Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I was browsing through my local library’s ebook offerings and came across a book by my academic crush Steven Pinker called The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. I thought that sounded rather interesting, so I checked it out. I opened up the ebook file and it was 998 pages. Subtract the references at the end, and it’s 832 pages. That’s not a book, that’s several volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • I was at the pet supply store, and the cashier, a kid half my age, said “thank you, miss.” Really? I think the safe bet with miss is not to use it if the apparent age is older that 12. Kind of like a woman shouldn’t be asked if she’s pregnant unless she’s clearly at least 7 months along, or preferably, about to give birth any day now.
  • I had a massage for the first time in a month, which was nice.
  • My brain has been only minimally present. I was filling out some tax-related paperwork and I couldn’t remember my Social Insurance Number. I’ve had that memorized for over 20 years. The combination of depression and aging isn’t going to be pretty.
  • My brother brought my baby niece over last weekend and it was even more tiring than usual. At least her tolerance for visit length is fairly close to mine.

I got this weird notification below from WordPress. 141 days ago would be January 7. What’s special about that day that they’re starting to count from it? Or what’s special about 141 days? It’s been a couple of years since I went a day without posting, so they’ve picked a totally arbitrary point in time to start counting. Strange.

Streak notification: You've posted 141 days in a row on Mental Health @ Home

Speaking of Steven Pinker, last week I had a video of his rockstar hair from the ’80s. This week’s rockstar ’80s hair is Richard Marx, who’s in the news because Rand Paul inadvertently gave him a big publicity boost. Anyway, this song was swoon-worthy for me right around the same time as Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do. But Richard Marx wins for best ’80s hair.

The guinea pigs make a happy noise when they hear sounds they like. Here, Peanut is tucked under his blankie trilling happily to a video of my niece. It’s pretty quiet, so you’ll need to turn the volume up.

How has your week been?

Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson
Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson

43 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Glad you got a massage. My week has certainly been a… rollercoaster. We thought we were going to lose Molly at the start of the week. Will explain it more in my round-up. But I did get some good news yesterday! I’m getting a new powerchair! 🙂

  2. Did WP start some weird counting thing? Every time I post they tell me I’m on some streak and often they get it wrong. If I post twice in a day they advance by a day… none of any of this makes sense nor is it helpful or interesting. Who cares about what streak you’re on? An 8 day streak? A 2389430852308230984 day streak? What? Why?


  3. I would love a massage! 🥰

    I’ve been getting those WP notifications too and mine are in the 60s. I probably haven’t missed a day in 3 years tho…

  4. Awwww, the baby!! Gushy gushy baby time!! How cutes!

    Yeah, the whole “miss” or “ma’am” or “honey” or “sweetie” or whatever thing is like, AAUGH! There needs to be one word for anyone, but I can’t think of a gender neutral word that would work. Like, “Thank you, person,”? Oh well.

    My week has been hilarious. I spent several hours yesterday plotting our novella for this weekend, for me and Sonya. This has to be written today, tomorrow, and Monday. (Plotting and developing characters beforehand is encouraged.) So I wake up at 1:00 in the freakin’ afternoon hopeful that Sonya’s been writing her assigned scenes, but she’s upset because I got the characters wrong (she’s used them in previous novels) and now it all has to be redone. And then I got this sad email from her that was like, “Are you mad at me? I hurt your feelings, didn’t I?” And it’s like, no, I just now woke up. Ugh. So it’s hilarious that she and I are both bringing some sort of weaknesses(?) to the table here, with her inability to run with my outline and my inability to get out of bed. HAH AH AH HA! And she’s six hours in the future in Prague, so for her, I just staggered out of bed at 7:00 PM on day one. It’s amusing and entertaining, but I still have high hopes that she and I will rock this. [Nods with enthusiasm.] And hey, Jeopardy Jennifer won second! She’s $100,000 richer!! Woo hoo!!

      1. Thank you!! YAY!! Oh hey, we’re calling ourselves team S&M for our first initials! That’s too funny!! 😀

  5. I don’t believe i have ever had a massage. A lady told me yesterday that trying to touch me “anywhere at all” other than a random hug is impossible. (I had no idea she had ever been trying to touch me anywhere either, so whatever that says, it says.)

    That’s a huge book but Stephen Pinker sounds increasingly interesting. He’s one of those people like Barack Obama. The more things I hear from him, the more I want to hear.

    My week was totally stressful, though I am accomplishing a lot. I got behind on your blog and on most other stuff not work-related. I took a long run last night, slept eight hours, and am not going to work today till after sunset. I might even go back to bed.

    1. I have a strong startle response, but my current massage therapist is pretty good at not setting that off.

      I wish interesting people would do bite-size interesting books. When things start getting biblical in length, that’s just too much to read start to finish.

      1. As is the Bible itself. When someone tells me they’ve read it “from cover to cover” I am often skeptical that they’ve understood it.

  6. I was obsessed with that Richard Marx song in second or 3rd grade. It’s the first song I ever memorized lyrics to.
    You likely prefer to be called “Ma’am” which is kind of rare. I call you ma’am all the time and you never told me not too. Although I was calling you ma’am in a slightly different context. No matter though. In any case it’s short for “Madam” and it denotes respect and recognition of authority. It’s stately.

      1. That’s super sweet :). I have been in a rotten and angry mood. I stepped outside and that helped a LOT. It’s sunny and beautiful here. Now you saying that I can call you ma’am also helps a little. Thanks.

  7. Glad you was able to get a massage and enjoy it. I hope it helps as it usually does for you.

    I love that song by Richard Marx.
    I also like that song by Bryan Adams, too.

    Knowing how large that book has turned out, has it put you off reading it?

    1. I don’t have the patience to stick with one book for that many pages.

      I used to listen to both of those songs all the time.

      I have a very lovely massage therapist, and she does an excellent job.

      1. I think that many pages in the book, would put me off too. You have got to have a very serious head on, to read something that big.

  8. I learned via Instagram why I don’t like massages (they hurt!) and how it’s not my fault my body completely tenses up, making massages more like torture. And what gentler modalities to consider, what a trauma informed practice could be like (wait, I don’t have to disclose I’ve trauma?), and other stuff for whenever I want to dip my toes into body work. 🙂

    1. My massage therapist has definitely had some trauma-informed training. Not that I have a trauma history, but I have a strong startle response and I feel uncomfortable having people near me. She initiates touch gently and if she’s moving to a different area she lightly trails her hand along my body so know where she’s going. Sometimes I start to zone out and then realize someone is touching me and I start thrashing around like a dying fish, and it doesn’t faze her at all.

  9. This week was a blur really but seemed long at the same time is that possible? I couldn’t read a book that long to save my life now though the title sounded interesting.

  10. How cool that you had a massage. 🙂
    Sooo sorry about your brain acting up. I never keep more than 3-4-digit numbers in my long-term memory even if they’re the sort of thing like a Social Insurance Number that normally stays inprinted in people’s brains for ages, I have to keep such things in my notes, but if I would suddenly realise that I forgot something that I could recall automatically before, that would be creepy.
    And how yucky that your niece’s visit was so difficult! For your sake, let’s hope her peopling tolerance stays at its current level, unless yours magically increases.

  11. Hmmm. I kind of differ on the salutation. I don’t call people ma’am anymore. I call them miss, which has to do with not knowing someone’s age or even wanting to inquire about it. It’s just my approach tho!

    1. I wonder if there’s regional variations with that kind of thing. Perhaps part of it is that in Canada, or at least in my area, miss/ma’am/sir aren’t used that much; people usually just say “thank you” and leave it at that.

  12. Someone really thinks violence has declined? Maybe if you look at it in terms of less wars spanning the west and less of the super prolific serial killers. I’m not sure violence in general has declined. I’d be interested to see how he’s forming his argument but yeah, 832 pages might contain a lot of waffle…

    I actually almost think that kid calling you miss is kind of sweet. Then again, I meet a lot of cashiers who don’t talk and simply grunt, or are too busy yelling to their colleague “fuckin’ hurry up will ya I want a fuckin’ fag break” to say hello to the customer, so a little misplaced politeness is only better in comparison.

    What kind of massage did you have? Back, shoulder, body, tootsies? I’ve had my first the other month too through private physio. I was thinking I’d hate being touched these days but it’s surprisingly nice. Think you’ll get another in future when finances allow?

    Aww Peanut sounds a bit like he’s making bird calls ♥ xx

    1. It was a full body massage. I’ve been seeing this massage therapist regularly for a while now, and she’s really good. I have pretty limited tolerance for having people around or especially touching me, but she’s really good.

      Being called miss is starting to sound a little better given that alternative…

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