Travel Pics: 4 Continents, 1 Post

This is a hodgepodge of different pics from, as the title says, four different continents (Europe, Asia, South America, and North America). These pictures are all from pre-digital times, so they’re digital photos of prints from film.

Le Mur des Canuts mural in Lyons, France

This is Le Mur des Canuts (wall of weavers), a trompe l’oeil (trick the eye) mural in Lyons, France. It looks very 3D, doesn’t it?

While in Lyon, I met a couple of British guys, and we ended up at a pub watching Eurovision, which I’d never heard of before. We were cheering for Lordi from Finland, mostly because they got mega points for weird costuming (see below). As we were leaving the pub later, one of the British guys asked if I wanted to go back to his room with him. There was no flirting throughout the night; he just got right to the point. I declined, but I was amused by his strategy.

Lordi singer from Finland at Eurovision 2006
Ashley at Saklikent Gorge in Turkey

This is at Saklikent Gorge in Turkey. In the background are three Turkish guys, who my friend and I teamed up with a little further into the gorge. We carried their stuff, and they helped us climb over rocks we wouldn’t have managed on our own. Fair deal.

superimposed images of Sugarloaf and Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

My camera was having a lot of issues during my trip to Brazil. Most of the time that was a bad thing, but in this particular instance, it produced a very interesting shot. This is in Rio de Janeiro, and we’re up on the hill where the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue is. The main part of the photo is looking down over Rio, including Pao de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain). The statue would have been behind me at that point, but the shot I took of the statue got superimposed on to the Sugarloaf shot.

I did this trip with my mom. I think we were there for 3 weeks, and while I love my mom, that was waaaaaaay too much time glued together at the hip. A somewhat awkward moment was when we stayed at what was apparently a sex hotel (or sex-friendly). There were multiple porn channels, and a contraption that allowed you to get room service (of the non-sex variety) without having to open the door. Classy…

Ashley with three New York City firefighters

This is in Times Square in New York City. A picture with firefighters seemed like the thing to do. They seemed to be pretty used to dorky tourists wanting pictures.

That’s all for today!

27 thoughts on “Travel Pics: 4 Continents, 1 Post”

  1. Man, you couldn’t have planned that Christ the Redeemer statue better. Sometimes fails turn out. I always love the pictures I see of Turkey. 😊

  2. Were the last Olympics in Brazil? We seem to recall tv coverage of oceans filled with garbage and toilet waste. Was it like that when you were there?

    1. I don’t recall seeing a lot of garbage while I was there, but I was mostly near Copacabana, which is right on the ocean, so the sewage would have been diluted enough that it wouldn’t show on the surface. I’ve been to other countries where there’s lots of garbage in the water and basically everywhere.

  3. What a dork, here I sit a very ashamed NY’er because I referred to the FDNY as “the finest” when they are more correctly called “the bravest” which they most certainly are. The NYPD is called ‘the finest’ and quite honestly, they aren’t.

  4. ‘Hodgepodge’, a word that isn’t used anywhere near enough.

    So if it weren’t for the Brit guys in Lyon, you may not have come across Eurovision until many years later? You wouldn’t have missed out on much mind you but you obviously missed out on romance that night 😆

    I can’t believe that photo in Rio de Janeiro wasn’t altered after the fact. That is incredible. Some of the best things in life and most interesting discoveries have been by faults and accidents. That is one awesome pic. xx

    1. Post-Brit guys, I don’t think I heard anything about Eurovision until I started blogging.

      Most of the pics that the camera messed up on that trip were made worse, not better, but that particular one was a pretty awesome accident.

  5. These photos all tell such incredible stories! I love seeing how the Christ statue was super-imposed, your cheesy smile permeated your experience with the firefighters, the weirdness of the Finnish contestant…honestly, this is a big reason I loved the anticipation of taking digital photos on a camera rather than my phone (and would still if my camera hadn’t broken!).

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