Ghosts of Guinea Pigs Past

This may be a touch morbid, but these are pictures of the guinea pigs that came before my current four. I’ve been a guinea pig mama for 15 years now, and guinea pigs only live about 5 years, so quite a few lovely furballs have graced me with their presence.

Cookie the guinea pig with front paws stretched out

This is Cookie. Her sister Oreo is still with me. Cookie was very peaceful. Her cute pose was with her feet sticking out in front of her like this.

sleeping guinea pig boy

This is Zippy. He was completely devoted to his brother Squeaky. Shortly after I adopted the two of them, I had taken them to work. I had them in two separate boxes; Zippy’s was on the passenger seat and Squeaky’s was on the floor below. Zippy didn’t like the separation, so he climbed out of his box and slid down to Squeaky’s.

I had adopted them when they’d been surrendered to a shelter after their owner passed away. It turned out their owner was a close friend of one of the clients I worked with, and he was well acquainted with the little guys.

guinea pig curled up in a corner sleeping

Squeaky was a big little man, especially compared to runty Zippy. He wasn’t a fan of cuddles until he got sick toward the end of his life, and then he turned into a huge cuddle bug. I like how his little pink foot is tucked against the edge of the food bowl in this picture.

Guinea pigs Chloe and Sienna

This is Chloe in front and Sienna behind her. Sienna was totally in love with Chloe. Poor Chloe had to have major surgery at one point, and she needed quite a bit of care, which I was happy to give.

This was Baby. I adopted her from a shelter. She’d been surrendered because the disabled young child in her former home had been hitting her. I think the stress of that and then being adopted out was too much for her, and she died within a couple days of me bringing her home.

guinea pig Emma munchi

This is Emma. She had gorgeous long hair and was a very happy girl. Her head is the white end.

This is Ella, Emma’s daughter. Emma was a Peruvian, and Ella’s dad was an Abyssinian, so she wasn’t quite as wild-haired as her mom. She had her mom’s happy temperament, though.

guinea pigs Baba and Ghanoush

These were my first two guinea pigs, and the only ones I got from a pet store. Baba is on the left and Ghanoush is on the right. Baba was adorable, and liked to sit in her food dish. She didn’t live particularly long, and she was the first piggie I had to put down, which was hard.

Well, that’s the 10 guinea pigs I’ve had before the 4 I have now. Have you had many pet friends come through your life?

22 thoughts on “Ghosts of Guinea Pigs Past”

  1. Awww. Thanks for sharing your past guinea pig family.

    Over the years, from being a kid, I have had budgies, canaries, 3 dogs, (not all at the same time, several cats, (again, not all at the same time. Two cats a few months apart was only time had 2, then 1 rest of time, each time) and my current hamster, is my second hamster.
    And I nearly forgot, 2 cockatials and goldfish.

      1. I was an animal mad person from a young age. Budgies and folliwed shortly by canaries. Goldfish may have come just before, but certainly after.
        Brin was my first dog at the age of 9. The one you may remember from sharing my childhood on my old blog when I was having counselling.
        Then in my teens, it was the two cats. Lucy first, followed by Smokey 6 months later. The only time me and mum had two cats at the same time.
        Then it was Lady, after Lucy went missing, never to be found.
        Smokey had to be put to sleep later with treatment for diabetes not working and her heart not good from the fitting. She was a good age.
        I had 2 cockatials. One I had a couple of years before owning another in a seperate cage. I had them in the spare room and I would go and sit with them.
        Kym who I had longest, past away unexpected, leaving me with a cockatial on its own. He was young and I didn’t want anymore. But I did not want him to be lonely either. So had him rehomed where he settled in well.
        It was just Lady until she had to be put to sleep.
        I then had Bubbles, my female hamster.
        Four years later when I had no pets, was when my heart let in another cat, Miley.
        Then we get to Daz, my current hamster.

  2. They’re adorable and gorgeous. The five-year life span is a wrench – that’s a lot of broken hearts. πŸ’“

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