Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It was crazy hot here the earlier part of this week. I had to use the electrolyte-loading strategy I’ve figured out in the past for when I lose a lot of sodium through sweat and the kidneys hang onto more lithium as a result. My system is potato chips (sodium) and coconut water (potassium). Works like a charm. I also had to keep the guinea pigs cool, because they don’t do well in heat. I had a rotation going of ice outside their cages, a trick I picked up from Liz. I have a couple of granite sample pieces, and the boys liked sitting on those in their cage. They also got cold celery several times a day. Overall, they were more sluggish than usual, but they pulled through okay, and they’re now back to their normal content selves.
  • My parents are in town cat-sitting for my brother. They’ve been over to my place a couple of times, and are coming again later today. It was unpleasant. Not that they did anything in particular that was bothersome, bit it was tiring, and speaking is very difficult.
  • In bird-watching news, I saw what looked like a dead crow lying splat in the courtyard, until it got up, shook it’s feathers, and returned to regularly scheduled programming.

Sometimes spam emails are funny. I found this bit amusing: “This guy had a MINUSCULE dinky but then he found an ancient growth secret that almost made his wife choke to death with his new MONSTROUS size.” Presumably, in order for them to bother, there must be the odd person here and there who’s willing to fork over money for this.

I went over to feed my brother’s cat the day before my parents arrived. He must have been roasting with all that fur. He needs a Casper-style reverse mullet.

Casper the guinea pig sitting on a towel

How has your week been?

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55 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. “ancient growth secret” … ha! I love the idea that it’s ancient – I wonder what civilization it derives from? The Mayans? The Greeks?

    Also, it was super-hot in Philly last week, too. I prefer extreme cold over extreme heat, for sure. I put air-conditioning on my gratitude list a few times.

    1. The Ancient Greeks were pretty into male-on-male action given their pottery, so that would make sense.

      Air conditioning was a wonderful invention.

  2. I was thinking of you and your guinea pigs, after reading about the hot temperatures. I hope the iced bottles outside the cage help. I have had to do that a few times for my hamster, with the temperature in my flat being a little high. The granite pieces will help too, as I have read about tiles being a good idea as well, in one corner of the cage.
    I hope they both help.

    Lol. That spam email was funny.

    Your brothes cat is beautiful.

    1. The iced worked well, and I remembered before the heat wave started that you’d told me about that, so I froze several large containers and rotated them out through the day and then froze them again during the night. It worked out very well.

  3. “minuscule and monstrous dinky” LOL 😂

    It’s super hot in Alberta. I haven’t slept well in days. The bags under my eyes are officially a thing now from lack of sleep 😴 Does anyone have a secret formula to get rid of sleep deprivation?

      1. Hahaha I guess they figured that sending spam emails was the first step to getting rich! 🙌 Too bad they didn’t use the snake oil for curing insomnia instead 😂

        1. Maybe they thought women would be too smart to fall for that, but they know they can count on at least a few men thinking with their penis. 😁

  4. After a bunch of ugly hot humid days Thursday, Friday and today have been lovely – aside from that little tornado Thursday night – but hey, what’s a small tornado amongst friends? Poor cat! Tho I think as long as they have lots of cool water the heat doesn’t bother them all that much. My cats were always heat seeking missiles and hated the a/c!

  5. Wouldn’t it be horrible to be a guy who feels (and/or actually is) poorly endowed? I can’t think of much worse!! I know it’s crucial to a man’s identity! 😮 Thank God I’m female is all I can say.

    It’s been hot here too!! I’m sweating as I type this! (But I’ve been cleaning.) Hmm…. in my past week, my mentor and I challenged each other to go without something in particular for 31 days. Mine’s junk food. So none WHATSOEVER. Today’s day 2, and it’s his day 4. (We didn’t coordinate until yesterday.) So that was fun. And, hmm… a lot of cleaning going on.

    Awww, the kitty really likes you! Kitty’s doing that thing with claws that shows total contentment!!

          1. They are so tasty hate having to wait for the week to end. Am spending a delish afternoon catching up on everyone and finding new folks to yak with.😎👀

  6. I’ve still never tried coconut water. Am I missing out? The sodium and potassium are a good idea. I need more sodium because of having a stoma, which is my excuse for eating more crisps.

    The ice outside the cages is a great idea. I followed Virgil around with an ice pack out of the freezer a few weeks ago when we had a stupid hot day. I think he liked it, but he kept walking away from me so I’m not sure. I ended up getting so sweaty following him around that I used it for myself in the end.

    I’m sorry it’s going to be a pretty tiring weekend. I hope you have enough down time after to yourself.

    In the mean time, ask the spammer where this guy with the monstrous dick lives. I’ll get the tape measure out and call in the Guinness World Records team. Seriously, who thinks nearly choking a woman with it is sexy? xx

    1. Getting choked definitely isn’t on my to do list. I feel like both mouth and vagina deserve those signs on freeway overpasses specifying a size that can fit. More monstrous than that? No thank you.

      I think the guinea pigs suspected I was harassing them, but unlike with Virgil, I had a captive audience that I didn’t have to chase.

      Coconut water is yummy. It’s expensive, but I don’t like fruit (mostly), so a banana isn’t an appealing alternative.

      1. “I feel like both mouth and vagina deserve those signs on freeway overpasses specifying a size that can fit.” 3.5 inches and No Heavy Loads, please 😂😂😂

        I’ll have to put coconut water on my shopping list. You’re right, it’s a good alternative if you’re not keen on many fruits.

  7. I hope your family is understanding that you can do visits in short bursts. My week was pretty hectic. I just interviewed Nicol and Tamera from the Blackness Interrupted book today and am looking forward to that episode of my podcast coming out. I also signed up to be a voice actor for Audible. I got offered my first contract, narrating a book on play therapy!

  8. Your electrolyte strategy is interesting, I’m glad you’ve found a way to cope with this, and also that you and the guinea pigs managed to get through the heatwave reasonably well.
    I’m sorry you’ve had a fair bit of peopling to deal with this week and that it was so difficult.

  9. I understand about keeping pets cool during these scorching days. For me, it is a concern about my dog’s paws so that they do not burn on hot pavement. Her exposure to pavement and the heat is limited to business only.
    Once in awhile she gets a treat of some vanilla ice cream.

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