Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My brain has been particularly spacey this week, which made reading a rather slow undertaking. Pair that with some random dizziness and I’ve been rather useless.
  • I gave the piggies a spa day, with baths and haircuts. They were not impressed.
  • My woodpecker that lives on my balcony is back, after spending mating system presumably hanging out wherever his lady friend lives.
  • I needed my meds refilled, so I called the clinic I go to and asked for a doctor to call me, which seems to be their current procedure. I got a call from some condescending cunt who talked to me like I was a child and felt the need to ask a million questions because she thought she could swoop in and fix me. I am getting sooooooo sick of the bullshit. I’m mildly curious if “my” doctor has told the receptionists that he doesn’t want to deal with me, because it seems like a bit of an odd coincidence that they always have a different doctor call me for the last 6 months.
guinea pig Butternut in his house with his toy

That red thing is a dove-shaped Christmas tree ornament that lives’ in the guinea pigs cage. I’m not sure how it ended up in the house at the same time as Peanut, but it makes for a pretty cute picture.

guinea pig Oreo with her spike haircut

Here’s Oreo with her short and choppy in the back haircut. She’s got several rosettes back there, hence the hair going in all different directions.

How has your week been?

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66 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. It’s good to be back reading your blog!!!

    I’d love to see a pic of your spa-ed, lovely piggies, Ashley!

    Here’s to a less spacey week for all of us… 🙂 xo

  2. I love it when “experts” with little personal knowledge weigh in on my life. It’s awesome. 🙄 Sorry that happened.

  3. I’m always amazed at your ‘piggies’ hair – so long . I know nothing about guinea pigs so the photos always amuse me. Sorry you had to deal with yet another arrogant, insulting, clueless, and a whole long list of unprintable words, so-called medical professional. Lordy but they do so frost my ass.

  4. I love their hair! It’s beautiful. Sorry you have to deal with that when calling the Dr’s office. Grrr.

    My week has been interesting. As you know, I’ve been in an acute psych unit. I was admitted as an emergency involuntary patient. It was possibly the closest to a clear-cut plan I ever had. But Mr. Matt somehow knew my address or they traced the last text to him. Well, the patients were all quite calm on the unit, aside from one guy who was manic and wouldn’t shut up. It’s always helpful to know it’s coming from an illness. Plus, I’ve been on that end before. The food there was amazing, actually. I’ll stop writing a full blog entry here. LOL

  5. I’m sad you had to deal with condescending idiots. It’s the same reason I can’t get my meds from the pharmacy but must send my dad to get them for me. I wish you had a better doctor in general who wouldn’t dodge talking to you!! 😮

    My week has been great, I think! I’m not totally certain. 😀 Trying to remember, but I can’t remember anything bad!! I just got back from an exhausting free ballet class!! AAUGH! And now I must write a story.

  6. A piggy spa day is definitely something I need to see in the future. I’m imagining adorable guinea pigs getting their nails done with towels wrapped on their head haha.

  7. After a week off, New T returned to the office and we had two sessions.

    Shit-pants of the week came when Younger Child learned the housing assignment for first year of college: a hotel! After fretting over the shortcomings, YC learned the whole hotel is converted to a first-year dorm with security, the rooms are possibly suites with kitchenettes and private bathrooms, the “dorm” is keeping the swimming pool and gym and is also getting a cafeteria on the meal plan. Crisis averted…

  8. 😂 at first I thought “gave the piggies a spa day” meant a pedicure then as I read on I decided you have actual pigs. The photos cleared it up, lol.

  9. The piggies are adorable.

    It’s so frustrating dealing with an condescending I-know-better-than-you doctor. It seems like there are so many people out there, in the profession and out, that think that they can just… fix you. Sometimes it makes you question why you’re the one on medication in this conversation.

  10. So sorry you are having to deal with the worst side of the medical establishment. I find that the quality of communication is really up to the individual and how attuned s/he is to mental health concerns. I can relate about being treated as “less than.”

    I get labwork done every month to be sure my meds are right. Every six months I need a new standing order and I get anxious that the lab has the right form every six months because in the past they have not gotten it right. When I ask the lab technician for verification that they have the right form they treat me as if I were a child not someone with an anxiety disorder / OCD who needs to check and double check.

    The person who used to do my labwork was very understanding of my checking. The new person is not and makes me feel like I am at fault just for checking that all the paperwork is together. I am sure I may be a complicated customer, but that does not give the lab worker the right to condescend to me and treat me like a child or worse some sort of pariah.

    Hope you find someone who can answer your concerns with the respect you deserve.

    1. Thanks. That’s annoying that they give you a hard time. Paperwork screwups happen all the time, and they should recognize that it’s very reasonable to check for that.

  11. Total lousy week. I did not respond properly to a couple of surprising setbacks, both of which were serious. Worse, I involved six innocent people in my dysfunction, somehow unconsciously pleading with the Kids to give me direction at a time when I lacked it, as though they weren’t expecting direction from me and not the other way around. Something told me to take a 48 hour break, which also has not been going very well. I am so inordinately identified with this diehard project, it interferes both with my sense of self and with my relationships with others. Hopefully I can pick up the pieces, but I’ve done so much damage in such a short period of time, it’s difficult to sustain anything like self-confidence. But thanks for asking. Maybe next week I’ll have a better report.

      1. The optimist in me keeps envisioning a total spree of smooth sailing from here, with everybody having fun and turning out a delightful product. But since that’s exactly what I envisioned the first time — before the sudden setbacks — there’s a strong chance it’s wishful thinking.

  12. Adorable animals.
    🥰. What’s with doctors being so bad, ugh. I need to write an update on C and her terrible hospital stay full of ridiculously incompetent staff. Doctors, nurses, the social worker, everyone there was unbelievably shit.

  13. Your piggies live a more luxurious life than I do. I can’t recall the last time I got a hair cut! 😂

    Fun fact: My dad used to own guinea pigs when he was a kid. He kept up to 6 of them at a time and built his own cages for them. He also bred guinea pigs, and had mice too. I’m surprised that my Oma (grandmother) was cool with it.

  14. How annoying with the doctors. Surely it would be better to mostly have the same doctor too, so a rapport could be there?

    Aww lovely guinea pig photos. How unfortunate they don’t like to be pampered.

    My week is nothing different to the next; work, time with friends in flat downstairs. But come Tuesday and Wednesday, all I could do was sleep between morning and evening job, with exception when I had my lunch. I was feeling tired and burnt out. I was still tired after sleep, but it helped me mentally.

    1. The guinea pigs are very resistant to being pampered, but I think they’re more comfortable with the end result.

      It seems unsurprising that you’re feeling burnt out with all the care home restrictions and nonsense you’re having to deal with.

      1. I think your guine pigs will definitely feel the benefits after.

        I think just hearing about how latest from Government again, where as usual not much discussion and very unclear discussion, did not help with my mood and just feeling burnt out.

  15. So nice for the piggies to have a haircut by you. My hair is getting longer and if the lockdown measures continue, I will certainly start worrying where to get my haircut. Many people feel the same. Our hair will look like Oreo’s someday. Haha…

    I hope you can get your med refilled accordingly since I believe it is certainly very important for your self-care. I feel bad for the confusion at the clinic and I hope it will get sorted out as soon as possible for your convenience. Take care till then ❤

  16. Nothing worse than condescension as it pertains to your well-being… especially given that you’re definitely more knowledgeable than a receptionist about what you need. Hopefully the doctor sent your refills in? My week has been… ok. It’s that part of the summer where inconsiderate clients give bullshit reasons for late canceling appts or no showing then wanna argue with me when I charge the respective fees… the audio narration is coming along nicely. Taking a few weeks away from podcasting to focus on narrating.

  17. Spacey and dizzy is a really shitty combination. I hope next week will be at least a little better.
    I’m so sorry you had to deal with condescending people and that it happens so regularly, it’s so sad!

  18. Aw I don’t envy your dizziness. I’ve been put on beta-blockers for migraine prophylaxis (really dumb as I have low blood pressure) & I’ve spent the last few days with dizziness and extreme nausea. I hope it the random dizziness eases up for you.

    Spa day sounds good. At least you didn’t paint their nails or give them highlights. Or maybe it’s a full-on makeover they’re really after.

    I’m sorry you got such a dickwad when sorting your meds. It’s hard enough going through everything with a new doctor, but when you’re just getting a renewal of your prescription it should be straightforward. I swear some people are getting paid a commission for every patient they can piss off. xx

  19. Oh my gosh Oreo is stunning! I always feel like doctor’s receptionists are trying to catch you out, even if it’s on record that you have a diagnosis and regular medication it seems like they want to trip you up somehow.

    1. It does seem like it’s in the job description for doctor’s receptionists to give patients a hard time.

      Oreo’s a cutie patootie. She briefly hated me while getting her hair cut, but she’s more comfortable with the heat now.

  20. Now there’s a powerful word. I happen to like that word, but it’s a personal favourite of mine and not one that l tend to share, but so many people take it the wrong way and more when they are called it direct to their faces, maybe understandably.

    I can relate to your medical annoyance – years ago, 2013 timke l was sitting in an office in Spalding when a fricking pain in the arse twat referred to my autism as a broken leg and said it would heal – l called her a twat, she responded with How very dare you refer to me as C##t!!” i said “Bollocks l called you a twat, l happen to really like the word C##T and l wouldn’t waste it on a twat like you!!”

    Apparently to some people there is no difference …

  21. Yes very much so. I have to be really annoyed to use it face to face and that doesn’t happen often thankfully, l tend to refer to myself as one more often than not, or because l like to combine these words when l am sitting on the swear trolley, l usually come up with a real beefy clusterfucking cluster of mother frucking twatting bastards or something similar, but occasionally some sap mitght get that full frontal shotgun of shit from me. They tend to shut up after that, but l feel good afterwards and more so if l am being escorted out.

  22. Condescending cunt… ha, ha! There’s always one or two of those around isn’t there? And then there are just the straight up cunts like the one I had to work with today. She totally ruined my good mood!

  23. I needed my meds refilled, so I called the clinic I go to and asked for a doctor to call me, which seems to be their current procedure. I got a call from some condescending cunt who talked to me like I was a child and felt the need to ask a million questions because she thought she could swoop in and fix me. I am getting sooooooo sick of the bullshit. I’m mildly curious if “my” doctor has told the receptionists that he doesn’t want to deal with me, because it seems like a bit of an odd coincidence that they always have a different doctor call me for the last 6 months.

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