Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Casper wasn’t feeling well last week, but all is well this week.
  • I think I saw my woodpecker the other day. He disappeared around the beginning of mating season, and he may have been shacking up with his lady friend. The crow family in the courtyard has been very active this week. I like bird life.
  • I’m still coughing, but not as much, so that’s something.
  • What’s almost as bad as seeing a spider is not knowing where it went. I spotted one in the bedroom and it disappeared, and then reappeared on the kitchen counter a few days later. I don’t know if it’s getting older or being well-medicated, but it didn’t freak me out like it would have in the past, although there were definite heebie-jeebies.
  • I watched a lecture on Youtube called A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics, because I’m a geek, and I like science. Then I stumbled across a TEDx talk by Suzanne Adams called How to Use Quantum Physics to Make Your Dreams a Reality. Despite her claims, whatever law of attraction stuff she was talking about had bupkis to do with quantum physics, and TED had flagged it with a note saying TEDx talks are run by local organizers doing their own thing, and “This talk only represents the speaker’s personal understanding of quantum physics and energy. The concepts discussed in this talk are not based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence or research.” AKA she’d bullshitting but we’ve decided to keep the video up because we know lots of people will want to watch it. I’m surprised TEDx would even give credence to it by posting it, because a lot of people were saying in the comments how clear she had made quantum physics. Quantum bullshit is more like it, but I guess whatever brings in the money…
  • This is irrelevant for most of you, but for those who do pay any attention to domain authority, I think there’s something funky in the water over at Moz. I’ve come across several sites recently that look like they should probably have a DA somewhere in the teens, but they’re actually somewhere around 90. There was one site with a DA of 89 but didn’t have any sites with a DA higher than 30 linking to it. Something’s not adding up here. Perhaps DA is more Magic Eight Ball than anything. Signs point to yes…
Casper the guinea pig sitting on a towel

Here’s Casper with her summertime haircut, which is kind of like a reverse mullet.

This is Peanut, just chillin’, with his moose-y snout, his little mouth open, and nose twitching. The piggie people are all cute, but Peanut’s most fun to take pictures of.

How has your week been?

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48 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. All that woo stuff is so silly. Just like astrology. I have a friend who believes it works because she met her person after “visualizing” love, whatever that means. Great, but what about when it doesn’t work? You only ever hear about the success stories… I want to hear the talk about how someone did all the things and none of them worked. She’s now broke and living under a bridge with a family of raccoons…

  2. Awwww, the guineas!! So much cuteness!! YAY!!

    I’m glad your illness is clearing up at long last!!

    My week has been amazing! Healthy eating, exercise, and a new mattress!! I slept better last night so I suspect I’m getting used to the mattress! (The first night, I nearly broke my forearms due to sleeping the way I was used to sleeping on my old mattress. I woke up and they were in pain.)

    Spiders, yikes!! Here we have… cicadas!! AAUGH!! Run run from the cicadas!! They’re alive! They’re alive!

  3. I have a woodpecker story as well. Not necessarily a treat. I have a small deck off the back door and wooden stairs to the storage above the garage. The woodpecker who is quite beautiful has rifled 7 large tears in the wood rails and supports looking for carpenter bees that burrow in the wood here in the sunny South. So I have several hundred dollars of damage from these lovely birds. They are a treat to watch until they start rifling through your wooden rails…:) Ahhhh, nature….

      1. I never had guineas, but I adore them. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I’m glad you’ve got some avian activity! We have a few bird feeders outside our living room window for the cats to watch. I admit, I enjoy it too.

        Sounds like you had a pretty good week overall.

  4. Aww poor Casper. Glad the little man is doing a bit better now. I wonder what happened to the woodpecker’s love interest? I hope she didn’t dump him for a more attractive woodpecker.

    I’m sorry the coughing is still ongoing. That’s been quite a long time now 🙁 I hope it continues to gradually ease up.

    There’s little more terrifying in this world than spotting a spider, then having it disappear before it can be apprehended. I’ve ended up sleeping on the sofa before because a spider, or a flying spider (daddy longlegs things) was still somewhere in my room. I don’t think age will make this any less heebie-jeebie inducing!

    DA is a mystery sometimes. Yours is doing really well at 25. I’ve found mine go down for no reason, then up/down constantly for a few days. It’s amazing to get to 89 in itself, let alone without high ranking sites linking back to it. I wonder how they managed that?

    I hope the weekend treats you kindly, Ashley xx

    1. Thanks, and same to you!

      I’m becoming more and more convinced that much of the time, DA is completely random.

      My woodpecker is very handsome, and I would need to have words with any female who disagreed.

    1. She was about 5x more Maybelline before her haircut. I figure it would get rather toasty for her in the summer, so mostly short but still luxurious is what I decided to go with.

  5. That is surprising that they’d allow a video with a clickbait title that isn’t scientifically sound… I feel like I’ve been following the seasonal patterns of the woodpeckers that visit your house for a few years now 🙂 My week was exhausting… Trying to relax this weekend to prevent burnout.

  6. Lovely to see your guinea pigs. Glad Casper is feeling better.
    I hope your cough finally disappears too.

    Not much for me than work. Now off all next week in eve job and a few days in morning job.

    My mum had her MCA yesterday and it was as expected, mum not showing understanding that she is in a different care home.
    I had to ask mum if she knew who I was. Mum said yes. I had to follow it up with who am I? Mum looked blank.
    But I still feel mum knows who I am.
    There was another question asked, but mum shown no understanding of it.

    Today was my second Covid vaccine. I had that this morning. I started feeling some little side effects under 2 hours ago, so called it an early night and left my neighbours flat, to come back to mine.
    I have been in bed not long after, but plan to soon sleep after send this and reading one more blog post.

      1. Thanks. Hopefully side effects won’t be as troublesome as before. Fatigue was the main one. Time will tell if I sleep most of the day tomorrow, or not.

        Yes it was difficult to watch. Mum was getting agitated by it.

    1. DA is domain authority, which is one way of measuring appeal to search engines. Totally irrelevant for most people.

      I would wish you an interesting next week, but sometimes boring is better…

  7. Like everyone, I’m loving Caspar’s hair. And, I’m glad you’re feeling on the mend. I have flickers here too, though I haven’t seen them as often since the feeders went away (no feeding May to October here because of bears).

    I’m going to watch that Quantum Mechanics video: I geek out on science too lol.

    My week’s been volatile, but we ended it with an outdoor party. My son had some friends over (under the 10 limit) and they played slip ‘n slide baseball. Add alcohol and the whole thing was hilarious.

    1. Slip ‘n slide baseball sounds like the kind of thing that could only be done while drunk. When I played on a beer league softball team, some people on the team would sometimes play a game they called “chugger” that involved chugging a can of beer, spinning around a baseball bat 10 times, then using then using the bat to try to hit the beer can thrown at them. Not my cup of tea, but funny to watch.

  8. It’s great that Casper is feeling better, and also that you are coughing less, but it’s shitty that it hasn’t gone away yet, as it’s been dragging for so long.

  9. I was a bit taken aback that C believes that talking to water negatively or positively affects it, and because the human body is 70% water, our self talk matters.

    She’s someone who is huge on evidence based treatment for complex trauma, so she could have found a better way to advocate for compassionate self talk…

    My week has been OK. Getting better depression-wise but this means my temporarily dulled anxiety over income is back in full force.

    1. I’ve heard of the talking to water thing. It’s strange what people will believe.

      That sucks about the anxiety. I hope Norway will hurry up and issue you a visa soon so you can get on with your life.

      1. I’m pretty sure that “talking to water” thing, and a similar “talking to an apple” thing has been debunked but I have limited success convincing C of anything haha.

        She did however came to decide she’d try to get at least the first Pfizer jab of her own accord. Peviously no matter how I talked about the various myths about the safety of the vaccine, she wouldn’t believe me. I backed down because well maybe she’s right her auto immune condition would rule her out, and I’m obviously not a doctor or specialist. She decided to try as not trying would affect her work, and she could like go call the hotline and ask all the questions she wanted. No problems so far. 🙂

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