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What Would You Change About WordPress?

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Ah, WordPress—we love it, but at the same time, it drives many of us batty. But what would we most like to see changed?

I think part of why the Happiness Engineers let people down so often is that they’re not the same people who are putting the nuts and bolts together. WordPress is open source, and the coding is done by volunteer teams. Do you want to be part of the core team or the design team? Head on over to Have a bug in Gutenberg (the block editor) to tell developers about? Swing by GitHub.

My sense is, rather than it being the happiness engineers who don’t care what we have to say, it’s that the whole side of things is far enough removed from the coders that they don’t know or care who we are. And while changes in WordPress “core” can probably be worked around by people who are self-hosted and can use plugins, premium and below just offer “core” without any bells and whistles attached.

So, if nobody cares, what one thing would you change if you just happened to be sleeping with one of the coders in charge (or good friends with, if you’re so inclined)?

I’m okay with the block editor. I’ve gotten used to the fact that it sometimes takes five clicks to do what used to be doable in one. I like that it allows me to do things I couldn’t do before.

What I don’t like is the random bugs that only pop up now and then, so there’s really no way to pin them down. For example, I always enter alt text for my images, but probably about 1/3 of the time, WP just ignores what I’ve entered. Occasionally, I’ll change one image in a post, and another image changes just for the hell of it. Images will randomly resize after publishing. Nonsense like this shouldn’t be happening, and it certainly shouldn’t be working some of the time and not working other times.

I also take issue with the random unfollowing, eating of comments, and that kind of thing. I’m not sure who handles that, but possibly Jetpack, which is part of the the whole big Automattic family. The random unfollowing thing in particular is a piss-off, because I’m certainly not on the ball enough to notice who’s no longer appearing in my Reader feed.

Those are the big ones for me. What would you change if you had a coder at your beck and call?

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48 thoughts on “What Would You Change About WordPress?”

  1. I’ve begun to click “medium” for all images and now they look better both in the feed and on my actual blog. I hated when WP randomly biggifies an image from “wall to wall.” I would change that super annoying thing that makes it impossible to consistently like and comment when a blog post opens in a new tab. What the hell is up with that?! It happened just now on this post! I’m having to put my creds in again! 😡😡😡

  2. Thank you for the new perspective, I did not know that WP was open source. I do enjoy the platform, nothing is perfect. Great share as always. Cheers 😊👍❤

  3. I don’t much care about the techie stuff, I still prefer Blogger for ease of use but that is hardly an up-to-date platform as far as interesting blogs to read. Mostly peopled by old farts like me who started using it 20 years ago. I mostly post text, occasionally some photos and I use the Classic Editor block and sometimes just cut and paste in the code format…I haven’t noticed any of the blips people are talking about lately but then I never check…

    1. I think I probably spend far too much time on WordPress poking around at everything I find, so if there’s a problem, I’ll stumble across it.

    1. The Canadian world is an odd hodgepodge of English and American. Probably the main reason I use the British u is that my computer tells me it’s a typo if I spell it the American way.

  4. 🙂 If I had a coder friend, she would have to get permission to make changes.


    Because the type of change has never been done before; which is allowing the user to edit comments that they made on other people’s blogs.

    A lot of people have made typographical errors in the comments sections of other people’s blogs and wished that they could fix them afterwards.

    At the moment, WordPress users can only edit comments that were made on their own blog.

  5. I would like it to be more user friendly to those of us who don’t know technology, programming and coding. I struggle with so much of the platform and it seems to get anywhere with my site I have to pay for personalized help that I can understand because even the site help is confusing. I’m just here to share my writing, picture’s and videos to as wide an audience as possible. Someday I will gather the patience to learn more 😊

  6. I hate the random unfollowing too, I think I’d definitely want to change that. And bring back the classic editor, it was so much easier to use!

    1. Me too. Upgrading doesn’t really change the important part of blogging, the community aspect. SEO brings me traffic from search engines, but they don’t interact the way other WordPress people do, so those visitors are a lot less interesting to me.

  7. I have worked my way around some of the practical challenges that were slowing me down. The only thing I find really really weird about WordPress is these bloggers who just post other people’s content. I have seen some post dozens of posts in a single day – all belonging to other people. I have seen my posts on other people’s sites. I have sent them multiple polite requests asking them to remove my posts, which were all ignored. It just does not seem right!

    1. I think there’s probably some ulterior motive, like trying, like trying to generate more traffic to display advertising to. With sites like that, I’ll do a DMCA takedown notice if they’ve copied the whole post, but if it’s just an excerpt, I let it go, because people who use that approach seem unlikely to listen to polite requests.

  8. hat’s a good question. WordPress offers offers so much good stuff for free compared to most sites I’m familiar with, I think I would be perfectly happy with this service if they didn’t keep changing things on me (like every other Internet service) and throwing me off. You explained how to get to the Classic Block and simulate the previous experience with which I was comfortable; otherwise I’d have been fussing with those blocks to my inner hurt, and probably would have given up. It hasn’t been so bad since then, though I’m still not sure why they changed the font and made it so small recently.

    Another thing is that I can’t leave replies on your blog anymore in the section where they have people enter comments, because it suddenly shrunk to a size so small I can’t see the characters I’m typing. I’ve composed my last few comments on NotePad and pasted them later into the comment field. But that’s just a random complaint.

    I don’t know what single thing I would change, that’s hard to answer. Others have also told me that there’s something positive about the blocks, but blogging is not important enough to me to pursue any of that. I’m just glad I can write my blurbs on one field again, like earlier.

      1. Wonder if anyone else reported something similar? Also feel free to add the “T” to the word “That” at the beginning of my poorly pasted post.

  9. It is far more annoying now, I have stuck with the classic but many photos won’t load on my Mac so have to do it on my phone. Comments never show up! If there was something better I would leave even though I have been here for about ten years.

  10. Strangely enough, touch wood .. probably jinxed myself now – hey ho – l have not [sshh in quieter tones please] had any major issues. I have noticed in the last three months some people have refollowed me – so l guess they were WP unfollowed because l don’t unfollow anyone anyway, so it’s not me.

    I don’t mind the block editor at all … there are still some minor annoyances however – mostly buggering about with colours – in fact l do miss the old colour block as the basic range of colours was superior to the shite panel we have today .. which is why l tend to use more purple and red and orange as l love bold vibrants, but to get darker variations means piddling around with the scaling and that is way too fiddly, l miss the old scaler.

    I recently switched from eCommerce to Business plan for the Guy blog and the 321 Blog is currently on Premium but that’s not yet launched, so maybe l will see bigger issues with that when l start posting to it.

    1. I agree, colours are more difficult in the block editor.

      I’m sure plan prices where you are, but it looks like with Business and Premium you’re still saving compared to eCommerce.

      1. I have made a huge saving with the switch – no denying that – l was stupid [yes l am calling myself stupid Ashley] to go for eCommerce when Business was what l needed, we live and learn 🙂

  11. If WordPress could add an edit option in the comments section, that would be great. Also, the Happiness engineers are of no help. When there’s a bug or a glitch, all they do is repeat or retype your query with no solution. As for the new Block editor, it is what it is.

  12. Ah, WordPress! Those damn happiness engineers are about as useless as a chocolate teapot for me! It’s usually another blogger that helps me when things go wrong! Image setting are terrible and change all the time!!!

    Shall I go on……………..

  13. The Block Editor is fine with me. I am used to that now. However I would like the font color variety of the Classic Editor in the Block Editor.

  14. I am still learning the app, sometimes i find it hard to edit but all the same i really enjoy Reading and sharing knwoladge here. Thanks to wordpress

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