Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had a chat with a Happiness Engineer after being randomly unfollowed from Melissa‘s blog for the fourth time. It turns out that they’re aware that there’s a bug that’s doing this, and they’re working on tracking it down. I was expecting to be told that I must have accidentally unfollowed her without realizing, so it was good to hear they actually know there’s a problem. Whether it get’s fixed is a whole other can of tuna, but we shall see.
  • I’m a bit of a dinosaur, in that I type two spaces after a period. In fact, as a blogger at Cult of Pedagogy says, “Nothing Says Over 40 Like Two Spaces after a Period!” I learned to type in grade 2, and I used to type about 80 words per minute, although I’m probably a bit slower now. There’s no thinking with typing; the fingers just do their thing. However, I’ve decided that it’s time to drag myself into this decade (century?) and just do the one space thing. It’s hard to change dinosaur ways.
  • I guess I didn’t have quite long enough a course of the antibiotics, because pneumonia symptoms started to reappear on Sunday. On Monday I called the clinic, and luckily I was able to talk to the same doctor as last time, and he didn’t put up a fuss about ordering another week, which was refreshing. I’m now cough-free again.
  • I got my first COVID shot (Pfizer) yesterday. I’m very slow-moving because of my depression, and people are weird about that. I got several “are you okay”. I guess the nurse doing my shot didn’t think my answer was consistent with looking weird, so she asked if I was feeling anxious, in a tone like she was talking to a child. Fuck off bitch and get this over with already.
  • I stumbled across something rather odd—the narcissistic abuse internet phenomenon has borrowed the psychiatric term “word salad” but completely misinterpreted what it means. Word salad is speech that’s so disorganized and illogical that it’s totally meaningless, like if you put a bunch of random words in a bowl and give them a good tossing. That might sound like “reeling ceiling my purple plaster plowed earrings into bushwhacks sacks house.” It sometimes occurs as part of psychosis, but people have to be pretty darn sick for that to make an emergence. The narcissistic abuse people interpret illogical very loosely and equate word salad to “narc speak” that misleads and evades, and they consider it a form of gaslighting. Seriously, people, find your own words and quit borrowing psychiatry’s words that you don’t understand!

Whenever I put Casper back in her cage, she likes to get her luscious hair back the way she wants it. She does this with a jump and fluff. She does this every time, without fail. Sometimes she’ll do it twice, like she does here with the mini jump and fluff followed by the full size, but most of the time, she just does one full-size. I love her hair.

How has your week been?

Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson
Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson

75 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. It frustrates me greatly when folx misuse psychiatric terms… glad you’re on your way to being vaccinated! My week was rather unremarkable. I did set up some lawn sprinklers this morning at my house and enjoyed a run before starting sessions. Floors are being replaced Tues and wed so I have to work this weekend to meet demand.

  2. I’m sorry that you must endure people’s ignorance when you go about to get errands done. Especially the vax, which a little bit anxiety provoking by nature (getting weird shit put into our bodies. I think we are all a tiny bit anxious about that whether conscious of it or not). You deserve a hot cup of your favorite tea and a day of relaxation after that one. I can’t imagine being as smart and capable as we all know you are but having people who don’t know you think that you have an intellectual disability. The frustration, ugh. I often use two spaces after a period, but it doesn’t bother me. Let that dinosaur shine, baby. See I just did two spaces. Whoop – now I did three. *Dinosaur dances*.
    Casper is cute.

  3. I move slowly because my back hurts a lot and sudden movement causes pain spasms (I can take nice walks though, if I’m careful). I hope no one bugs me about it, especially an HCP! That piggie is so glam! 💜

  4. My dad does the double-space thing! When I edit his legal docs, I do a find and replace where I find “space-space” and replace it with “space”. It’s brilliant!!

    I was taught the same thing with the double spaces, but it didn’t sink in just because I wasn’t formally taught typing. Just told to put two spaces.

    I’m sorry you’ve still been ill!! That’s dreadful!

    Oh, Casper! You’re the most gorgeous out of all the guineas!! Work that fluff!

    Hmm… my week has been hard to describe! There were moments of disappointment, moments of hilarity, moments of connecting, and moments of lack of faith. Overall it was good, I guess!!

  5. Hello from another dinosaur. I had never heard the new (narc) use of “word salad”. I don’t like it. Glad you got your vaccination. I am done. Happy to hear you are feeling better and had no trouble getting antibiotics.

  6. Vaccine lady asked us the same thing but our quaking was because we don’t leave the house and interact with people in a busy pharmacy. We told her that, which had the same effect as telling her to bite something electrified but without or having to be nasty lol

  7. I have my vaccine appointment the first week of June (also Pfizer). Don’t know if I’m really looking forward to it, but it’ll be nice to get the first half over with.

    1. For me (pfizer) it felt like influenza for two days. No energy. I am not looking forward to the second dose. It’s this wednesday.

        1. Fingers crossed, yeah. To be honest I’ve got my books and movies all picked out just in case. Best that we all prepare for these possibilities.

  8. Project idea – you ever thought about also organizing your blog by years? Sick of doing “blog n eat” over here. Figure I will read your stuff. One time I tried to read everything under depression tag. Getting to your early posts was a bit of a pain in the ass. Just an idea.

      1. Hello again, sweetie. 😊. No matter what month and year I pick, it routes back to your About page. For my part I am just about done eating anyway, lol. But I thought I better let you know that the drop down box isn’t working.

        1. Okay, that would be because I’ve got my site set up to archive by category rather than by date. But I’ve tweaked the search widget so you can search by newest or oldest first.

  9. Fascinating watching Casper.

    I hope the antibiotics clear it up for you and glad you received more without any issues.

    My week has been variable. I had to do a bit of form filling as part of my deputy and some other things related to mum’s finances.
    In between that, I have managed to relax, whether on my own, or with friends.
    I seen my mum yesterday. Mum has deteriated a lot both physically and mentally.
    I hugged mum. (Fuck Boris and Tory Gov.) Mum has no time and my mum isn’t going to be another statistic. If I can receive hugs, then so can mum. She shouldn’t be left behind because she’s in a care home.
    Mum received 3 hugs, all imitated by her. I wasn’t going to deny mum further if hugs. She doesn’t understand.
    Conversation is very minimal. She sleeps mostly and depending on how mum is mood wise, will depend eating too. Mum doesn’t eat much.
    Yesterday’s communication between me and mum was mistly touch, some eye contact, some smiles and hand holding, as well as those hugs.
    Mum waa touching my hair a fair bit after I commented and said how I cut my hair and its shoulder lenth, not tied back.
    I felt I had a connection with mum yesterday and I remain contented that mum will be looked after well at this care home and communication good between me and the care home.

    Today, the neighbours opposite left. 😁🎉 I decided to bang my pans in celebration, which was long overdue and do to them that they have done to us, that live in this block.
    I have been feeling hyper since then. I opened my windows before doing this, just to make sure that they all heard, including their landlord.

    Tomorrow, I have some dvd’s to watch.

    1. Fuck Boris, indeed. Your mum’s need for support takes precedence over any of that nonsense. I’m glad the new care home is working out well.

      That’s fantastic about the neighbours leaving!

      1. A staff member at the care home caught us hugging, but I think they are ignoring that. If something was said next time, I simply say mum doesn’t have time for me to wait for the Tories to treat people in care homes the same as everywhere else. I am wearing PPE. I keep my face away when that close, even though I have my mask on.

        My neighbour texted me to look through my spie hole. So I am thinking, oh trouble across opposite and could see they were taking their things out.
        So I am texting to my neighbour, eviction, or leaving? Their landlord is rehousing them and a family member of his, will be moving in a bit later. So fingers crossed, it will be better. More so for my neighbours opposite, because they were the onrs affected more than me with living above and below, with noise they had to put up with all hours.

        I have emailed my landlord to let him know I am not looking privately now because of this happening, as well as the bin area now being sorted and so seeing what happens.
        I said that I would only move if I get offered a council place, or if I get to buy my own place, unless of course things don’t change here in the end.

          1. I should hope so. But that flat while I have been here has had terrible tenants and even before I came.
            My friends who live below in the years they have lived here, said there’s only ever been one decent tenant.

  10. My typing teacher would freak out if she found one of her students only using one space after a period.
    I took three years of typing in high school and using two spaces after a period was embedded on our brains.
    I hate to admit, but I still use two spaces after a period when I am typing a letter or some other document.
    Guess I am of the ancient beings…lol!

  11. I never learned to type properly so the one space/two space thing was never an issue for me tho I have seen crazy back and forth about it on-line. I first came across it when I was a legal proofreader, they did use it – the two space – and recognizing whether it was or wasn’t there was part of the proof reading job.

    Your little fuzz-butt is so cute…

  12. Glad you are now cough-free and received your first dose of the vaccine! I got to see my Nan after 10 months last weekend, which was lovely. And I finally got my physio review and actually done some physio, I also got to see some of my rehab family which made me very happy 🙂

  13. I’m not quite forty and I double space, although that’s because I was taught by my Mum, who is very much over forty.

    The word salad thing is weird, as it’s a term where the correct meaning seems fairly intuitive to me.

  14. I hope you get better soon.

    I don’t particularly like the narcissistic abuse community, although I used to be very active in it. I don’t like misuse of psychiatric terms, and particularly dislike pejorative labelling. It was an important but time limited stage in my life because it really described my Dad. But only a professional with sufficient experience WITH the person labelled “narc” or “borderline” or “psychopath” is qualified, you know? I get people want to vent and get validation, however its more clear to describe the harmful behaviour than such simplistic labelling. I’m the boring person who tells my little group that most abusers don’t meet criteria for a mental health disorder and only a small percentage of those clinically diagnosed with ASPD are actually clinical psychopaths. I call my dad “narcissistic” but am clear he’s not diagnosed with NPD.

    My week has been miserable but there have been some better days and moments of good. Small joys matter, like home made banana milkshakes 😆😆😆😆

    1. Small joys definitely matter!

      I find the whole narcissistic abuse thing to be very strange, especially all the jargon associated with it. It seems like it keeps the focus on the emotional abuser rather than on healing.

      Hope next week is better for you! ❤️

      1. Mhm, I agree that the jargon focuses more on the perpetrator than the survivor’s healing journey.

        Thanks for reading well wishes ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Wow, I didn’t know two spaces after a period was even a thing that some people do, as I can’t notice such details with a speech synth and even with a Braille display I guess it’s less apparent than visually, so it’s interesting! I CAN notice though when people routinely do not type any space after period, or type a space before the period, and I think two spaces is way better than that. 😀
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better now, yay! 🙂 And it’s great that you finally came across a cooperative doctor.
    If people with a disability/chronic physical/mental illness whose IQ was average or above would get paid five dollars whenever someone thinks they’re intellectually disabled or insane or something along these lines, or whenever someone would speak to them like to a child or address them in third person, alternatively address someone else they’re with instead, I think a whole lot of us would have enough of an income that disability benefits in their current form would be needed for much fewer people, I actually wonder if any at all. 😀

    1. Now there’s an excellent idea for an income system?

      I think the two spaces thing started back in the day of typewriters, and had something to do with matching how books were typeset. I’m not sure when it changed.

      1. I like to snarl at people that mental illness is correlated with intelligence. The smarter you are, the greater the risk 😌

  16. I had to train myself out of using two spaces the first time I went to college because one of my professors considered it to be cheating (padding paragraphs so you don’t have to write as much). We were raised by the typewriter generation, though!

    The Narc community bugs me, and the reason is related to what you mentioned: they just don’t know what they’re talking about at all. Lol. They consider every personality quirk to be narcissistic abuse when in reality most of the women I’ve met who claim they were abused by a narcissist are just codependent and don’t stand up for themselves. If you never tell your partner “no” or articulate your own desires, they’re going to end up getting things their way pretty often! I never think it’s a coincidence when communities that revolve around these batty subjects are occupied entirely by crazy cat ladies who rub rocks on their feet instead of going to the doctor when they’re sick.

    1. Very good way of putting it! It’s truly bizarre, but yet people flock to it. I find it especially icky when talk about going “no contact” and it working if the guy tries to get her back. I guess game-playing looks better when one is rubbing rocks on their feet.

  17. I learned double-space when I trained as a paralegal, but I don’t remember when I dropped it. I did. I still double space on my phone/tablet, but that’s because it’s configured to add the period and a space when I do.

    My vaccine is cancelled: I got sick two days ago. I was hoping it would drift away, but no joy. I even checked with 811, but they are uninterested in seeing my sinus-infected self.

    That was Thursday on. I feel punk. Plus, the pain. But, my garden is glorious, and I remind myself that I don’t have to justify myself to anyone. It’s hard to remember that because depression is amped up. Not in the terrible sad way, though tears are readily available, but in the flatness of anhedonia.

    I know the pandemic is hard on everyone’s mental health, and I hate to do the “but it’s worse for me” thing, but I think it’s taking a harder toll on those of us who are neurodivergent. Though I do feel I must apologize for even making the suggestion. 🙄

    1. Ugh, sinus infections are no fun.

      I’m glad your garden is glorious. My place faces into my building’s inner courtyard, which is nice and green, with flowers and birds and all that good stuff. Helps keep me sane.

      If the pandemic is pushing normal people towards crazy, that boots us already-crazy folks further down the spectrum of fucked-upness.

  18. It’s good that you are recovering and getting your vaccine. Maybe you type too fast and that’s why for the two spaces after period. Haha…(❁´◡`❁)

  19. I chuckled at the “over forty” comment in reference to typing. I learned how to type in grade eight and also learned that you were supposed to put two spaces after a period. BUT, I’m not 40… yet. 🤣🤣

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