Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I’ve been going back through old posts and creating new graphics, and it’s been interesting to see the changes over time. I have a bad memory for that kind of thing, so I tend to assume that how I’m doing now is pretty similar to how I was doing a few years ago, but it’s not. From 2019 forward, it’s been a matter of slow brain, and there’s not a lot going on in there. But from the start of my blog in 2017 through 2018, there was a lot more emotional and cognitive messiness. Blogs make for such a fascinating historical record.
  • When posting on topics like politics and religion, there’s always a good chance that some random haters are going to swoop in and rant in the comments. I was impressed by the comments on the post about my own soft atheism. Disagreement, but no hate. What a pleasant surprise!
  • II have been trying to figure out how to use GIMP, which is sort of like an open source (as in free) equivalent of Photoshop. Just like I was dazed and confused when I tried out Photoshop on a free trial, I’m utterly dazed and confused by GIMP.
  • I don’t usually do ranty book reviews, but I have a very ranty one coming up next week. Insert wicked laugh here.
  • My sleep hasn’t been great this week. I had gone without dextroamphetamine (a stimulant) for a couple of months, and then restarted it a couple of weeks ago. I’ve now finished the titration back up to my old dose, and I’m guessing it’ll probably take another week to get adjusted to that before my sleep goes back to normal.
  • I’ve been having respiratory issues, which feels like the onset of the stupid atypical pneumonia that I get every year. I don’t like you, mycoplasma, so please leave my body and find a new house.

This is Butternut hanging out inside the octopus beside me while I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle. The octopus is made for ferrets, but the guinea pigs like it too.

There’s a family of crows that nests in my building’s courtyard, and it’s baby season. The babies sound so silly when they’re being fed. The video below is rather long, but the first 20 seconds will give you a good idea of what I’m hearing.

How has your week been?

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51 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I used to do digital art (vector) on Paint Shop Pro, and was pretty good at finding my way around the application. Fast forward to 2021, and it’s changed so much that I can’t figure out how to crop a photo haha

  2. Have you tried Canva? I used the free version for my ebook cover and it was a small learning curve compared to Photoshop et al – I have neither the desire nor the patience to learn digital art and graphics, but it was fun (enough) to make the cover with Canva that I don’t shy away from doing it again next time.

    1. I use Canva already, and I like it, but since the free version doesn’t let you change the resolution, I’m not getting quite the image quality that I’d like. It’s not the end of the world, but if I can figure out a free way to improve it that would be nice.

      1. The resolution issue is a bitch: I came up with a sideways work around (as long as I don’t need major editing). I resize it in Paint. πŸ™‚ Works a charm.

  3. Awww, look at Butternut nesting in his toy! How adorable!! Will he ever come out to play? The world pauses to wonder! What a cutie!!

    My week was great until I got the vaccine’s second dosage, and I’ve been ill ever since. I think I might be feeling better today, but I thought so yesterday and the day before, too. So I’m just going to wait it out. How long can it last, anyway?! Walking seems to aggravate it, like when I used the treadmill the next day (a few days ago) or when I’ve walked the dog or gone to the store with my dad–all bad ideas. So I’m not letting myself walk today except to take pup around the block. I hope.

    Here’s hoping we have great weeks next week!! I’m excited to read your ranty back review!

  4. I hope you start to feel better next week, Ashley.
    I love Butternut peaking out, while inside.

    It’s been losing my days week.
    I also have a viral. When I think I am over my worst, with exception of my asthma, my voice has gone I discovered today.

    I am frustrated not being communicated enough, with regards to mum. I blame the hospital for this. But should I be blaming the care home too. I don’t know. But my cousin is going to phone the hospital ward and ask my 5 questions I have. So hopefully I get my answers.

  5. I’ve tried GIMP several times over the years (it’s been around for quite some time) and I’ve never found it user friendly. I had a simpler version of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements that was pretty easy to use but it wouldn’t work on my MAC…Now I use LunaPic, it is an online program and you can do just about everything with it (including re-sizing) Everytime I play with it I find something new I can do.

    I love crows, my favorite bird!

    1. I haven’t tried LunaPic – I’ll check it out!

      Crows are so intelligent. The one thing I don’t like is when all the adults get excited about something and raise the decibel level really high with the cawing.

  6. The thing you say about our blogs being a good historical record…
    Very true… and other bits and bobs we may write in the past that perhaps we have shared with others…
    I got sent a piece by a friend and read it through, (and this has happened a few times), and I am thinking:
    “wow …this is really cool this piece”
    …. as I’m reading along… and then like a complete dufus completely forgot it was me that wrote it… and thinking ….”did I really write that? I can’t actually remember?”

    I’m in such disbelief because it sounds half way decent and
    so I say to that person…who sent it:
    “That must of been on one of my really good brain days where I’m firing on all cylinders as opposed to the usual 2 cylinder mess I am familiar with then”… lol!

  7. Sorry to hear you are feeling tough and not sleeping well. I hope you feel better soon Ashley.
    I have tried Gimp and dropped it. I can only do basic things with Photoshop. I still look for a good simple user friendly image manager.
    I love the video on the crows. Is that you feeding them? If it is, I say, kudos to you!
    My week started out as boring. But it ended with a big bang of good news.

  8. I hope you feel better soon. I never got the hang of GIMP, and had Photoshop CS2 for a very long time. When I upgraded to Photoshop CC, the learning curve was frustrating.

      1. I end up Googling commands a lot because they moved stuff in the menus. I’m really impressed by those who actually remember and use the keyboard shortcuts in photoshop. There are a lot and some are 3 keypresses.

  9. Happy Sunday despite everything. Sending healing vibes and hope your sleeping pattern goes back to normal soon. My week was ok besides the bout of procrastination. πŸ€—πŸ˜Š

  10. I rarely go through old posts on my blog, whether it would be to do some editing or just read them to go back in time, even though with my previous blogs I would reread my posts regularly, but what I can definitely see is my English changing. πŸ˜€ For other historical records, my journal never ceases to amaze me with discoveries of how my perspective on things/brain overall is changing.
    Sorry you’ve had such a crappy week with sleep and respiratory symptoms. I’ve had two really bad migraines, or maybe they should be counted as one because they were one very shortly after the other, and since the best management method and treatment so far for migraines for me is as much sleep as I can get, my sleep is now exceptionally off kilter. And recurrent respiratory infections are properly annoying so I’m sorry you have to deal with that. At least hopefully it won’t linger for too long.

  11. I’m struggling with a staggering amount of inertia but hit up old posts are on the list somewhere. It’s true, seeing how we’ve changed is interesting. In my head, I’m the same always, but of course, I do change.

    I’m sorry you’re having a respiratory problem, and that it’s recurring. Fingers crossed that it brushes by and keeps going, leaving only improved sleep in its wake.

    The octopus is adorable, as are the GPs.

    1. Thanks xo

      Yeah, the octopus is pretty cool. Casper’s bum is so big she needs some help squeezing in and out. Baby girl’s got junk in the trunk!

  12. Sadly, l know more about Gimp Masks than GIMP itself, which l thought it was to do with at first – but then l read on, erm, yeah – moving along. I love the Octopuss, that’s cute and the crows are cute too. I have a few nests around here, l think they are probably in the gutters of the houses near by. No, baby crows though.

    Sorry to hear about your respo problems and sleep issues, can relate to a little of the latter.

    Keep well.

      1. Do they really? I have never seen that here, but l guess like the seagulls they might be very protective.

        Seagull parents are dangerously protective of their youngsters, aggressively so, they are always having to rescue babies, who during the flight process as in learning to fly, baby seagulls fly off in completely the wrong direction to their parents who are clueless that they have done that and so it’s not often that they lose their babes for sometimes up to a couple of hours.

        The babes land in awkward places and then squawk and if you, as a human being , are in the same location as the baby, the parents will dive bomb you and because they are so big, medium sized winged cat size, they don’t care how they hurt you as long as they prevent you from getting near to their babes …. Alfred Hitchcock should have made the film on Seagulls!!

  13. I think I could do a “ranty back review”, too. My damn back is killing me! πŸ˜†

    I love the octopus, such a good idea. As for GIMP, I’m clueless too. I tried it once, gave up after 10 minutes of utter confusion. x

    1. Ooops, sent that too soon. I just wanted to say I really hope the respiratory issues ease off and that no pneumonia of any type invades your body. I don’t think wishing it away will help but you never know! Take good care of yourself. xx

    2. Lol sometimes it baffles me what comes out of my fingers. I don’t usually write about back reviews, but I frequently write paperbooks instead of paperbacks.

  14. I noticed that about your “soft atheism” post. Pleasantly, it didn’t attract a whole lot of contentious commentary.

    My week was uneventful. I finished making a new piano album, which I got into more deeply than usual. All week I looked forward to an audio meeting with me and two other people working on my project. It was an exciting discussion which is now going to take me forever to edit (or at least till Wednesday.)

    Being as it’s already Monday as I make this report, I can tell you that this week is already looking better. Well — we’ll see.

  15. My week has been spent wondering how to get my blog showing up in the reader! I am still a beginner, I have been writing for a few years and yet to perfect the art but the art i really wish to fogure out is how to get engagement to encourage me to keep writing and getting better. May I ask what plan you are on for word press and if upgrading has helped and what other tips you might have.

    1. I’m on the business plan. That helps with bringing more traffic in from search engines, but in terms of making your blog more visible, I would suggest using appropriate tags. And probably the biggest thing would be to read and interact with other blogs.

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