My Heebie-Jeebies List

Moth, with markings like eyes on its wings

This post is about some of the things that give me the heebie-jeebies, ranging from things that scare me to things that are just yucky. Some of these I might realistically come across, while others, not so much.

Yucky words

We’ve previously established that moist panties grosses me right out. Damp underwear? Whatever. Moist panties? Shudders.


Moths are creepy. Why do they fly around like they’re drunk? How has that helped their survival? They’re loud as they bounce around off things, they’re hard to shoo out of a room, and they’re big so they’re yucky to kill. How are butterflies so nice and moths so yucky?

Moths may be creepy, but arachnids scare the crap out of me. That’s all we’ll say about that.


The Chucky doll from the Child’s Play movies is right up there with Pennywise from It as creepy shit I have no idea why I was watching as a kid.


This isn’t an emetophobia heebie-jeebie. This is a please just kill me already heebie-jeebie. I’m pretty susceptible to motion sickness, so I’ve thrown up in some rather inconvenient locations.

Cave diving

I’ve never had any desire to go diving to begin with, but the idea of diving in caves through narrow spaces freaks me right out. Thinking of when those kids in Thailand got trapped in a cave and divers had to bring them out, staying in the cave would probably have pretty strong appeal.


Some people want to go to space. Not me. Way too much barfing on the ride out there, for one, and also the toileting situation leaves a great deal to be desired. Then there’s spacewalking, which I find terrifying. Taking it to an extreme is this dude (Bruce McCandless II), doing an untethered space walk in 2020. He’s not connected to the Space Station and just steers around with a little thruster jetpack thingamabob. Fuck no.

Why the heebie jeebies? It seems like a very real possibility that you can’t get back to the Space Station, and you end up floating around until you run out of oxygen, and then you join the orbiting space junk. Or, you get hit by a piece of space shit (possibly very literal space shit from the Space Station), it punctures your suit, and assorted things get sucked out of your bodily orifices by the vacuum of space. No thank you.

untethered astronaut in space

Boat captaining in stormy seas

Perfect Storm movie poster

The movie The Perfect Storm was the source of this heebie-jeebie for me. The gigantic wave, as shown in the movie poster, makes the idea of a stormy ocean a source of creepy fascination for me. It’s never extended to fear of being on the water, but watching Youtube videos of stormy seas is scary-fascinating.

Ancient torture

This may seem like an odd inclusion, but I’m fascinated by the horrifying methods of torture that people used back in the day. If people think the world now is fucked up, no, no, people were much more awful to each other in the past. Scaphism in particular gives me the heebie-jeebies. Follow the link if you want to know what it is, but holy shit, human beings suck. Now, it’s not been verified that this particular form of torture actually happened, but if not, there are plenty of other nasty alternatives, like hanged, drawn, and quartered. Remember, folks, there were no good old days.

Do you have any scary or icky things you’d care to chime in with?

56 thoughts on “My Heebie-Jeebies List”

  1. Scaphism sure is something that also gives me the creeps. Yikes. Thanks for teaching me about it. What else, well, I really don’t like moist panties, either, and even shuddered typing that out. How about centipedes or similar? Ick.

  2. We also get motion sick and have barfed our way to awful experiences

    Open sores and wounds are icky to us. “Discharge” equally nauseating

    Public restrooms are hateful for us

    Men’s bodies in general make us queasy. Shirtless and wearing shorts gross us out. Please wear head to toe clothing year-round lol

    Shots and needles. The idea of it grosses us out

    1. I think if we all wore some variation of a sack it could make a lot of things much easier.

      Nursing school got me pretty used to wounds and discharge and all that kind of funky stuff.

      1. Same, Ashely, same. If it wasn’t for nursing school, blood would still make me queasy. It took me a very long time to get used to inserting urinary catheters and it still makes me queasy to an extent.

        The above list is relatable. I don’t like nakedness either. And public restrooms are icky, especially the smelly ones.

  3. I love the expression “heebie jebbies” I even have the heebie heebie just thinking about it.
    I am not a fan of wasps (not one or two) but their nests.
    I am with you on the space walk concerns.
    Great share. Made me smile at my own weaknesses. A nice dose of reality about oneself is a welcome gift, I think
    Thank you Ashley Leia ❤

    1. My dad was that crazy person who would knock down wasp nests being built, yet I don’t recall him ever getting stung.

      Being able to laugh at ourselves makes life so much lighter.

  4. Oh god, ancient torture is horrifying. There’s one I’ve heard of where someone gets coated in honey then allowed to be eaten alive by bugs. Like, they had nothing more productive to do back then than think of creative killing methods.

    1. Yeah, so much for society getting more violent now. Imagine being the person who thinks up this kind of stuff, and really digs into how to cause the most pain imaginable. Yuck.

  5. Large spiders (small spiders are fine, but large ones are scary), and cockroaches, and ticks. Also jellyfish if on the beach. I remember once being at a beach with lots of small-ish jellyfish on the sand near the water. It was kinda cool to see them up close, but walking on that beach just creeped me out so much.

  6. That’s some scary shit! I can’t even watch the local news, so reading about scaphism was a mistake! Yikes!! Yeah, it’s dreadful and incredibly wrong to torture people! Whenever I’m watching 48 Hours Mystery or some such, and they say, “He was killed execution style in cold blood–how heartless,” I’m thinking, well, he was put out of his misery swiftly. That’s so much better than being lit on fire or whatever. I mean, yes, please just shoot me if you want me dead. Thank you.

    Hmm….. I haven’t seen either movie you referenced, the one with Chucky or It. I believe you that they’re scary! Yikes! I knew someone with coulrophobia from It!

    My childhood was destroyed by Gremlins (the movie, not actual gremlins). 😀 Oh my gosh.

    I scream and run when I see roadkill. I’m not terrified in the context of putting down a pet. But roadkill just terrifies me.

    I haven’t seen The Perfect Storm. Is it similar to The Poseidon Adventure (or its remake, Poseidon)? As sensitive to terror as I am, I like Poseidon and The Towering Inferno. Go figure.

    1. Fast death is a good thing. Death is fine, just make it fast.

      Roadkill is gross. I definitely wouldn’t want to hit something big, like a moose. That could be deadly for both me and the moose.

  7. I hope this isn’t too gruesome. Feel free to delete this comment if needed but it really freaked me out: Where I grew up there was a case of cannibalism a couple of years ago. Apparently, there are people who want to be eaten and some who want to eat and they meet up in some dark net forums. At least that’s what the newspapers and the news said. Oh my goodness I still shake just thinking of it.

    1. Wow, people are into all kinds of weird shit. Cannibalism out of desperation is gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Voluntary is just a whole other kind of weird.

  8. Ha! This is a good list! I did find a moth exactly like that one in the photo in one of the flower pots recently. I agree about the ocean too – in addition to big waves, there’s sooo many odd creatures that can creep me out if I “dive too deeply” (haha puns) but luckily it hasn’t scared me away from the water for good. It has just given me a deep, intimidated respect for the sea!

  9. Yes, I agree with moths and Chucky.
    I did watch Chucky one time years ago. But I don’t contemplate watching again.
    I can’t go to sleep know there is a moth in my bedroom. I have to kill it. Been like that since a kid.

    Dental surgery gives me the heebie-jeebies.
    I tried watching a documentary on facial/jaw reconstruction when it came to those who had cancer. I wanted to know what people go through after recovering from cancer because I know from reading its life changing for that person. But I still couldn’t watch. I just squirm at the idea.
    To say I had surgery at the tip of root canal, so stiches up in gumline. Goodness knows how I got through that. But I still can’t watch, whether me, or someone else.

      1. Lol. I don’t know what to think of dentists, than fear. (As well as the heebie-jeebies, when a procedure is done.) But my fear is not as great as it once was, so makes things easier for me.

  10. Tiny things like parasites, bugs, cancer cells, germs give me the shudders; I avoid some of their names for the heebie-jeebie factor. Huge things like the ocean and space freak me out. I’m good with medium things lol…

  11. I can relate to so much on your list Ashleyleia, especially the yucky words and ancient torture. Yikes!! Certain textures of foods creep me out. Bright lights and loud sounds are a no go for me, like nails on a chalkboard. I have a very low tolerance with both. The word heebie-jeebies is fantastic. Totally spot on!

  12. I like the word heebie-jeebie. 😀
    There seriously is something creepy about moths. They’re not scary for me as such, but definitely yucky and annoying in how difficult they can be to get rid of. Wasps give me huge heebie-jeebies and unlike moths they do scare me.
    Since I’m emetophobic, vomiting of course is a heebie-jeebie in a super scary way. I am very susceptible to motion sickness, but this is not a huge emetophobia trigger for me as I can’t remember ever vomiting due to it, guess I’m too blocked for that to happen for such a trivial reason. 😀
    Speaking of motion sickness, all sorts of amusement parks stuff and the like are my heebie-jeebies as well. Sometimes even such things like if I’m near someone who is swinging on a swing and they’re talking to me or something and I hear how their position is changing all the time makes me feel dizzy, and dizziness in itself is quite a heebie-jeebie, even though I have a lot of experience with it. 😀
    Some words and sounds give me minor to extreme heebie-jeebies of different kinds.
    I consider myself an escapist and I’ve noticed that it’s very much an escapist thing to dream about going to space, at least a lot of escapists I know want it, but I totally don’t see the appeal. My logic is that if you’re an earthling but don’t feel perfectly at home on Earth, then you will feel even more like an alien in space. That’s why I never even gave much thought to space walking, but now that I’m thinking of it it’s definitely a very heebie-jeebie concept. Since I have balance problems, generally most things where you’re above the ground or floating/whirling around are my heebie-jeebies.

  13. I loved this post! I am totally with you on the word ‘moist’ … hate it! Raisins (in fact most dried fruit) send shivers up my spine and also those mushrooms that grow in the garden in damp conditions …. Gross 🤢

  14. I hate bugs. Cockroaches, however small, but we get seriously big ones here. Ancient torture gives me the shivers. I don’t like small enclosed spaces that I can’t escape from, so I’ll hate an MRI.

    “Star Gate 1” and “Star Gate: Atlantis” (TV series) have managed to make me not want humankind to find aliens, and I’ll never want to do a space walk.

    “Star Gate: Universe” has plenty of psychological stuff when people under immense stress are forced to live together. I eventually realised I would never want to experience realistic hallucinations of any form, learned I don’t like body horror, learned I get jumpy even watching movies.

    I really have issues with watching surgery scenes in movies, and psychological torture scares the fuck me.

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