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Where Will Your Blog Be in 5 Years From Now?

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Get out your crystal balls, my friends, it’s time to make some predictions. Where will your blog be in 5 years from now?

For many, the blog will go by the wayside. I haven’t come across any stats to quantify this, but a lot of bloggers don’t stay in it for the long haul. There are a few bloggers I’ver known since around the time I started blogging in 2017, but there’s been a lot of turnover. COVID seems to have really amplified the turnover.

Some people will remain content creators (isn’t everyone a content creator these days?), but they’ll find other platforms better suited to them, whether that be Instagram, podcasts, or something else.

Perhaps a few bloggers will successfully monetize, and their blog and associated activities will become a consistent source of income. I think that’s pretty hard to do, but clearly some people manage to do well that way.

Maybe some bloggers will change blogging niche, narrow down their focus, or expand their scope. Some bloggers might start a whole new blog for this purpose. To me, that sounds like a lot of work, and I don’t think there’s anything with keeping the same site and totally overhauling it, and letting your followers decide whether they want to stick around or not.

If you’re still around in 5 years, it’s almost inevitable that your follower count will grow, although a substantial number of those new followers will be spammy. A few people will probably have really significant growth, while others will have slow, modest gains.

Some people may have goals they want to reach, whether that be in terms of stats or perhaps feature that they add to their blog. Others may just take it as it comes, with no goals other than blogging for the sake of blogging.

For myself, I’m pretty sure I’ll be around in 5 years, because I really don’t have anything else major going on in my world. I’ll still be writing about mostly mental health. I’d like to continue to expand my reach, not for the sake of stats, but in terms of getting the message out about mental health. I like learning new things about blogging, and I’m sure that’s something I’ll continue with on an ongoing basis.

While the people in it will change, my guess is that the blogging world in general won’t change all that much. There will always be people who want to write and communicate with others through writing. I doubt WordPress is going anywhere as the dominant platform. For all its hiccups, they’ve got a pretty good thing going.

Do you think you’ll still be blogging in 5 years? Do you foresee any major changes, or have any goals for along the way?

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76 thoughts on “Where Will Your Blog Be in 5 Years From Now?”

  1. Oh my word darling – the earliest blog post I have saved (over on Blogger) is from 2005 but I do believe I started blogging earlier than that – say 2003. I’ve changed blog names and blog platforms more times than Carter has liver pills – the content has never changed since I have no theme to my blog – never had – it’s always been a free form brain dump LOL So I guess as long as I’m sentient and have a computer I’ll blathering…

      1. I’m so impressed by your reach and growth with your following, Ashley! If my past 5 years of blogging is any predictor of my next 5 years, I may have to up my game if I want to increase my following… it kind of makes me wonder what’s keeping people from stopping by and commenting. I wonder if I need to revamp the appearance, design and style. What do you think? I know you are one of my (few) faithful followers… but am I missing something? I find it hard to write for anyone else but myself, so…. there’s that. Sorry for the novel of a comment! Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks for this intriguing post. I love thinking about future forecasting. It’s a thing you know. ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. I think COVID is a factor. It seems like the blogging worlds has gotten quieter over the past year.

          There’s also a bug that WordPress is aware of but hasn’t fixed yet that causes people to spontaneously unfollow other bloggers. I disappeared from your blog for a while because I hadn’t realized I was no longer following you.

          Another factor is time. I don’t really have other commitments, so I’m able to post every day and read lots of blogs every day, which is totally unrealistic for a lot of people.

          I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you’re doing. Having comments encourages more comments, so it can be be helpful if you can establish a pattern with 2 or 3 other bloggers of always commenting on each other’s posts.

  2. I love how you are engaging your readers with your enhanced style of communicating with us. And, I hope to still be here. I donโ€™t know if my format is what people want, but for now (and probably for the duration), it will continue on like it has been. I guess youโ€™d call the way I blog, diary style?

  3. I think the only way I would quit blogging is if I run out of things to write about or stop enjoying the interactions I have with other bloggers. While it’s frustrating when the blog doesn’t grow very much, I still enjoy the sense of community I’ve found online.

  4. Do you think youโ€™ll still be blogging in 5 years? Yeah. Unless of course I don’t have access to a computer any longer for some reason. But blogging is integral to my mental health wellness. When I could write long hand, I did that to get the bad stuff out of my head, I’ve been computer ‘journaling’ (because it wasn’t called blogging in the day) since 1997. I’ve changed platforms a lot. Many of those old platforms went out of business or shut down. Some were more chat forums than the structure here. I’ve been here since 2013, although I only posted one post that year, and only two or three in 2014. So I’m a ‘long-hauler’ I guess you could say.

    Do you foresee any major changes, or have any goals for along the way? I don’t. I blog a certain way, it works for me, and changing it seems a bit too much like work. Nah.

  5. I think I will continue to blog. I’ve been blogging since 2006 (I think), with the exception of one period of about two years, and it’s pretty important to my mental health. I probably will stay here on WordPress.

    I don’t have any ambitions for my blogging, just to continue to connect with a few people who give feedback and support. I’m not interested in numbers of followers overall, just to connect with half a dozen or so people who regularly comment.

  6. Not exactly sure where I’ll be with my blog in five years… My crystal ball is somewhat foggy at this point or possibly misplaced ๐Ÿ™‚ Regardless, I’d like to think I will still be engaged in blogging in five years??

  7. Iโ€™ve blogged since 2003, so I imagine I will continue. Iโ€™ve changed my focus several times, so itโ€™s definitely possible I will do so again. Blogging is so much more fun for me than other forms of social media that itโ€™s hard to imagine giving it up unless I was incapacitatedโ€ฆ

  8. I have been a blogger for many years now. A lot longer than my current blog and previous blog.
    I can’t remember the year I first started blogging, which was a deaf blog then. All I know is that ended and then I wrote my previous blog, which came to an end because of block editor. I then moved to Blogger, writing similar things, but a different title while the previous I keep aired.

    Where will I see myself in 5 years? I would like to hope that I am still blogging where I am. If so, my blog style I can’t see changing much than I do now. It will reflect on what’s going on in my own life, with whatever else current going on that I may also add on mental health.

    I have still asked about writing my own books. Compared to when I first heard this years ago and thought, me, write a book? In the last few years, I have considered, but whats going on currently kind of puts it on the shelf currently. Although, I do agree with a commenter on Twitter, I shouldn’t put my life on hold. But I do have a lot on that drains me.
    I have only got as far as doing a mind map, of what I would cover in a book, if I wrote it.

    1. Maintaining balance is so important. It will be a great project whenever it happens, but it shouldn’t be something that leaves you exhausted.

      1. Yes, maintaing balance is so important. With things that do make me exhausted currently, whether physically, or mentally, is just why I have not got any further with attempting of book.

  9. I have been blogging on and off since I believe 2010 on different blogs and in different places, and I’ve always liked it. When there were longer periods when I wasn’t doing it, it felt like something was missing. I like to write, and I write a lot just for myself, but while writing for an audience can sometimes feel like getting more or less far out of my comfort zone, it often feels more fulfilling in a way than writing with no audience in mind.
    My current little Mishmashy blog is probably the one I feel happiest with of all the blogs I’ve had, so I have no plans of leaving it any time soon, I’d love to still be going with it in five years’ time. I feel that I’ve benefitted from having it quite a fair bit, most importantly probably with my English skills but also when it comes to my mental health and having some satisfying and genuine human interactions aside from my immediate family.
    Also I’ve seen so many interesting blogs ever since I’ve started using the Internet and it always feels so sad and depressing when you find an interesting blog and then realise that it actually hasn’t been updated in five years and when you look at most recent posts you can often see how the author had been slowly and gradually running out of steam before it finally died completely. I wouldn’t like that to happen to my blog, so I’ve told myself that I can only stop blogging when I have a real good reason for it. But then if someone stops blogging, I guess their reason always feels good for them and thus is valid, or otherwise they wouldn’t do that.
    But the way I see my blog’s future for now, I could only stop blogging if something really major happened that would make it very difficult or impossible to continue blogging, like, I don’t know, if WP would kill accessibility enough that it would be a real hassle to blog and I wouldn’t have any workarounds, and I’m hoping no such things will happen in five years, as so far, aside from the unfortunate block editor and some inaccessible blog themes, WP has been very accessible and apparently is the most screen reader-friendly blogging platform, although I can’t confirm that personally as I haven’t used any other mainstream ones.

    1. That’s good that WP does accessibility well.

      I hope a lot of us are still around in 5 years! It’s certainly a valuable experience.

  10. I have been blogging since 3 years and let us all hope that we continue to blog more than 5 years…if only one continues to be in good health and does not look at statistics and never lands up in writer’s block.

    How many enjoy truly reading our blog posts……difficult to know.

    I am glad you are a professional and helping many with your mental related topics and your niche is much needed topic especially these Covid days.

    Times change, people change, our interests may change and priorities may change.

    So what happens next 5 years is an interesting but a million dollar worth question!

    It’s always a pleasure to read like minded blog posts.

    One can hope for the best.

    Thank you Ashley for your thoughts.

  11. This is a very good discussion! I have no idea where I see my blog tomorrow let alone 5 years haha. But I have enjoyed being part of the blogging community and I love to connect with people. I am not sure my audience/ topic will have 5 years of content! But I enjoy advocacy and activism and so perhaps it may take me in another direction!

    1. One of the great things about blogging is you never know when you might stumble across an interesting new angle or direction to explore.

  12. I started blogging in the beginning of blogging times. So, I think I’ll still have a blog in five years. But I think I’ll at least change the look of it. Right now, it’s quite plain and I just use it like a diary. I think that will change.

  13. I’ve been blogging on one platform to another since i think it became a thing. Anyone remember LiveJournal? Lol i still get emails about birthdays on there so it must be around. I have had a scrapbooking blog that was pretty successful a makeup blog that was meh and the longest a mental health journal type blog though once i deleted a blog i had on here to restart as i felt i needed a whole new reset button ๐Ÿ˜Š i done foresee going anywhere i love this community and a place to write my thoughts. I always liked paper journals but never stuck with it this i have for years ago why stop a good thing? ๐Ÿ‘

    1. Blogging is definitely a good thing. I don’t even remember knowing LiveJournal was even a thing back in the day. Blogging just wasn’t on my radar at all back then.

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  15. This post has me doing some serious introspection. When I first started my blog I was looking for a way to get involved with writing and talk about something important to me like mental health. I’ve really enjoyed meeting other bloggers such as yourself and having a space to write. But I feel unsure as to whether I can keep something going for that long. Time will tell I guess. Great post Ashley!

    1. Thanks! When I started, i wouldn’t have guessed I’d keep going for this long, but I find that I’m always getting new ideas from other bloggers.

  16. I love blogging….but I don’t think I will be blogging in five years. Or maybe I will be able to post sporadically.

  17. I think l will still be around, but my blog journey has been on a bumpy road especially this year over other years.

    i was thinking about this very topic this afternoon in the garden and how much l have changed this year alone with not just blogging, but gardening and even being social. I have become very cynical this last year to much, but there is a lot on behind the scenes which l don’t write about freely.

    I have a post planned in the next month or so about my blog journey and where l see myself in the future and this has been awarding me a lot of deep thoughts of late to style and content and writing, but more importantly purpose and point.

    Good post Ashley.

      1. Thanks Ashley – l mean that, genuinely appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

        I will if it’s okay with you, credit point your post to my post as a resource of inspiration ?

  18. I hope to return to blogging and I see myself being around still just blogging about my new life with my fiancรฉ. I don’t forsee a major shift in my blog content though, as it’s mostly about mental health.

    1. Ohh, I think I blogged off and on since 15 years ago? Blogspot, and when forums had blogs with different privacy settings, even deviant Art journal feature.

  19. Reading this post as well as all of the comments has led to some serious self reflection. I started my blog just over a year ago. Writing and art have been such a critical component of my mental health journey. Although I was hesitant to begin sharing and still at times struggle with a sense of purpose, I feel I have really gained something by being here. I find the inspiration and connection with others on WordPress add a layer of perspective and understanding to my own experiences. While at the beginning I questioned my purpose in sharing, I am now beginning to feel the impact of this sharing. My experience here feels like an impactful two way streetโ€ฆand one that I hope to continue to be on five years from now.

  20. I like to go with the flow in this instance, I never predicted i would still be blogging in 2021. One thing for sure though, is that I’m planning to go self-hosted soon ๐Ÿ’š

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