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Have You Ever Considered Doing a Podcast?

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Podcasts seem to be becoming quite popular, and I’ve noticed a number of bloggers expanding (or switching over) into podcasting. So let’s talk about it!

Podcasting first got its start back in 2004 as a way to make a radio show available for iPod. It’s become kind of like a democratized internet age version of talk radio that’s available on demand. The interview format seems to be popular, and I know Josh of paddictrecovery has been very active on the pornography addiction podcast circuit.

I’ve never considered doing a podcast, because I’m a writer, not a talker. I’m also not a podcast listener, and the main reason I’m writing this post is that I’m curious what other people’s podcast listening habits are, because I really have no idea. I don’t listen to audiobooks either; audio just doesn’t connect to my brain very well. I find it hard to sustain attention, and I have a hard time trying to multitask and do something else while trying to listen.

Another issue for me is allocating time. I could read a lot of blog posts in the amount of time it would take me to listen to a podcast. I can see maybe listening while commuting to work, but then again, when I was commuting and listening to radio, it was always music rather than talk.

Because I haven’t actually talked to anyone about their podcasting ventures, I have no idea how easy or difficult it is to get listeners (or even where to find them), and how easy or difficult it is to get paying subscribers, if that’s what people are aiming for. Does podcasting feel as therapeutic as blogging does?

I do sort of feel like we’re living in a time when everyone’s a creator of something. At some point, does the amount that’s being created start to outweigh the amount that’s being consumed? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The other day on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah interviewed Logan Paul, who has a podcast that apparently is very popular. Why? Who listens to this crap?

Anyway, that’s my little ramble. Have you ever contemplated podcasting? Do you listen to podcasts, and if so, what are your listening habits? I’m very curious to hear people’s thoughts.

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68 thoughts on “Have You Ever Considered Doing a Podcast?”

  1. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I have enough to say, especially without it becoming a rambley incoherent mess.

  2. I’ve done vlogs which I suppose is podcasting with pictures? I’d just rather talk than type most of the time but that said – No I don’t listen to podcasts for the same reason I don’t use audio books – I don’t absorb information people ‘talk’ at me. I only absorb information I read. I don’t like people reading to me – maybe because no one read to me as a kid? Maybe because my brain works different? – big problem in college where classes are all lectures – somebody standing in front of the room just talking – just give me a list of books to read.

    1. When I took microbiology in university, they gave us a booklet full of handouts at the beginning of the course, and everything we needed to know was in there. I started off going to class, but I would just fall asleep, so I just stopped going and learned it from the readings instead.

      1. I would love to part take in microbiology but I have the attention span of a goldfish. I tried in my lecture as well to focus and I agree with you people do think differently. I felt too stressed. There was no support.

          1. However, I have learned more with the podcast style and I am not sure if I can pluck up the courage to be so in depth when reading my own blogs. But I would at least aim for being engaging and also, focus on different formats and styles.

  3. The idea of podcasting is fun and interesting, and I’m glad that something like this exists, but I myself don’t listen to podcasts a lot either. I have two that I listen to regularly which are both within the blind niche, mostly about assistive technology, because they’re a good source of information that I likely wouldn’t find as easily otherwise. I don’t listen to more of them mostly because I just haven’t found such that would be either useful or interesting enough that I would really want to. I used to listen to language-learning podcasts, but somehow learning a language this way, as in, listening for the sole purpose of learning a language through this, didn’t stick with me for too long. I’d rather listen to a podcast in my target language that is about something else that interests me and learn language this way, that would be more fun. I sometimes liste to single episodes of some other podcasts when I feel like it but that’s not regular. And yes, allocating the time is a bit of an issue. Reading is faster, and, with my lifestyle and routines, it’s kind of difficult to incorporate listening to a podcast into some other activity that would be long-lasting enough and mindless enough that I could focus my attention on the podcast properly. One of them can have such long episodes sometimes that I think it would take me a week worth of commutes, if not more, and I hardly ever commute anywhere. 😀 I usually listen to my podcasts in the evening/at night when I’m in bed.

    1. I can see podcasts being quite useful for language-learning if, like you said, it’s an interesting podcast that just happens to be in that language.

  4. Not a podcaster or a podcast listener…. I am still getting used to the blogging technology. While podcasting is probably not technologically that daunting, I have not gone there. 🙂

  5. I totally agree with your point that reading blog posts give more than listening to a podcast in the same amount of time.
    Podcasts are a great vehicle for story telling which I enjoy. So, it is an idea. Thank you Ashley – your posts are thoughtful and thought provoking. Cheers.

  6. Podcasts are such a fun platform with so many possibilities. I’ve considered starting one myself and have been blessed to have been a guest on a few. I enjoy listening a wide array of different ones on the topics I find interesting 😊

  7. Like you, I tend not to do so well listening to audiobooks and whatnot. I’ve thought about podcasts before, but don’t think I’d do well creating them. I would need to think of enough to say and have a lot written out. I get anxious when I know I’m talking to an audience. It’s just different with writing.

  8. I started a podcast this spring as it had been a medium I considered for a long time. I have really enjoyed it so far. My goal has and will continue to be sharing information. Money and follower counts aren’t a huge concern for me; however, I found that starting with my newsletter and colleagues is the best way to get people listening and providing feedback. If anyone reading this wants to check out my mental health podcast, it can be found at Hopefully that link doesn’t get this sent to spam.

  9. Check spam for my comment. I think the link that I included made it disappear.

  10. As you know I’m just venturing into the YouTube world which isn’t quite the same thing. I’m not a podcast listener either but I know people who commute, pre-covid that is, who enjoy listening to podcasts rather than just some random radio station or a playlist.

    There are a few bloggers that supplement podcasting with the written word but I don’t think I’ll be one of them.

      1. Better than I expected. But my teen girl seems to know stuff I don’t which makes our conversations rather interesting, although also educational.

        I’ll see how far I’ll take this.

  11. I have thought about it from time to time but i just don’t have the time to think through a topic for me my writing is like a journal and i don’t think that would translate to a podcast. If i had a thought to focus on educational info or some niche like that i wouldn’t be apposed

  12. I know how to do it – I had to so some podcasting for a charity project – so I had to set up an account on a podcast platform to create podcast content.
    I don’t think I will be bringing it to my blog anytime soon.

      1. Ashely – I do a bit of EVERYTHING!!! It is interesting and fun! But is more this past year that we have had to do more online so that volunteers can stay up to date with all that we are doing. Normally, we can get them all together. Now, we are using all sorts of online tools. We even have a TV channel. I am heavily involved in providing training – which I love. That is what I am doing today. We did an online training session this morning. Now we have a break until our next session at 1pm. Jack is making phone calls, so I am drinking coffee and catching up reading. It is so nice we can work together.

  13. Yeah I’ve thought about it several times. It’s doubly appealing since I’m already into audio engineering so I have better equipment available than most new podcasters. But talking makes me sleepy and I’d still have to write what I want to talk about first because I’m not an “in the moment” speaker. I can’t even regularly write a blog post so I’m under no illusions that I’d be able to write and record a podcast episode. Haha!

    I got really close to making a show last year but it was going to be on the history of electronic music and once I learned that playing the songs I wanted to talk about would likely be illegal, it defeated me.

  14. I have given some thought about doing a podcast. If I were to create a podcast I want it to be great quality, radio quality.
    When I traveled with the preacher there was a period where he had a fifteen minute radio show. It was up to me to capture his sermons and then put together fifteen minutes for the show. The one market that stands out to me is when he was on a radio station from Blaine, Washington. One of the staff commented on the quality of the show and asked how I did it. I told him I use a Sony Reel to Reel and a good mixture along with a solid cassette recorder. He told me not to change anything on how I produced the show because he liked the quality and the cleanness.
    I would only do a podcast if I had all of the right equipment to produce a number one podcast with quality. That’s the perfectionist in me….uuugggghhh!

      1. Having hearing loss, I never thought podcasts were accessible. Until I learnt about transcripts. I only listen, well read… 1 podcast which is lABLEd podcast and I love it. I have been on one podcast, which I never thought would be possible due to my hearing loss but a lot of recording and editing was involved and apparently it turned out really well. I would never start my own though, I’m not good at keeping a conversation going in person, it would most likely consist of erm… too much brainpower!

  15. i listen to podcasts when i am travelling or i have to do multitask . .i love listening to podcasts only from whom whose voice is mesmerising 😝😍♥️

  16. A few friends and some readers have suggested I do podcasts. However, I’m like you – I prefer to write as I’m not too good at thinking on my feet and I’ve always had a problem with my Cockney accent as it sounds quite ‘common’ 😉 lol.

    I don’t listen to them either as I prefer reading. However, everyone has their own ways of learning and maintaining the information they’ve come across so I’m sure lots of people enjoy listening to podcasts.

  17. I think it’s either/or – either you devote time to a blog or to a podcast. I’m not sure how you could do both. I have a friend who makes a fairly popular podcast and it’s a pretty huge undertaking. As for my listening habits, I tend to read books more than listen to podcasts. I have a few I listened to every so often, but that’s it.

    And I can relate to the idea that “we’re all creators now.” It does feel a little overwhelming sometimes. I’ve heard someone call it “cultural claustrophobia” before. I feel like there’s such a barrage of various forms of content that it’s almost too much. Alas, that seems to be where the world’s at and it’s probably going to increase, not decrease.

  18. Actually podcasts isn’t what I am use to.! I rather put what I want to say into writing.

    Although a friend recommended I try podcasts and I am yet to give it a try.

    I can imagine listening to my blogs and still have the necessary time to read.

    Alright maybe not everyone has time to be reading blogs that seems boring, but would prefer clicking on the LISTEN button.

  19. Podcasting is definitely not for me. But I do enjoy listening to them from time to time. Brene Brown’s podcast became a fairly regular habit for me this past year. And Glennon Doyle’s new podcast has me curious to tune in as well.

  20. I’d have to say that I’m both a writer and a talker, so it seems like the podcasts I’ve been attempting lately are a potentially good idea. I just recently learned how to add music to them (which helps), and I am getting better at the editing aspect. But its a work-in-progress.

    I’d been thinking the early podcasts were too esoteric — if that’s the right word. What I mean is, a bunch of people discussing something that’s only interesting to THEM – and therefore the idea of making their private interests public is a bit oxymoronic. But I met with a philosophy professor emeritus here who has listened to the last three of them, and he found them interesting, though he knows nothing about our particular line of business.

    One more thing — they’re fun to put together, but the editing sometimes takes forever. I spent 18 hours editing the most recent one (No. 9) until I was finally satisfied with it. (And it wasn’t just perfectionism, either!). If I keep them posting them on Wednesdays, my Tuesdays are probably going to be pretty overloaded.

    I do enjoy listening to other people’s podcasts.

      1. Well, there may have been *some* perfectionism involved. Audio editing is fun, which is part of the problem. I want to do it for hours on end without taking breaks. Guess I’ll have to pencil a few extra hours into my schedule, if I keep up the podcasts.

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