has anyone else who pays any attention to their domain authority noticed that Moz has recently found a bunch of older backlinks? On August 8, all of a sudden, it discovered a bunch of WordPress blogs posts from up to 2 years ago with links to my site. Moz is very strange.
  • Seen on Pinterest this week: “The effects of not forgiving: makes you feel stuck in victim mode.” Holy judgy, Batman!

Also seen on Pinterest was the pin below linking different social media and blogging platforms to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Given the logos used, it’s pretty old, but Twitter being linked to esteem needs? If that ever was the case, “respect for self and others” is not a good descriptor for Twitter these days.

Guinea pigs Butternut and Peanut chilling out togher

That’s Butternut on the left and Peanut on the right, having some male bonding time.

How has your week been?

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43 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Congratulations to your brother on his first home. That is an exciting time in life. It’s nice that he’s close and wanted to be.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Ashley.💗

  2. Yes, that person is a nutbar for coming up with that kind of comment regarding schizophrenia.

    Yes, fascinating how there’s a comeback of clothing, you wouldn’t think would come back.

    Lovely photo of your two guinea pigs.

    Its been packing what I can for when I move. I got the two bed private rented house. I collect keys later this month and plan to move early September.

    Seen my mum yesterday. I felt I had mum in the very short chat with her. But mum was that tired, she was asleep through most of my visit with her.

      1. Low maintenance garden. Neutral, clean decore throughout, so don’t need to decorate. Just move in and enjoy, until one day I get a council place.
        Its long term, so hopefully no more moves now until either a council place, or if I win lottery, that I can buy a house.

  3. Ah, the piggies!! <3 <3 So cute! How many do you have? I remember in the 2010s (decade before this one), that the f-ugly 70s "fashion" was back (polyester will never ever look good on anyone. The huge bell bottom jeans that always made anyone wearing them eventually fall on their ass because they'd trip, the horrible colors – neon orange, green and yellow….nooo! It all circles around and around. I guess the younger people think the crap is 'new' and 'trendy'. Hahahah! There's always some nutbar 'out there' who writes about mental illness, but never experienced it and gets all their 'information' off bad TV shows. One of which I watched the other night, I don't know what the allegedly 'mental' patient was supposed to have either, because they exhibited characteristics of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and some other stuff just tossed in. It made me quite angry.

  4. Do NOT judge me as of ALL you have said….how the world did you get all that hair in the fridge!!?? Congrats to bro on the house. I laughed out loud through the whole post…hahahahha….omg. Holy judgy batman!….hahahahhahahaaha…

    I have spent a delish evening chillaxing. Took a nice drive, had several lovely cups of coffee, have been meandering to my now fifty million page worth of unread posts(egads), making demands of my Google Mini and watching lights go on and off for no apparent reason other than to amuse me….don’t judge me, yall. I have no life…*shrug*.

    I drove some Popeye’s Original Chicken Sandwiches to my adopted son and sig other. My Lawdie those some fantastic sandwiches!! Best chicken sandwich I have EVER had and I know my chicken, folks.

    I ran out of bacon and so has the store!….*gasp*….*Cassandra wonders what the world is up to with no bacon and some dummy having the NERVE to think schizophrenia is a life choice…smh…

    Great weekend wrap up! Stay safe and keep posting. How does one go about purchasing your books, by the by? Just ordered a fab bookcase and want to add to my collection. 🙂

    1. Popeye’s isn’t very common in Canada, so I’ve never tried it, but it sounds delish! There is no good fried chicken within a close radius of my home, and it’s just not right, in the same way that a lack of bacon is just not right.

      My books are on Amazon. ❤️

  5. Ignorance seems to be a theme this week…what an inane comment! I’m happy for your son and the cleaning though; I think it also helps clear our minds.

  6. Hard to understand how anyone could view schizophrenia as a choice. It’s hard enough when someone thinks depression is a choice, but schizophrenia?

    I read this post yesterday and tried to comment about my week but found I could not. My PTSD was triggered by my therapist on the morning of the 5th session. I dropped out, told her I was sorry it hadn’t worked out, and then received a scathing email in the morning full of character assassination, including a threat. This was after I had asked her to please stop emailing me because her emails were triggering. So she both dishonored my request and also threatened me.

    I couldn’t think straight after that, and to give you an idea of how triggered I am, I have been trying to leave this comment for almost an hour now. I can’t indulge what happened last week right now, it is almost impossible to get this therapist off my mind. If I go into the ADHD “deficit” thoughts of the ex-therapist invariably dominate the deficit.

    Worst week all year, accomplished nothing while under pressure. There was also an odd incident in which the phone company mistakenly changed my number without my consent. It took three days for me to get the old number back, including traveling to two live offices on the final day.

    I did have a good Sabbath yesterday however and enjoyed for the most part our email exchange, although I think some of my statements may have been misleading or misconstrued, based on the content of your responses. Then again, this is not the easiest subject to indulge.

    Anyway, His blessings are new every morning. Looking forward to a week of grace.

    1. Wow, that’s extremely inappropriate of your former therapist, on so many levels.

      To have to deal with the phone company issue on top of that is like unnecessary grief added to the fire.

      I think faith and spirituality are subjects where interpretation is heavily dependent on frame of reference, and things that look one way within one given frame of reference will almost inevitably look different within another. I think that’s something inherent in the subject matter that’s likely to come up no matter how clearly people try to communicate their views on the topic, regardless of what the particular view or frame of reference is. In a sense, it adds some extra spice to things.

  7. In a way, it does. Aside from the density of the matter, the dynamics of email exchange are part of my difficulty. I may be wrong, but I get the feeling you’re a “speed reader” who reads everything in order, understanding and absorbing it quickly. Me, if I read Paragraph 1, skip to Paragraph 4, come back go Paragraph 2 because I forgot it, and then reply realizing I missed Paragraph 3 entirely, its a GOOD day.

    My ex would sometimes stand behind me and watch me create an email, writing 5 to 10 reasonably coherent paragraphs in no time at all. She told me I had a great gift. But then, I would spend literal hours trying to get the email down to an appropriate size for the context. (She also didn’t get a whole lot of lovin in that time frame, and it’s no wonder she left me.)

    About the therapist, she’s still renting a room in my head for free. It’s hard to think rationally around that issue. I’m trying to look inward to see if there’s something in me that leads certain people to treat me like a helpless child or a juvenile delinquent. Maybe I come across as though I can’t take care of myself, but I thought the point of therapy is to get HELP with those kinds of things. In any case, I think she probably had some experience working with troubled youth. I noticed in the many forms I had to fill out that on one page it said that if I missed two sessions in a row I would be reported to my “probation officer.”

    I was a bit baffled, and probably shouldn’t have signed my name on that page, since I’m 68 years old, have no criminal record, and certainly no probation officer.

    In short, I believe she confused me for a juvenile delinquent, unconsciously, in her mind. And because I was on the streets for years, routinely infantilized by social workers and criminalized by just about everyone else, I could only be treated like a child for so long before I exploded — on which event she threatened to take my emails to the cops.

    I later read through the email exchange, and although it is true that I exploded, I also had apologized in a subsequent email for exploding, and then asked her to please stop emailing me because her emails were triggering me. The mistake I made was in saying that any further emails after I had made this request would be considered harassment. But I did say I was sorry that the therapy didn’t work out.

    The emails stopped for that day. In the morning I awoke to an email with the subject line “Contract TERMINATED” saying: “If you want to scream harassment, I’ll take your emails to the cops! I will not accept you as a client again. I’m tired of your abusive behavior — ALL of it!”

    In other words, I awoke to see an email from an angry person that included the buzz words “cops,” “abusive,” and “harassment.” And since then, I have been trippin.

    I got zero work done this week and am now officially two weeks behind. I’m going to have to work twice as hard if this stuff is to be done by September 1st, and if it’s not, I’ll be sweating bullets coming up with more money to pay the sound designer.

    Back to the email exchange, I’m planning to go back to the first of your emails that I’ve not yet answered — it was one where I disagreed with only one point, and it was prior to the religion-related exchange. I will slowly read and comprehend all your emails, and take my time before responding.

    That said, I think it’s casual enough that if either of us doesn’t respond to every single point, it’s all good. Have a great week —

    1. Response to paragraph 1&2:
      If I’m reading an email that’s longer than a paragraph or two, I’ll read paragraph one, then start my response. Then I’ll go back and read paragraph 2, and then add to my response based on paragraph 2, etc. If it’s a particularly long email, I might skim the entire thing initially and then read/respond paragraph by paragraph. I need to organize and chunk information to manage it.

      The response to this comment, for example, I’m reading and responding one paragraph at a time. It only looks coherent because I wait until the end to hit send. I’ll mark it as responses to paragraphs to show the order I’m going in.

      Response to your paragraph #3-7 (My reaction is mostly to paragraph #3, with 4-7 filling out details)
      With what you said about the therapist, that reminds me of certain colleagues I’ve had over the years whose primary background was in forensics/corrections. The very strict black-and-white boundaries that are necessary to work well with that population don’t translate well to other populations, and professionals who don’t have the self-awareness to recognize the need to change their approach can end up being very counter-therapeutic for non-corrections populations.

      From what you said, it sounds like this therapist didn’t recognize the need to flex on her rigid, black-and-white boundaries. My guess was that it wasn’t so much her confusing you for a juvenile delinquent; it was her professional boundary system being built around what was appropriate for working with that population. Related to that, my guess would be that it wasn’t about judging you, it was about non-critically applying rigid boundaries in a context where it wasn’t appropriate. In essence, a lack of flexibility on her part rather than any particular characteristic of you.

      The zero work paragraph:
      I hope you’re able to get away with not having to pay extra to the sound designer.

      The rest of the comment:
      I actually have a hard time following things out in order, so don’t worry about trying to respond to everything. Chances are, at this point, I’d have no idea what you were responding to anyway without having to fish back through emails myself, which would probably be an exercise in futility on my end.

      1. (Response to paragraphs 1 & 2)

        As you describe your procedure, I don’t see any reason why I can’t apply it as well, despite my preconceptions. So I’ll do what you just did. Removing the parenthetical headers, it should read like a single coherent email.

        (Response to paragraphs 3 & 4)

        About the therapist, your explanation makes sense. It’s along the lines of what I was trying to say in including the adverb “unconsciously” before the “confusing.” But it’s more informed, I think, based on your knowledge of the dynamics of the profession.

        (Response to paragraph 5)

        About the sound designer, to be honest, I am going to have to come up with about $300 more anyway, even if we do finish on time, due to various unmet needs. I’m gearing myself up to inaugurate another fundraiser, but also have a creepy feeling that the $1500 I was able to raise in 11 days a while back might have been a once-in-a-lifetime fluke. Wish me luck. Worse comes to worst, I’ll pay out of pocket, and the world will not end.

        (Response to paragraph 6)

        It strikes me that most people probably have a hard time tracking things out of order. I actually remember without looking at any of the emails the particular points on which I either disagreed or did not understand. It should be pretty easy to keep communicating by email from time to time. Among communication interfaces, it seems to hold has the greatest potential for clear and complete communications.

  8. I spent the night on my couch last night as I’ve been doing a lot lately with sleep issues, and at one point I woke up to see AC Slater and his jeans on my tv screen. 😆

  9. Congratulations to your brother! I hope he loves the new place. Buying a first home is a big deal. It’s great that it’s closer to you rather than on the outskirts (suburbs).

    It boggles my mind how anyone can afford to buy a house from our generation. In the UK, to get somewhere half decent and just very small, it’s over £250,000. Prices where I live are sky high, but we got lucky when we moved here (or unlucky, as the case may be, considering this local area is a shithole). I’m very much looking forward to moving if ever we can, or if ever Covid decides to vamoose.

    That does sound like a lot of hair to be in the fridge, of all places. I’m still wondering how that happened.

    Yes, I’ve seen lots of the 80s and 90s fashion trends making comebacks and can’t help but cringe! I do love it though, in a weird way. I still look back at those times and think they were the best. Clearly that wasn’t true for the fashion. But I do love flare jeans, and always will, even if my stumpy little legs are too short for them. xx

    1. It was a fun time in life.

      Maybe I’m sleepwalking and instead of going to the fridge to eat, I’m just going to hang out…

      I hope you’re able to get out of your shithole area soon. As for COVID vamoosing anytime soon, I’m not holding my breath.

  10. In the continuing saga of WordPress gremlins, there’s a blog I unfollowed quite some time ago as part of a periodic clean-out of blogs I was no longer reading. Yet it has continued to show up in my Reader feed, even though it shows that I’m not following it. Out of curiosity, I tried blocking it in the Reader, yet it still shows up. How does that happen?

    Is it following you via email? Or it is ‘also’ an email follower?

    I had one like this a few years ago, and it was bugging the duckweed flocking out of me! I did everything l was supposed to do, l unfollowed, got rid of, everything WP told me to do until someone said ‘oh they might be connected to via email?’

    So l checked all that as well and finally found them that way and offloaded them forever. it might be something like that perhaps?

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