Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It’s been hotter than usual and humid. I would prefer to jump straight to September. I’ve been irritable anyway, and the hot and humid definitely isn’t helping matters.
  • WordPress is annoying me in that their switch to using blocks in a theme’s widget area has removed the functionality of being able to control which pages something is visible on. The mindset of let’s make something new that’s more complicated and less functional puzzles me, as it seems like more user friendly and more functional makes a lot more sense as a direction to head in. After spazzing at a Happiness Engineer, I headed over to Github, where the people actually writing the code talk about the issues. On June 10, someone on Github identified that this was an issue that hadn’t been addressed yet, but clearly no one cared about minor details like making things actually work before rolling it out in the WordPress 5.8 update.

    Then there was the issue that when I looked at My Sites>Appearance>Widgets rather than opening up My Sites>Appearance>Customizers as I normally did, it magically revived every widget I’d ever created (which I didn’t even know it even kept track of) and plunked them back on my site. When I started deleting them, it would delete but also hide (but not necessarily remove entirely) random other widgets. Appearance>Widgets is a total dog’s breakfast. WTF? It’s like they’re trying to make the user interface fancier, but no one actually bothers to test the user interface to see if it works. it seems like a very ass-backwards way of doing things. Quit breaking things WP!
  • I’ve noticed in the past that the blogosphere tends to be a little less active in the summer, but it’s been serious tumbleweeds lately. My Reader feed has been super quiet, and even when I browse through tags, I see a lot of posts that aren’t getting any engagement at all.
  • Peanut seems to have hurt his teeth again, probably by some biting on the cage bars. He’s eating slower as a result, and it means he’s still working on his piece of celery by the time Butternut has finished his, so Butternut steals the rest of Peanut’s piece. So I’ve been taking Peanut out of the cage and breaking his celery into little pieces so it’s easier for him to eat. I feel like a parent pre-chewing baby’s food.
  • The weather is so weird this summer. Finally here there’s a bit of rain and cooler weather for a couple of days, and then it’ll back up in the vicinity of 30º C, which normally we would only get a few days of in an entire summer here in my corner of the Canadian west coast. We humans have seriously messed up this planet.

Neil de Grasse Tyson is fun. In a video talking about flat earth nonsense, he was saying that when people claim to defend flat earth with math and physics, it’s an “alarm to the Geekoverse that we must rise up.” Speaking of alarm to the Geekoverse, I’ve come across law of attraction folks trying to use E=mc2 to justify their pseudoscience. Sound the alarm!!! “Energy” and “mass” as LOA talks about them is not at all the same thing as “energy” and “mass” as defined in a very specific way by physics. You can’t use physics equations if you’re making up your own definitions.

Book cover: A Brief History of Stigma by Ashley L. Peterson

I asked for feedback on book cover options, and of the people that already commented, everyone liked what’s been my favourite all along, so I’d decided I’m going with it.

How has your week been?

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35 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. The book with the black cover was the first to catch my eye.

    You think Peanut would learn lesson with regards to the consequences of chewing the cage bars.

    My week has been more sleeping than normal, between my two jobs. I think it was my allergies, but I didn’t see mum this week, just in case I had a cold. Asthma has flared up since yesterday.

    Just been watching films today and that’s all I have planned tomorrow.

  2. Poor little silly Peanut. I hope his teeth heal soon. Funny how these little things are so keen to repeat their mistakes over and over. Misha’s like that with getting inside all sorts of closets, cupboards, wardrobes or rooms that generally stay closed most of the time whenever someone opens them. His curiosity seems greater than anything, and even though he’s been imprisoned in a closet or a room or in the cellar many times, sometimes for many, many hours and always comes out hungry and scared to death when someone manages to hear his very quiet cries for help, the next time you open the door he’s gonna be right beside you and jump in there again before you even notice.

  3. We like the birdcage with face as a cover

    Younger Child read something that indicated “humans” aren’t ruining the planet; it’s people engaging in colonialism and capitalism without limits who are directly responsible for ruining the planet. Most of us are complicit. If we’re participating and not stopping it, we’re part of it. Many indigenous peoples and slaves and subsistence cultures are not ruining the planet. Not intended as a rant. Just interesting accountability.

    1. It’s an interesting thing to consider, since there are so many factors. I would argue that humans are ruining the planet through their choices of actions; climate change wouldn’t be happening were it not for the actions of humans. With indigenous and subsistence cultures, scale also plays a role. Fairly isolated cultures can get along well with the planet, but if you start getting into bigger groups that are living in poverty, you get into environmentally unfriendly things like relying on coal for power, burning garbage, etc. I think part of the problem is that when operating on a large scale, environmentally friendly is more expensive, at least to start out, then an environmentally unfriendly. Smaller economies can’t afford environmentally friendly, large companies don’t want to pay for environmentally friendly, and many consumers don’t want to pay higher prices, or can’t afford to pay higher prices, to create the demand that would push companies to step up to meet it. As for capitalism, the market will tend to deliver to consumers what they’re asking for. Some people don’t have the resources to make choices around that, but a lot of people do. And if they’re choosing cheap because they want to be able to accumulate as much stuff as they can, producers will step up to the plate to meet that demand.

      I know I’m a lot less anti-capitalism than you are. A relatively minimalist lifestyle is available to everyone, but many people choose the opposite, and that’s a social issue.

      All in all, I think there’s plenty of fault to go around.

      1. Younger Child sent us a quote from the Lakota People’s Law Project on Instagram asking us to not blame indigenous Amazonians and kids in Africa. They claim the causes of climate change are extractivism, colonialism, and infinite growth economies.

        Maybe if we name these activities, it gets easier to do something. Being human may be part of the cause (and you know we’re not fans of humans), but it’s specific human activities that contribute. We can’t expound beyond that at present ❤️💕

  4. Great book cover!! For sure!!

    My former friend Ash was involved with a guy who was a diehard believer in flat earth, and I think she was, too! I tried to ask her once how airplanes get from point A to point B, and she got mad at me. Of all the weird things to believe that have been scientifically disproven centuries ago, that takes the prize.

    I’m sad you’ve been dealing with idiocy from wordpress!! You’d think they’d try NOT to sabotage their own platform. [Shaking my head.] If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! AAUGH!!

    My week has been normal, I think? I just got back from helping my mom (two days in a row now), and she was taking shots at me. She asked why I didn’t wish my cousin Andy a happy birthday on FB (uh, because he’s hated me ever since I accused his wife of having Munchausen’s by Proxy, and like how could you forget that, Mother, since you were pivotal in creating that whole situation), and she was deadnaming me with M-word. There’s just not much excuse, but I got $150 for helping her move heavy furniture and do other tasks.

  5. I’m also having problems with WordPress. I haven’t been able to post privately (as I do most days) for a couple of weeks. I haven’t got around to contacting them, although I’m not hopeful that they can/will help.

  6. Aww poor Peanut. And shame on you, Butternut. You’re smart, but it’s still mean! I suppose the next step is bird-style; eating it and regurgitating it. Or just put it in a blender.

    I hope you enjoy a brief reprieve from the heavy heat. It’s weird – here in the UK, I feel sure we had much, much better summers when I was a kid. It was hotter for longer. You could almost guarantee going out to play, and I’d get to wear my little sandals for a few months. These days I have to get changed 5 times in one day just so I can wear a few of my t-shirts when the sun’s out otherwise they’ll never be worn!

    I’ve noticed more changes with the Blocks editor that I’m unimpressed with too. Not the widget fiasco you’ve had to wrangle with though. I’m having problems with reusable blocks not showing up, even though they’re right there in the post. Then they disappear. It’s driving me nuts. xx

    1. If someone came along that managed to conquer WordPress’s gremlins permanently, they would be my hero. Bring on the superhero cape.

      Butternut is a shit disturber. He’s lucky little Peanut puts up with it, bless his little heart.

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