Weekend Wrap-Up

I really don’t have much to say about the past week.

One of the things that annoyed me when I initially switched to the block editor was that they did away with the handy post scheduling feature in the classic editor that you could see on the scheduling calendar which days already had posts scheduled. Finally, someone has come to their senses and brought that back earlier this week. I feel like if the WordPress people would stop reinventing the wheel and changing things for the sake of change (and then changing them back-ish), the whole shebang could work a lot more smoothly.

Guinea pig Oreo hiding behind her hay manger

This is Oreo’s favourite spot. She likes to knock one side of the hay manger off the cage bar, and then she snuggles in behind it. She’s not eating the hay when she does this; she’s just snuggling. Her head is that bit of white hair sticking out from behind the hay.

Woodpecker perched on balcony railing, looking sideways at a smaller bird

This is my northern flicker woodpecker on the left perching on my balcony railing and looking over at a little songbird of some kind on his right. He doesn’t usually stop by to hang out during the day, so this was unusual. I know it’s my dude rather than his lady friend because males have dark orange marks on their cheeks.

Time for some sugary nostalgia. In the ’80s, there was this Canadian citrusy drink called Super Socco. It came in juice boxes and was marketed at kids. It was SOOOOOOOO good, at least to my young palate. Sadly, it never made it out of the ’80s. I also had a very similar haircut at one point to the dark-haired girl in the still image from the video. Actually, I looked a fair bit like her in general.

Then there was McDonald’s orange drink, which is apparently making a comeback. Track and field day in elementary school came with big ol’ jugs of orange drink. Ah, the good old days…

How has your week been?

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29 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. That’s weird that they initially got rid of the scheduling feature in the block editor, you’d think it’s such a basic thing, and I can imagine you must have really felt the lack of it given your blogging routine. Good that it’s back again.
    I generally feel like too many bad candy, drinks etc. have never made it to this decade.

  2. I miss the scheduling feature the way it was before. I am very much dependant on scheduling because of my own real life schedule.

  3. That orange McDonald’s drink at track and field day!!! And every mcd’s birthday party 🎈

    So hot here. We tried exercising outdoors once and overheated

      1. Another track and field day memory: listening to def leppard’s “photograph” on a friend’s Walkman and realizing the song is brilliant 🎶

  4. I loved that weirdly flat orange pop. 🙂 It’s nice to see a flicker. Ours are very dormant/absent in the summer.

  5. I have been feeling low this week. I decided best not to see mum because of that and also to focus on sleep knowing I was going to view a private rented property next day.
    The property I seen yesterday, I was satisfied with and so filling in an application form, which I hope to have completed by Monday to give back either via email, or give personally. So if everything goes well, I could be mentioning I am moving soon in another private rental property.

  6. Really interesting that it’s a McDonald’s orange drink for some of you in childhood. For us it was a cold chocolate and malt barley drink called “milo”

  7. Snuggles are good. Oreo’s got the right idea there.

    I like the sound of that sugary juice drink. I’ve found that even chocolate & drinks that did make it out of the 80s are no longer what they once were, not by a long shot. There was this sugary energy style drink that was aweeeeesome, and used to make me feel well when I had a cold as a kid (probably because it was packed to the rafters with all sorts of sugars and e-numbers). I bought one after my last surgery thinking it would magic me better – tasted like bland crap! Don’t even get me started on how the size of chocolate bars have changed.

    As for WP, I’m glad they’ve bought back the functionality for scheduling at least. I got used to the Block editor eventually but then they made another tweak, then another last week, and each time it gets a little less user-friendly. “Don’t try to fix what ain’t broke”! xx

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