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Some Quirky Travel Pics

These are a few kind of weird and random pics from my travels.

Super Pussy neon sign in Bangkok

In Bangkok, specifically the Patpong district, vaginas are big business. There are lots of bars that have “ping pong shows,” in which Thai ladies exercise their vaginas in very remarkable ways. My friend and I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so we decided to go to Super Pussy. Besides the ladies who are performing, there are also waitress-ish types who are there to manhandle the customers. Unfortunately, my friend and I got there rather early as these things go, so there were no men-folk yet for them to manhandle. They decided to paw at us until finally some dudes showed up and we were left alone.

selfie with a drag queen in San Francisco

This is at a drag show in San Francisco, with me being essentially knocked out of the way by her rather remarkable bosom. Now that’s commitment to one’s performing art!

baby woolly mammath remains

This is at a natural history museum in Russia. This is a baby woolly mammoth preserved in the Siberian permafrost for a gazillion years, give or take a few.

burial site in Nazca, Peru

I see dead people! This was a local funerary custom way back in the day in Nazca, Peru.

This is at a natural history museum in Peru. On the left is a siamese guinea pig type situation. On the right is some sort of scary-ass taxidermied monster.

soldier doing a high kick in India/Pakistan border ceremony

Every evening at this particular border crossing between Pakistan and the Punjab area of India, they officially close the border with much pomp and circumstance. Legs are flying, groins are being pulled, feet are stomping, and it’s all very theatrical.

Ashley's swollen sprained ankle

Early one morning, I was in Rome walking from my hostel to the train station, and I wiped out while crossing the street, because I’m clumsy that way. I scraped my foot and knee, but that wasn’t going to stop me from my day trip to Pompeii. But yeah, I sprained my ankle. Still, I wasn’t going to just stop doing anything, so every day I wrapped it up tight in a tensor bandage, hobbled around all day, and then in the afternoon returned to my hostel to let this whole situation breathe.

Well, that’s this week’s travel photos. Thanks for stopping by!

41 thoughts on “Some Quirky Travel Pics”

  1. 1. My vajayjay hurts thinking about that
    2. The pictures are amazing!!!!! That’s so awesome that you got to go to all those places. Thanks for sharing πŸ–€β€οΈ

  2. I wonder how bad of a trigger red light districts would be for my now. Man, the stuff I’ve seen go into and come flying out of vaginas would fill a book.

  3. I’m getting a late start to my day here… overslept because I woke up too early and went back to bed two hours later… wasn’t fully awake yet just now, but getting there… SUPER PUSSY! Hello. Thanks!! πŸ˜€ I think I’m ready to face the afternoon now!!

    Call me a prude, but I don’t even do kegel exercises! πŸ˜€ Wow!

  4. What a treat. Right as I think “hmm I need something to read” I stumble on Ashley’s blog and the preview photo says “pussy,” (super is obscured). I just thought well.. I’ll dive right in. Pardon my pun there. πŸ˜„
    I love these photos from your travels of you. You are way hotter than the blonde and she must be wearing 9 inch heels to be taller.
    I’m going to take an educated guess… that… during this period of time, you never had much trouble getting a boyfriend if you wanted one. What a babe.

  5. No way. I’ve heard about Ping Pong in relation to vaginas, but I thought it was fiction. I never knew something like Super Pussy really existed. I’m not sure how much exercise one can really do with a ping pong ball in there. Surely it’s either it or it’s out, or maybe the ball gets shot across the room to see if it can hit a lucky guy in the eye ball. Bonus points if it transfers an STD. How crazy!

    The photo of you with the individual with giant boobs is crazy. Each boob is bigger than your head, Ashley. She looks remarkably like a woman, I wouldn’t have known it was drag.

    Taxidermy always freaks me out. I’m intrigued by death on a general sense, but not dead animals. I’ve got a book somewhere of weird taxidermy, I’m pretty sure it gave me nightmares for weeks.

    What a crap thing to have happen with your ankle in Rome – ouch! I applaud your kick ass perseverance to do the day trip regardless & with no sticks, that’s impressive.

    Loved the photo tour! xx

    1. I was astonished by the wide repertoire of vagina tricks. Mine doesn’t do any tricks. It’s really rather dull.

      I would guess it would cause serious back problems carrying around gazongas like that. I would need a crane.

      I feel like there must be a connection between taxidermy and some weird, undiscovered psychological disorder. It’s just not right.

      1. Ha, Ashley you’re so funny πŸ’œ. I feel like you don’t get enough credit or recognition for these subtle comedy moments that pepper your blog posts and comments. Re: boring vaginas (a perfect example of your dorky subtle comedy), if it makes you feel any better – I mean, I’m pretty sure most women have “dull” vaginas if the opposite of dull is performing various acrobatic and athletic feats with our genitalia lmao!!

  6. And vaginas are big business everywhere really… although personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about… but they are remarkable body parts in their design, and what they can do, the way they self clean and of course give birth to babies through them is remarkable…

    I love the way you are having to slightly lift your head up in that photo above the ginormous bossom lol!

  7. In the movie “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” there’s a ping-pong-ball-vagina thing. Very impressive. And, the boobs would be so handy! Prop a book, rest your snack or coffee. Great pictures showing some fantastic adventures πŸ˜„

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