Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • In courtyard bird-watching news, I saw a pair of hummingbirds, which I think are Anna’s hummingbirds because one had a bright red head. I haven’t seen hummingbirds here since a particular tree they liked was cut down several years ago. I also managed to identify a bird that was squawking and interacting strangely with the crows. I’ve hauled out the binoculars for some bird-watching, which hopefully neighbours won’t interpret as me creeping on them.
  • I was weighing whether or not it was worth it for me to continue with Amazon Prime, because I don’t like to spend money. I decided it did make sense to continue, but I should really start taking advantage of access to books through Prime Reading. Anyway, I was browsing along, and came across a book titled 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, which is apparently a bestseller. If some people are supposedly mentally strong, that implies that other people must be mentally weak. That seems like a rather yucky way of looking at the world.
  • Speaking of Amazon both my credit card and grocery store loyalty card let me redeem points for Amazon gift cards. This week I redeemed and got a new bullet journal, some stickers to use in it, and a jigsaw puzzle. I’m not that interested in having stuff, but free usable stuff is fun.
  • I don’t typically stick my fingers in the guinea pigs’ ears, because they don’t like it (surprise, surprise), but I checked Oreo’s the other day and she had a fair bit of crud buildup. I’m a fairly gross individual, and things like clearing crud out of a piggie’s ear makes it seem like all is well in the world for that moment.
  • 3 1/2 weeks of antibiotics came back to bite me in the nether regions. Fun times.
  • I continue to be baffled by people who steal blog content but are too dumb to remove the internal links. If I’m getting a pingback from someone publishing a post of mine, that strikes me as fairly good evidence that they’re dumb as a pile of rocks.
two robins perched atop hedges

I was rather thrilled to capture this right outside my bedroom window. The one on the right has a worm hanging out of its mouth. I’m not talented enough to have caught the other one mid-hop; I took this as an HEIC image on my iPhone, and was able to pick out this particular frame. At first I thought it was mom and fledgling, but they were dancing and squawking excitedly for a couple of hours, so I’m guessing they were courting. Apparently males feed the females as part of the courting dance, to show they’re able to bring home the bacon/worms.

guinea pig Oreo munching on celergy
Oreo having a snack

Happy Juneteenth!

How has your week been?

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45 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. That would be an insult to rocks ๐Ÿ˜› my week has been rather stressful, Daisy has been quite poorly but getting better slowly

  2. I got my work stolen a second time this week by the same person, to which I blocked the site’s IP address hoping it will help. You can’t copy from my site, so I think they’re stealing through RSS feed. I’ve filed a DMCA both times, but dang, Namecheap is slow and really dropping the ball. Do they eventually take down the page or just pretend they’re going to hoping that I’ll forget about it?

      1. I see. Well I hope the whole site gets taken down, because I’m pretty sure it’s all stolen content. The site has endless, beautifully written posts, but no domain authority, and TONS of ads. I’m sure they’re trying to get as much ad revenue as possible before getting taken down.

  3. Ugh! I hate content thieves.

    The jigsaw puzzle sounds fun!! Whenever I try to work one, Mr. Kitty knocks the pieces onto the floor. Bad little puss. How many pieces do you do? I like around 250. Anyone who can do 1,000 pieces is superhuman in my book.

    I currently don’t have Prime, having not re-enrolled a third time after I got booted by it twice. The problem (aside from worrying I’ll keep getting booted and wondering how that’s happening) is that they’ve slowed down their shipping. Oh, wait, no, I DO have Prime. Oh yeah. I was making a huge purchase and they gave me a week of Prime for $2. Huh. Okay, there, I just paused it so they won’t bill me in a week. Glad we had this talk.

    I also hate the title of that book. I want to believe that everyone with mental issues (myself included) does the best they can in regard to attitudes and outlooks, and the title seems all wrong to me. I’m not even sure if being mentally strong is a virtue or if it just comes naturally to people who have good brain chemistry, ya know? I’d say mentally ill people are more forced to develop mental strength due to what they’re fighting against than people who never struggle with mental issues. Oh well. I’m hoping there’s a plethora of 1-star reviews for it! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    My week was difficult but not off-the-charts bad. I’ve decided that my mom’s agitated about the wedding, and that I shouldn’t spend time with her alone (I.e., without her boyfriend Mark being in town yet) until after the wedding. Sanity preserver!! Other than that, I’m still clinging to the diet by the tips of my fingers and holding on! Go me!!

    1. I do mostly 1000 piece puzzles. I guess it’s just what I’ve always done, so I don’t really know any differently.

      I hope you can make it through until your mom leaves without her totally driving you up the wall.

          1. Oops! I slightly misread your comment, but it’s all good! ๐Ÿ˜€ We’re all superhuman here, am I right?

  4. Love the sound of the hummingbirds! We have some gorgeous birds around here and I love the sound of them singing – there’s something so calming about it! x

  5. I might have to photograph the birds at my local birdwatching trail one of these days. That’s funny about your neighbors possibly thinking that you are a creeper.

    1. I face into a courtyard, so the neighbours can easily spot creeping. One of the neighbours across the courtyard from me is a regular bird photographer, or creeper, whichever the case may be.

  6. i’m sorry you got your blog content stolen. this happened to me a few months ago. and i wrote about plagiarism because i’ve been seeing this around the community a lot lately.
    your backyard sounds nice! great views of all the creatures. thanks for sharing.

    1. The bird life is quite fabulous!

      I used to get really annoyed at having my content stolen, and I would contact the site asking them to take it down, but now I just do a DMCA notice, and let their web host take it down for me.

  7. Lovely photo of Oreo.

    Yes, trouble with being on antibiotics for some time, there’s always thst risk.

    Thumbs down to the person who copied your work. (My polite way of saying it, otherwise the air will go blue.)

    Quiet week for me where I could, while I had a week off from evening job a nd just a few days off morning job.

    Had a trip out Wednesday with my friends from downstairs and so actually sat in a cafe for the first time at a garden centre. They picked a perfect place suitable for me. Thiss place didn’t feel closed in and it wasn’t a too busy day, so I was happy to sit in.

    Friday I seen my mum and today I was downstairs at my friend’s (neighbour) again.

    Tomorrow, I may walk down the road to a shop for a wander round there, depending on how I feel and the weather.

  8. I too have been thinking about whether or not to keep prime. The prime reading selection seems to be rather low quality. I prefer to just borrow Kindle books from the public library. I’m canceling my prime because it makes it too easy to spend money. Love the photo and I hope the antibiotic side effects clear up soon!

    1. Argh. I loaded up on yogurt for the first 2 weeks of azithromycin, which isn’t even that bad that way. Then I managed to completely forget about that while on the amoxicillin until it came to smack me in the vagina. ๐Ÿ˜ 

      1. Fricking yeast infections. They make one want to drag the pelvis along the ground like a kitten in heat. And amoxicillin is the worst. Gets you in the nausea too. I’m glad your on the almost done side of things. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. It was nice that you could spend time for bird watching. This is what I always take for granted. It must be a calming experience, listening to the birds’ song. ๐Ÿฅ

    I don’t like the book title either. It hurts at the first glance.

    Happy Juneteenth for the remaining good times!โค

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