Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • After 2 weeks of antibiotics, I started coughing again, although not the really violent coughing that I was doing before. I talked to a doctor who decided that this is asthma, based on pulmonary function tests I had done 2 years ago that apparently showed asthma, not that anyone ever told me that. He ordered a chest x-ray and inhalers. Then I got a call yesterday from the same doctor and imagine that, it is still pneumonia. He had his knickers in a knot about a potential interaction between one of my psych meds and the antibiotic that I should be getting at this point (I’m on enough meds that most things will interact somehow with something I take). So instead, he ordered an antibiotic that doesn’t do anything against the bug that is most likely causing this. What an asshat.
  • Casper hasn’t been feeling well, although I’m not sure what’s wrong.
  • My brain has been spacier than usual this week. It’s like a vacuum in there.
  • Canadians love to complain about the weather just as much as anyone else. There were a couple of days this week that it went over 25ยบ (gasp!) and I was not impressed. I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit, because Fahrenheit makes no sense.
  • Sometimes spammy comments are funny, like this one on Monday’s post about the gut microbiome: “Please can you promote my posts also here, Sir.” If we’re going to compare this week’s Sir to last week’s Miss, I kind of like Sir, in a Peanuts Peppermint Patty kind of way.
  • I talked to a WP Happiness Engineer about the annoying you’re-on-a-streak notification that’s started popping up. He didn’t know how to get rid of it, but said he’d do a bug report. Actually, it looks like it works now that if you turn off site achievements in your notification settings, the streak thing goes away.

Kim of By Hook of By Book posted this a couple of days ago, and I wanted to share it. Texas’s male governor has signed into law the “heartbeat bill” that came from the Senate, of which 21 of 31 members are male. It gives women only a tiny sliver of time at the beginning of a pregnancy to be able to terminate it, regardless of rape or other circumstances. Instead of giving a typical valedictorian speech, Paxton Smith spoke about something bigger. You go, girl.

guinea pigs Casper and Oreo cuddling

How has your week been?

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47 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

      1. It’s just weird that when there’s a system where 0ยบ is freezing and 100ยบ is boiling, Fahrenheit hasn’t gone the way of the dodo bird yet.

  1. This virus has gone on for too long… sending positive vibes. My week was hectic but looking forward to reading a memoir this weekend and working on the podcast. Hope you start to feel better!

  2. I never understood the purpose of spam comments. Do they actually make money with them somehow? 2 days ago I got my first actual spam comment, which I have been expecting for a long time. Then yesterday, lucky me gets an entire post copied and pasted into some spammy site. I had to write up my first DCMA notice. I figure this means my blog is finally christened.

  3. Oh health care, you little devil you. I get my “health care” (for want of a better phrase) from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Where “doctors” have said such wonderful things like “Your tremors are likely Parkinson’s Disease, but we can’t diagnose it without slicing out a section of your brain.” Followed by an appointment with my Therapist who said, “The likely reason you can’t sleep is your PTSD, Adjustment Disorder and Depression, I’ll prescribe a mood enhancer, but you should know these meds will increase your Parkinson’s tremors and can cause sexual dysfunction.” Thanks Doc, See you next month.

  4. Your neverending healthcare adventures sound absolutely horrible. I think stuff like that on its own could easily give people pneumonia, without any organisms involved.
    Poor Casper. I hope you can figure it out soon and that she’ll recover quickly.

  5. My goodness. Doctor surely needs to relearn some things if he can’t make up his mind between asthma and pneumonia.
    Hope you feel better soon, as you have had this for sometime now.

    I hope Casper will feel himself soon.

  6. Sorry to hear that Casper is feeling under the weather.
    Pneumonia, that can be horrible. I spent three weeks in a hospital because of it.
    I sometimes wonder about our health care. Do they really know everything. or are they just shooting in the dark?
    My week has been steady. Here the temperature has reached into the thirties, air has been running twenty fours. I get so tired of the noise especially when I want to sleep. Tin is terrible when the weather is baking outside!

    1. I can imagine!

      I’ve had really bad pneumonia on one occasion before, and it was horrible. This is atypical pneumonia, which causes a lot of coughing but doesn’t make a person feel very sick. However, this twit of a doctor has decided to treat it as if it were the make-you-really-sick kind of pneumonia, even though I’m clearly not really sick. Stupidity.

  7. Quickly, I’ve been wanting to contact the Happiness Engineers to complain about the annoying weekly repetition of “Congratulations! You’re on a four day streak!” (which I also find insulting — as if I can’t control how often or non-often I prefer to post).

    My week was characterized by two pretty major accomplishments. I raised over $1500 in eleven days toward honoraria for the Kids in our summer musical workshop. This is the first time in my life that I’ve conducted a fundraiser that has actually succeeded. I also finally finished the 4th Draft — hopefully the final draft — of my Eden in Babylon vocal score. I’m fortunate to have a new singer on the team who is a therapist and whose desk is across from mine at the Center. She proofread a hard copy of the score for typos, and caught some things I hadn’t caught. Then our church secretary printed out ten hard copies of the score double-sided and coil-bound them for free, on her last day before retiring.

    I’ve pretty much prepped for the workshop to begin this Wednesday, though I am very anxious about facing some of the personality conflicts and preconceptions. I keep having to tell myself that all of the Kids came back for some reason — and so hopefully it’s a good reason. But mainly I’ve been trying to get all the organizational and monetary stuff out of the way before we begin, and it seems to have been succeeding.

    My anxiety level has been much higher than usual, I will say that. Most of this has to do with a sense of ineptitude dealing with people on the team, and some of their expectations. My daughter is doing better now with a new boyfriend, though, and she and I are having meaningful conversations again. It was a pretty good week.

      1. Yes. Hopefully the high anxiety will dissipate when we actually start gathering to rehearse again, and we all start to get the feel of it.

  8. Doctors, eh? Lol. They’re just people and a lot of people suck at their jobs. The weather here has been pretty underwhelming, too. I live in Michigan though which is for all intents and purposes a part of Canada. We even share most of the accent. It was freezing cold all week and now it’s so hot I have the AC on and I’m not wearing a shirt (settle down, ladies). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I am so sorry for your continued health issues. I know getting the right meds that don’t conflict with psyche meds is extremely challenging and often shows how internal medicine folks don’t understand psych illness or what to do to make mental and physical health sense together.

    I too have been quite ill the last few days, seems like an upper respiratory illness, but just got tested for COVID just in case. Will know results in one to two days.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Argh, really hope you recover quick, and that you get some good luck with finding good doctors.

    C was pretty pissed that her specialist immunologist didn’t know wtf to do about her auto immune stuff and kicked her back to her neurologist. He could have saved her the expensive uber fare (she can’t risk falling on public transport) and the hefty appointment fee.

    Shitty healthcare sucks.

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