Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It’s not been a very good week for sleeping, which makes for extra space cadet-ness. Normally when I wake up, making the bed is fairly easy because don’t flop around too much. This week, it’s looked like I’ve been having a wrestling match with my bedding.
  • A random thought because my leg was just itchy as I was writing this… Just this year I finally decided to stop caring about shaving various bodily regions. I try to remember to shave my legs before having a massage, because I figure it’s unnecessary to have a forest getting in the way of things. Aside from that, though, I just don’t care about being wild and woolly, and I’m quite content with that.
  • I wrote an email to the medical clinic I go to complaining about the circus show of fuck-ups I’ve seen over the last few months. The dumb cunt of an office manager responded saying how wonderful each of those doctors are. Try being a patient, dumb bitch. Nothing like dealing with health care to ratchet up the profanity…
  • I got my second COVID shot (Pfizer again). My arm was a little sore, but otherwise no side effects. Current public health guidance here is that masks are recommended for people until 2 weeks after they’ve been vaccinated, so that’s on the calendar. It’ll be nice to ditch the mask.
  • I started my new journal at the beginning of this month, and I’m quite happy with it. It’s got a dot grid pattern rather than being lined, which makes setting up my calendar and tracker pages easier. It’s also very pretty, with a colourful lollipop tree on the cover.
  • I always look at my website on my laptop so I hadn’t realized some of the design changes I’d been making using CSS had been making a mess of how pages on the site appeared on mobile. Oops. Lesson learned to check changes on both devices.
  • Most of the reviews I post on Goodreads get the odd like here and there, but my review of Lost Connections by Johann regularly gets liked. I guess I’m not the only who’s not impressed with him.
  • I heard rather deafening airplane noise yesterday. Curious to find out what it was, I discovered the airport has a flight tracker website where you can see what planes are flying in the area. After waiting for the 10 minute delay, I discovered it was a CL41 aircraft (which is a Canadian air force training plane) flying very close by, and then all of a sudden another military aircraft of some sort popped up on the screen out of nowhere, basically on top of it. Presumably that’s why it was so noisy. Being the geek that I am, that website could end up being the source of a great deal of fascination.
  • Some random googling sent me down a rabbit hole of parasitic twins (i.e. bits of a body that have stopped growing/developing attached to a complete body; not the same as conjoined twins). That’s some weird shit. I wonder what the anti-choicers would think about that whole situation.

It’s rather gross the side of humanity that Twitter brings out. And sure, Twitter should crack down on some of the garbage. But it happens in the first place because individual people decide that the relative anonymity of Twitter makes it okay to be assholes. I don’t know what the solution is, but it’s not all on the platforms themselves. People need to learn to check their shit.

guinea pig Butternut sleeping with his pillow

This is Butternut using his toy as a pillow. He’s done that a few times, which is awfully adorable. He’s still liking being my jigsaw puzzle companion. I listen to music while working on a puzzle, and he has very specific sounds he likes right at the beginning of Over and Over by Nelly and Hold Up by Beyonce. He makes a happy trilling noise when those sounds happen.

How has your week been?

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43 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been sleeping poorly and that the doctor’s office people are clueless clods. Ugh. So frustrating.

    Definitely keep me posted about the Pfizer. As you recall, it seemed to ratchet up my heartbeat for two weeks. And I’ve heard anecdotally of people having heart attacks and such. [Shrug.]

    Yeah, I hate Twitter. I rarely go there! It’s sort of… I don’t even know which word I’d use.

    Awww, Butternut! Uh, is that his ear? I can’t tell! 😮

    My week has been quite productive, which is great. I went to the bookstore yesterday, discovered that one of my favorite 1990s author’s books have been reprinted, and subsequently went broke. [Shaking my head at myself.] (The author’s Christopher Pike.) But hey, I can read/reread his books on the plane. YAY!

    1. I got the vaccine Thursday and nothing so far. I didn’t have any issues with the first one either.

      Yeah, that’s Butternut’s cute little ear.

      I read a few Christopher Pike books back in the day, but never reread any of them.

      1. Awww, what a cute little ear!! Gushy!!

        I never read them in the day because my local bookstore didn’t carry them! I discovered them as an adult at some point I can’t remember. I love the twisty plots (a quality that’s impossible to find in modern-day YA) and the horror (which I can handle better in books that on-screen).

        I’m glad your body’s not reacting to the vaccine!! That’s good!!

  2. Sorry to read you’ve also been struggling with sleep. Any idea if there’s a cause to it? As it might bring you a possible solution? 😊
    Owww I’m getting my second Pfizer on Tuesday early afternoon. Can’t wait to receive good 5G reception everywhere 😂… All sillyness aside, I can’t wait for it to work as good as it can, with our R rate being close to 3 now… Our numbers went down, then many people decided to partly like they used to and bam! We’re into the 11k new I’ll per day again. *big sigh*…
    My week was painful, with some friends, many walks and exercise… Too much snacking, more exercise to make up for all those eaten calories 🥴 Working on another small journal post now that gets shared tomorrow morning.

    And your pet is really cute. 😊

    1. Last week was kind of stressful, so I think that’s what messed up my sleep, but it’s starting to improve, so that’s good.

      The COVID situation has been improving here, and I hope that pattern will continue.

      Hopefully next week will be a less painful one!

      1. Glad to read you’re already getting some better nights!

        Wish the Covid19 situation would improve here but for now, it’s really bad… We went from green-orange on the map to red-dark red. It’s really bad… Just two more days for my second shot… I know it’s takes at least two weeks until I get the best results of it. Just be careful until then for sure 😊.

        Thanks! I really hope so, but I fear I might need some antibiotics to fight my ear infections… The drops do help a bit but they’re still so painful 😔.

  3. Butternut is so adorable; they all are. I’m the same way about shaving. On my disability application it asked how I dealt with shaving, and I was happy to say, “I don’t bother, as I can barely shower.” I really enjoy your weekly updates. My week has been VERY busy compared to usual, and I’ve felt some burnout. I rested quite a bit yesterday and I am today, as well, so things are looking up.

  4. There’s an app you can get called FlightRadar24, which you can use to check out flight locations all over the world. Whenever I hear something overhead, I get nosey and check it out. It tells you where the flights are headed and everything.

  5. Dear Ashley’s clinic: ever heard of empathy? According to the Canadian Patients Rights, Ashley has the right To be treated with dignity and respect and To receive health services without discrimination. If you cannot meet these right, please get trained or consider becoming a full-time vampire 🧛

    1. I’m gonna have to borrow “consider becoming a full-time vampire” for future use. That’s awesome 💗

  6. Melatonin finally works for me, I’d tried it before with no results, now, an hour before bedtime, one 3mg pill and within 1/2 an hour of getting into bed I’m fast asleep.

    I never never understood the purpose/use of Twitter, and Butternut looks adorbs!

    1. That’s great that melatonin works.

      The purpose of Twitter appears to be to let people think that whatever dumbass thought crosses their mind is worth sharing with the world.

  7. As someone interested in radio communications, you may be interested to know that it is perfectly lawful to decipher airline faxes and general weather and flight communications. The process is fascinating with most of the cost being a little gadget that costs around $23 USD.

    1. There’s a website that I can use to listen to Canadian air traffic control, but I have a hard time figuring out what they’re saying because they all talk so fast.

  8. Feeling burnt out middle of week. I seem to see a pattern with this, always middle of the week. It was both mentally and physically, but mentally more.
    I seem to be at burnt out come Wednesday to definitely Thursday. Maybe first notice Tuesday, but reaching more of a limit come Wednesday or Thursday.

    Seen mum Friday. It was a quiet day until she shouted for me to leave. Prior to that, I got her smiling at times.

    I am back to looking at private rented properties. I want to move and it will be definite now, when something comes about. It be nice if I was lucky with a council property. But its more likely another move privately before that happens.
    I queried about three properties. Each with different estate agents. One got back to me same day with a offer to view Thursday evening. Unfortunately, thats no good, as I am already working. I heard nothing further after that.

      1. Thank you. I hope it doesn’t take too long either.
        I have emailed one again about a flat near my eve job to view. So hopefully they gey back this time.
        I shall send emails to other two after in a part order of interest, after.

    1. Sunshine is good, but there’s pretty much always something to complain about with the weather. It seems like it’s a common national pastime, at least in Canada and the UK. And speaking of pastime, I had no idea that’s how it’s spelled until I just looked it up. It seems like there should be an extra letter in there between the s and the t.

      1. Ha! It maybe a hyphen! Past-time. Nah .. that looks ridiculous!! Oh yes, we Brits love a good chat about the weather. Too warm, too sunny, too cloudy, too windy, too wet, too muggy … too something! 😄😄

  9. I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling with sleep, that certainly can’t be helpful for brain spaciness.
    And this is just so awful that you still have to deal with so much healthcare shit!

  10. Sorry to hear you don’t sleep well. I hope it’ll change soon. I know how it feels as I often have trouble too. Hope you’ll have a lovely Sunday despite everything 🤗

  11. Canadian doctors/clinic need more accountability. It’s a real problem. “Thanks for complaining about the chicken. Let me tell you about the awesome beef.” 🙄

    Love the Christmas pillow.

    Sorry about the sleep. Mine has been sucky too, but that’s pain. That’s also my week update. There was pain. Also, my mom had her lung cancer evaluated. Slow growing, so that’s good, but surgery, which is less thrilling.

    The good thing about radiation treatment for breast cancer is the hair under my left armpit no longer grows 😊

    And yeah, Twitter turns me into someone I don’t like much, if I’m not careful.

    1. Twitter is like one big vampire.

      I’m guessing radiation probably won’t become the next big thing in hair removal.

      Slow growing is good. One of my grandpas had an entire lung removed due to cancer, back when I was just a kid. I remember being so fascinated that someone could get by with just one lung.

      1. It is amazing what the human body can tolerate. Though when she mentioned lung removal the first time, all I could think about was Worf in Star Trek: the Next Generation and redundant Klingon biology. Shock does weird things to the brain. 😏

  12. That’s an adorable little pillow Butternut has made for himself.

    I’m sorry sleep has been pretty exhausting recently. It’s a good way to get exercise without even realising though.

    I think that not shaving for a while then makes having smooth legs when you finally do take the razor back out all the more luxurious. I’m just glad that it’s a tiny bit more acceptable now to not care so much about pruning. There’s way too many pressures on how a woman’s body should look and if society cared a little less we’d all be happier for it.

    The office manager clearly isn’t living in the real world. I copped that same response – how wonderful and skilled the doctors were at hospital when I said the colorectal surgeon clearly didn’t know anything about stomas. They didn’t like that. I’m glad you wrote them an email, even if their response put your blood pressure up.

    Great news on being fully jabbered, too!

    I get a bit freaked out by military planes. I’ve never lived through a war, but there’s part of me that almost feels like I have because that’s all I think about when I hear them or see them. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    I’ve read about there being pressure for the likes of Twitter to mandate identification documents for all accounts. Not sure that’ll ever happen though.

    I hope you get some better sleep this week 🤞 xx

    1. Thank you!

      Defending incompetent health care professionals should be a signal for all of the birds within a 10 mile radius to swoop in and poop on the person.

      I don’t know how people who lived through the Battle of Britain didn’t spend the rest of their lives diving for cover every time they heard a military plane overhead.

  13. I remember reading this a few days ago and forgetting to comment. Your paragraph about parasitic twins (not conjoined twins) reminded me somehow of the musical Side Show that only ran for about 90 days on Broadway – though that dealt with conjoined twins. There’s a beautiful song “Who Will Love Me as I Am?” sung in harmony by Violet and Daisy at the end of the first Act. I saw it in 2006 at Childrens Musical Theatre San Jose, a really excellent production, though I can see how the musical itself may not have become popular.

    Had a better week, taking things slow and carefully.

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