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Show & Tell: Travel Tidbits

It’s travel Thursday! Here’s some show and tell from my international travels

This is one of the better public washrooms I’ve ever come across, at a restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’d like my washroom at home to be this fancy.

a Palestinian family in the West Bank

This was in the Palestinian West Bank near Bethlehem. My friend and I were staying in Jerusalem, and we’d crossed through the checkpoint into the West Bank. Going through the checkpoint was quick and easy as Westerners, which was an entirely different experience from Palestinians trying to cross. On the Palestinian side, we found a taxi driver who quoted us a price to take us where we wanted to go, which we accepted.

Partway through our tourist-ing, he asked it would be okay if we went by his home because he needed to do something. We thought that was weird, but whatever, we weren’t in any hurry. This was his family. Anyway, at the end of the day, he dropped us off at the checkpoint and told us we owed him way more than he’s initially quoted, because he’d spent so much time with us. Ah, it all becomes clear. We figured that we were close enough to a bunch of armed to the teeth Israelis that there was nothing buddy could do to us, so we paid him the original amount and booted it.

This is me covered in mud from the Dead Sea, which apparently is good for your skin. The salt concentration is so high in the sea that you bob to the surface like a cork, which is pretty cool.

This is the circus in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The thing that’s rather blurry because it’s moving is a goat that’s just about to jump over a little gate. Cirque de Soleil this was most certainly not, but it was fun in its own Soviet era ghetto style.

I began my trip to India in this hotel in New Delhi. I spent very little time sleeping in the bed because I was mostly in the bathroom faced with that oh so difficult decision as to which end needed to take higher priority.

Mr. Sharma at a museum in Rajasthan

Please ignore the fact that this photo is crap because of my shaky hands. This was the man in charge of the Desert Cultural Centre in Jaisalmer, which is in the state of Rajasthan in India. There’s something about being a solo female traveller that makes people want to talk to you. Uncle took an interest in me and gave me quite an extensive history/culture lesson. He had even written a book with sex tips for newly married couples. He was quite an interesting character.

older man in a museum in Rajasthan

Everything is big in Las Vegas, and this is a big-ass chocolate fountain at the Bellagio Hotel. I want this installed in my home. I went to Vegas once as a quick getaway from home. It was interesting to see once, but I’m not interested in gambling, and once was enough. It was pretty cool to see a Cirque de Soleil show, though; a whole different can of tuna from the Tashkent circus.

Would you like to have a chocolate fountain at home? How about a fancy bathroom? And speaking of bathrooms, why do Americans say restroom? How is resting ever the priority activity going on in there? And why is WC used so widely? It’s not like anyone actually talking about water closets, especially in countries where they don’t speak English. Toilet seems to be a pretty universally understood word, although you have to pronounce it closer to “let” than the American “luht” to make sure you’re understood.

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  1. Love this! Great stories and exciting (if that word can be used next to “toilet”) details😊. I enjoy Las Vegas, have been there many times over the years.

  2. The bathroom is lit and I’m taking ideas since I’m currently renovating mine. The goat is adorable: I love your travel stories. My one solo trip effort didn’t end well, though I will perhaps try again. As for the bathroom-restroom debate. I’m ambidextrous. I use them mostly interchangeably, though restroom more when I’m in public. Ah, those inherited delicate British sensibilities. πŸ˜‚

  3. I quite like the pebbles and greenery in that bathroom. Swish yet natural.

    That cheeky ass taxi driver!! Yikes. I’m glad there were others around and that you stood your ground with paying the quoted price. What a shame. Nice family, but of course that makes you warm to him and think β€˜ah, what the hell, I’ll give him more’. Sneaky.

    Not sure I could have sat through the circus when it featured animals. Things like that make me very uneasy. The chocolate foundation in Las Vegas is more my style. It looks like it’s encased in glass – could you actually use it? Yeah, I’d like one installed in my home too.

    Did the Dead Sea mud make you feel extra radiant? I wonder if anyone has an allergy to the mud… you’d never know until the first time trying it.

    The dude in charge of the Desert Cultural Centre had written a book of sex tips? An interesting mix of life achievements there. xx

    1. That dude at the Desert Cultural Centre was awesome. It seemed like he was eager to share everything he’d ever come across in his life. I’m sure that had I asked about hemorrhoids, he could have gone on for ages.

      The Vegas Fountain was enclosed, but there’s got to be a home version that you can park yourself next to with some strawberries.

      The Dead Sea mud didn’t leave me feeling radiant, but maybe that’s because I had a thick layer of salt from the sea and the mud couldn’t make it’s way through.

  4. My take is that restroom is in public because public ones don’t have baths! Just the toilets, so it distinguishes them from what you have at home, which is the bathroom. No one around here uses the term water closet–that’s new to me! It’s sort of what Sonya has. She has a shower (no tub) where you have to hold the water head on yourself. That must be very European. Also, she and I went to a chocolate factory and saw how chocolate was made, and I can only say it was cooler than what you saw in Vegas because…. they let us make AND THEN EAT our own chocolate. Yeah! [Nodding wondrously.] I’m sort of in love with the chocolate fountain, though! It makes me think of Willy Wonka, and I wish the place in Vegas had more stuff like what you’d find in Wonka’s chocolate factory, ya know? I’d go there for sure!! I hope you bought that book with the sex tips! It could come in handy if you ever get married. (Totally kidding.) HA H AH HA HA! Well, I guess you’d have to speak Indian. Wow, you look really muddy! πŸ˜€ I think it’s fun that you met the cab driver’s family and then paid him the agreed-upon amount before fleeing. Serves him right, but you got the added fun of hanging out with the locals! Go you!

      1. Ohhh, nice!! I bet your friend loved the book!! Didn’t the Indians write the Kama Sutra? They’re the experts! I mean, the sexperts! YAY!

  5. Great taxi driver story πŸ™‚
    I’m okay with restroom and WC, although I say washroom myself. Saying toilet sounds crass to me, but with a slightly different pronunciation, that’s the approved term in France, so…when in Rome πŸ™‚

  6. Loved your post and it felt like I had been on my travels with you.
    That taxi driver certainly thought he waa getting more, so lesson to him.

    As for restrooms, or whatever the term, which we all have different names for, for me, wherever I am, its just toilet. That’s the first thing that comes to mind.
    Washroom I don’t say, but heard only as my job as a cleaner which I find strange because toilets is the first that comes to mind. But if I am to settle between washroom, ir restroom, then washroom it is.
    The washroom in that restaurant looks very nice a posh. Or smart that comes to mind. But as a cleaner, I am looking at those pebbles and shaking my head. A very bad idea and nightmare area to clean. Not something I would recommend.

  7. American here πŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ I use restroom when trying to sound polite. Bathroom, if I’m with people I know. And no chocolate fountain for me, that would get me in too much trouble. Laughed at the checkpoint story. I’m sure y’all felt super badass! Thanks for sharing. I love this series

  8. What incredible stories and brilliant memories πŸ˜ƒ Love glimpses into different cultures!!

    My favourite places have been multiple trips to Egypt, Bruges, Turkey and many places here in the UK. Lots of photos to reminisce over ❀

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