Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

I’m pretty sure I have the same atypical pneumonia that I’ve been getting every year for the past several years. I talked to a doctor on Monday, but she was not open to entertaining the idea that it could be anything other than COVID, even though she saw that last May I took antibiotics for atypical pneumonia. I was getting frustrated and was out of resources, so I ended up just hanging up on her. My speech is really impaired, which people interpret as me being stupid, which is fun. So I’ve got this violent cough that’s characteristic of Mycoplama pneumoniae but not COVID, and my neighbours probably think the COVID monster is in town hacking up a lung.

Then yesterday I had made an appointment to talk to a doctor through a clinic that allows you to email them any relevant documentation (my regular clinic doesn’t check their email). So I emailed a form that when authorized will allow me to get my psych meds fully covered by the government. The doctor said he wouldn’t sign it. So I ended up hanging up on him, too (there’s a pattern here… I’m running on fumes…). I guess that was sufficient evidence of craziness and desperation that he did sign the stupid thing, and I got an email from the clinic saying they’d faxed it to the appropriate people. I am so fucking sick of it being so damn difficult to deal with medical people.

Aside from that, I’ve been basically a lump with a cough.

guinea pigs Casper and Oreo cuddling by their hay rack

Oreo and Casper like to snuggle, both with each other and with their rusty green hay rack. In this photo, their heads are both pointing toward the hay rack. Oreo’s head is always identifiable by the white hair, while Casper is just one massive ball of hair. They’ve both got hay all over them, because it’s multi-purpose: good for eating, good for sitting on, and good for playing in.

How has your week been?

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43 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. It’s inexcusable that your healthcare people can’t treat you better! That makes me so mad! They want a nice sweet piece of Meg pie, for darned sure. You deserve so much better than that! I’m just so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with this crap. And I agree that it’s probably pneumonia, and that it absolutely shouldn’t be assumed that it’s the coronavirus, because… idiocy. It’s just so small-minded of a doctor to assume coronavirus when you have a history of pneumonia. Ugh. Please don’t give up on reaching some sort of healthcare provider who can get you some medicine for it!! We’re rooting for you here!!

    My week has been rather blah… what I recall of it. Today’s Derby day, which, as you can imagine, is huge in Louisville. My neighborhood has been crowded this weekend with people enjoying the festivities. Rah-rah! I’m playing the ponies. I’ll either win HUGE or go broke. (Me and my superfectas!) Bring it!

      1. Don’t worry! I’ve placed all my bets already (as of yesterday!). Here’s hoping!! But I can live with the loss, since I usually manage never to gamble if it’s not the triple crown.

  2. I am so sorry you are having trouble with the medical establishment. Don’t know how relevant it is, but I find that docs who deal with mental illness are not on the same page as docs who don’t deal with mental illness. It is as if the left and right sides do not speak to one another. Docs who don’t deal with mental illness don’t seem to know the basics of mental health or mental health 101 and probably come to the table with a lot of stigma-induced preconceptions that influence their decision-making and affect their openness to patient perspectives. As if we didn’t have enough to do without educating docs on stigma. I hope your situation resolves quickly and easily.

  3. I hate that you are alone while sick. Someone should be making you soup and making those phone calls. I run the risk of annoying you here, but that’s okay because it’s just how I feel about it and I stand by my opinion. 💜 It also annoys me that people think a slow talker is stupid since you are so opposite that. I likely would have also hung up. Too bad we don’t have those old school receivers where we can slam down the phone. That shit used to be so satisying.

  4. I’m sorry that you have to deal with inept medical professionals. While COVID is a concern, it shouldn’t be ride or die. There are other things out there other than COVID. I’m sorry you’re feeling unwell. I’m sending virtual cat hugs to you.

  5. It sounds like you have a bunch of butt-holes for doctors. The one good thing about the US health care system is you can shop around for doctors pretty easily – and the doofuses around here actually care about their Yelp reviews LOL

    Do you brush your pets fur?

    1. Ah, the power of the Yelp review…

      They self-groom, so I don’t brush their hair, although I give the girls a trim every few months.

  6. Well, you know my week, so I won’t repeat it here. But today has been relaxing watching Glee dvd’s this morning. Although I did have a job getting out of bed, as so tired.
    Spent afternoon to evening with support bubble and once I have had my mug of Pukka relaxing tea I am going to bed.

    Tomorrow, I’ll get up when ready. Watch Glee dvd’s.

  7. Get well soon!

    I’m also waiting on medical people, in my case waiting for the revised version of my autism assessment report that doesn’t call me a woman, and which includes the resources leaflet.

    1. New birds is exciting! That’s annoying about T2. No snot monster action going on at the moment, just hacking up a lung. It’s more exercise than I’ve had for a while…

  8. I had a difficult week mentally but it’s part of my life right? I want to take some time off but haven’t decided when. Sorry about your cough. Positive mojo you get better soon

  9. Those both sound like legit reasons to hang up in someone’s face. I just wish they still got the dailtone sound like the olden days… It’s infuriating that a clinic can choose NOT to check their email. Sorry they’re giving you a hard time. As for me, it was a busy week. Therapy biz is booming but I saw more clients this week than I’m comfortable with so planning to never book myself that heavy again. Also just wrapped recording the finale episode for the first season of my podcast, so that’s fun.

  10. Oh my, I’m so sorry you’re having so much problems with medical people, it’s very concerning and frustrating and it shouldn’t be the case! Covid is obviously always a possibility now and it certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I often have a strong feeling like for some people, professionals and non-professionals, since the start of the pandemic, this is the only illness that exists in their world now. My Mum has episodic asthma which usually comes up every winter, everyone in my family and our surroundings knows it because it’s been the case for years and she spends most of her energy in winter on coughing, yet last year everyone in our surroundings was convinced it must be Covid and she even got comments about how irresponsible she is for not treating it for so long. 🙄 I thank God that I didn’t get the bronchitis thing that I often get in winter neither last year nor the year before, ’cause I doubt it would be treated for what it actually is.
    I really hope you can still get the healthcare you need and that someone will treat you seriously. It must be so overwhelming for you dealing with those people while being sick on top of it. It’s a pity that your guinea pigs can’t make phone calls. But it’s really quite outrageous and not acceptable that you’re left on your own with no treatment. Please try to take good care of yourself.

  11. Take care Ashley.
    It’s easy for me to tell you from the other hemisphere.
    What irritated me is the behaviour of Doctors…..looks like Doctors from developing world are much better and kind.
    Stay safe.
    These days of COVID, HRCT is very much in demand and even before lab tests confirm COVID…..CT taking a leading role

  12. I’m sorry. It’s good that you hung up. I lose my nut of late, which then makes the doctors feel more justified for treating you like shit. Sorry about the cough too. I’ve only had pneumonia a couple of times but I used to get bronchitis a few times every winter and I learned to love codeine as a cough suppressant.

    I’d say I’m also struggling with doctors but I’m actually just avoiding. Sigh. The fur babies look so cute.

  13. I had a better week. Accomplished more, and sleep has been a lot more regular, going to bed early, sleeping dreamily, and getting up before dawn. (The way I like it.) I’m sorry you’re dealing with frustrating medical personnel.

  14. Can’t say I blame you hanging up on idiots. I don’t get why so, so many medical professionals, receptionists and the like try to make things even more difficult for patients than it already is. With the atypical pneumonia, is there anything you think you need to treat it, like more antibiotics? Everyone is so hung up on Covid that it’s worrying to think just how many illnesses, infections and chronic conditions are being missed as a result.

    As for the psych meds, I’m glad at least he signed and faxed through the form so hopefully the meds will now be fully covered by the government now, right? Waaaaay more difficult and stressful than it needed to be but hopefully that’s done and dusted for now. You can’t make this shit up. I’m sorry you have so many hassles with them all, too. x

    1. Thanks. xo If someone were to publish a collection of all the shit medical stories, I think it would be bigger than Wikipedia.

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