Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I decided to do some rebranding on the blog, not for any real reason other than the idea popped into my head. My old logo no longer matched up with the current look of my site, so I changed that. I’ve also changed from the semi-anonymous Gravatar image and name (ashleyleia) to the author image & name (Ashley L. Peterson) that I’ve been using for my books. I liked the old Gravatar that included Cookie the guinea pig, but I figured consistency was probably a good thing.
  • It seems like the Reader has been delaying showing newly published posts more than it usually does. Scrolling back through my feed, I’m finding a lot of posts that I didn’t read because I didn’t see them the first time around. The editor is also lagging displaying what I’ve typed, and sometimes will be a couple of sentences behind.
  • Sometimes negative book reviews are amusing. I enjoyed this line: “You can reproduce most of the information from the Internet.” Um, yeah, that would be the case for pretty much anything other than original research…
  • I know I need a shower when… my hair is sufficiently crusty that I can twist it up in a bun, and it just stays there, with no assistance of any kind, for an extended period of time. Gravity may be a strong force, but crustiness is a stronger one.
  • Canada has this thing called the Disability Tax Credit, and if you’re approved for that, you can start a Registered Disability Savings Plan, and the federal government will match your contributions as well as straight out give you some free money. I was delaying asking my doctor to fill out the Disability Tax Credit form because he was such a dick about the paperwork for my disability benefits application, and I thought it wouldn’t make any difference to hold off on it. Then this week, I happened to discover that the federal government free money train stops after age 49. What with me being 42, and the yearly limits, each year I hold off getting on this train means less free money. I want free money, but I don’t have it in me to deal with this myself, so I decided to enlist my mom to wrangle the doctor’s secretaries into submission to give me an in-person appointment when my parents are in town in September, and then let her do the talking at the appointment. I’m generally not one to call for parental backup, but there’s no way I could deal; with this nonsense myself without multiple shitfits/meltdowns, especially given my inability to speak properly. So that was fine, right up until my mother questioned whether I was sufficiently disabled to be disabled. For fuck’s sake, why does everything have to be so bloody difficult?
  • After getting a voicemail that it would have been polite to if I could talk properly, I decided to record a new voicemail greeting, sounding as impaired as I sound, asking people to text or email me instead.
  • Weird spam comment of the week: “Thank you for your sweet words! It was a great pleasure visiting your site. I’m so happy to have discovered the ‘Ranch.'” Hmm….
  • In bird-watching news, I think my local robins’ nest is somewhere other than where I originally thought it was, as one of them dive-bombed a landscaper who was right outside my bedroom the other day.

Nicely handled, Simone Biles. I think stepping away from the competition makes her as much, if not more, of a role model as pushing through and injuring herself because her head had gotten in her way. I was puzzled by people referring to as a GOAT, so had to look that up. And then I stumbled across this awesome video. I was a bit surprised the guinea pigs were entirely disinterested as I was playing it. I wish I was a goat (not a GOAT, a goat that makes these noises). My favourites are at 0:40 and 1:16.

Casper likes to be tucked in.

How has your week been?

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49 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I had some help in the early years of my disability. I had no idea what was going on. Now, when I’m in need of help, I get just a little support from loved ones. It’s a maze when things aren’t going the greatest.

  2. “I happened to discover that the federal government free money train stops after age 49.”
    ??? Then how are people supposed to live after that?

    “right up until my mother questioned whether I was sufficiently disabled to be disabled.”

    Ugh!!!!! Sorry your Mum doesn’t get it.

    My week has been full of menstrual cramps but little to no breakthrough bleeding. I have a draft with a lot of cursing lol.

    1. Monthly benefits aren’t affected. It’s sort of like a retirement plan where if you kick in money, the government will match part of your contributions, plus throw in some extra if you’re low income.

      Ugh, cramps are awful!

      1. Ohhh! Thanks for the clarification ❤.

        Regarding cramps, I got put on mefenamic acid which thankfully seems to help though it doesn’t eliminate all the pain. But I am basically glad I was taken seriously when I went to the gynaecologist saying I get suicidal if I have a period, though the public healthcare doctor was quite incompetent.

          1. Yep! We wonder what’s with doctors when it comes to menstruation and uterus issues, all over the world. Reddit sub “childfree” has to maintain a list of doctors in the USA, Canada and around the world because so many of them suck.

            1. We haven’t come that far from back when mental illness in females was thought to have come from wandering uteruses, and penis therapy and popping out babies were thought to be the answer…

  3. I’m so glad we agree about Simone Biles! (Not that I thought we wouldn’t!) Hearing people criticize her is painful to me, so I’ve tried to avoid it online and in the newspaper, etc. It’s just painful. Bad critics!!

    I’m sorry you have to keep going through all this garbage to get benefits! AAUGH!! But we here at the Ranch support you! 😀 Yeah, just hanging out at the Ranch here! 😀 Good times at the Ranch!

    My week has been disastrous. On top of everything else, I just tapped out my savings account to pay medical bills. Ugh! I’m officially broke. But, no worries. I’m sure I can rebuild!!

  4. I did get some money from her today!! She owed me for past things and for getting things sorted out today at her post office. But I found out that I owed the bank a bit, and now the profit is $34, plus the $30 still in my savings account = $64, amen!!

    It is ridiculous about Simone Biles! I pray that she doesn’t get buried in it. That would break my heart!!

  5. RE: Simone Biles – A blog I used to follow (I’ve deleted it as of today) referred to her mental state as a case of the YIPS, which is a sport slang for not being able to focus. I can’t deal with such ignorance –

    1. I haven’t heard of the yips, but I wonder if that has anything to do with the twisties. I was reading about a gymnast defending Biles. She said “the twisties” is like a mental block that prevents gymnasts from being able to access their mental memory and sense of where they are in the air. This gymnast had tried to compete when she had the twisties and actually broke her neck. So she was saying Biles absolutely did the safest thing.

      1. In slang terms, yes. There is an actual medical condition called YIPS -m having to do with wrist movement. Essentially tho, Simone Biles is suffering PTSD.

        1. I think it’s incredible that despite horrific prolonged CSA (most people disconnect from the body) that she “only” got the twisties now. And a former renowned coach also attested that it’s mostly brought on by stress and ptsd.

          And then for people to shame her for doing the safe thing! Like they rather she get severely injured? None of her critics are elite athletes.

  6. Its wrong when you feel questioned about your disability. Yes, the system is horrible.

    Nothing much from me than I know refs are being chased up by estate agents. I know two who have gaved theirs, as they told me. I don’t know about the other two.
    Hopefully I will know more by end of next week.

    I seen mum yesterday. Mum was alert all the time I was alert, to the level I have not seen for months.
    Very agitated to start with, but becoming calmer with me. Mum said fuck off to care assistant. First time I have heard mum use that word and mum doesn’t like that word when anyone uses it. So not mum’s usual behaviour.
    I got arsehole 5 to 10 mins later.
    But she told me she loved me twice during the hour I spent with her. Mum spoke, but alot I couldn’t understand.

    Cleaned my living room and hallway carpet this morning, after vacuuming. I then watched a film before spending time with my support bubble this afternoon.

    Tomorrow will be a relaxing day.

      1. Yes, it was nice to know that mum was calm for most of the visit and that I was able to help with that. Thank you.

  7. GOAT is acronym for greatest of all time. Your goat screams were hilarious. Them tongues is huge

    We saw a bobcat in the wild this week. For sure our highlight

  8. I got weird spam emails this week and I’m pondering if I should blog about it. In some cases it’s a request to collaborate but given how it’s worded it’s clear they have not read a single word at all. Humpf. Maybe I’ll wait till I’m in a bad mood and then let it rip. 🙂

    Gov’t free money blah.

  9. Looks good. I feel lucky to know you. My week has been pretty great, for the most part. I was going to attend a drag show last night that I was very excited about, but ended up way too tired. I was even falling asleep before dinner. Other than that, super. I should write today. Soon, I will attempt a new form of poetry.

  10. I’m really sorry people are making it difficult for you to receive the treatment you rightfully deserve. And being doubted by ones’ own parents is a special kind of pain and hurt. I hope this works out for you!

    P.S. Psychiatrists can be really annoying and frustrating. I’m having trouble with mine as well.

  11. Ooh, that’s shitty that you even have trouble with your mum not recognising your disability for what it is. You’d think a loving mother wouldn’t have such a problem, even if yours doesn’t see you very often these days, or at least wouldn’t question you this way. I’m sorry things are so crappy for you with all this disability stuff and that you can’t find a good spokesperson to help you out who wouldn’t cause additional problems like this.

  12. I noticed the rebranding of your image and name: I like it. I wish I’d have known about that tax credit/matching program. Info for the disabled sucks. Ah well, I still have my “win big piles of money on the lottery” plan. The Simone Biles thing has been interesting. The rage and vitriol directed at her by rando coach potatoes has been extreme.

  13. Crusty hair, can’t say I’ve ever seen that mentioned in a blog post before. Mine just goes greasy, never experienced crustiness. Can you do a mohawk with it?

    Sounds like you’re doing great with the blog side of things for branding and consistency, and I know you’ve done a fair but of editing old posts for SEO, too. I need to take a leaf out of your book.

    So it’s not just me that notices there are new posts that somehow I miss, but they suddenly appear after I’ve already read that day’s posts. How strange.

    Who left a voicemail to say it would be nice for you to talk “properly”? Fucking doofus.

    I think you’ve done well with asking your mum for back-up with the appointment. It’s pretty shocking there’s a cut off at all for Disability Tax Credit, let alone only age 49! xx

    1. My hair goes greasy, but then combine that with humidity frizz, general dirt, and probably some guinea pig poop tossed in, and then you get crusty. It actually feels uncomfortable to move it in a direction it doesn’t want to go, which is the biggest cue for a shower being needed.

      Poorly worded on my part… The phone call was from a former patient from back when I did at-home injections for cancer patients, among other things, so I gave out my cell number to a lot of people. If I could talk properly, I would call back and tell him who he should actually be talking to, but I can’t, so I won’t. I figured that kind of situation could be avoided in the future if II change my old chipper greeting to one that makes it clear that if you’re calling because you want something functional from me, it’s not going to happen.

  14. My family has been watching the Olympics last week while we were on vacation – four generations under one roof. Quite an accomplishment for me to finish the vacation!

    Back to the Olympics. I think that what Simone Biles is doing to focus on her mental health is amazing. I feel that folks in high visibility places have a tougher time than many in opening that door, but opening it and talking about it does a world of good for the star athlete as well as for those of us who are just spectators.

    Too much stress gets to all of us whether we are world champs or just muddling through the day as best we can!

  15. So kind of you to record the voicemail❤ I am kind of impolite. Sometimes, I just leave the house phone ringing without attending to it when my mood is unstable (when I am home alone).

    The gap between seeking for some kind of documentation and approval of application can be very frustrating and tiring. I hope something can ease this in between for you with your family.

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