Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Mentally I’ve been fairly out to lunch.
  • My mindless busy work blog project for the week and redoing graphics for old posts. I like mindless, because much of the time I feel without-mind.
  • I gave myself a haircut, which really isn’t anything remarkable, but I realized that the last time I cut it was a couple of years ago when I was having some weird thoughts and thought my hair had to be short, so I hacked it off.
  • Sometimes posts generate great comments, and yesterday’s post on cancel culture was one of those. It’s interesting how many different ways people see the concept. There are a lot of issues where people have different opinions, but I think a lot fewer issues where people have really diverse view of what the issue itself actually involves.
  • Peanut potato is the new holder of the title Doofus McDoofus (it normally belongs to Butternut). One of his hind legs had some edema because of the abscess, but now that his leg is better and he can stand up on his hind legs again, he’s decided to go back to chewing the cage wires. It’s loud, and it’s annoying, especially since he does it at the butt crack of dawn. Butternut, on the other hand, has been surprisingly mellow.

When Peanut is cozy and warm, his boy bits get all pink and puffy.

Peanut snuggling

This dude needs to conduct self-defense classes for ever person who has ever felt afraid walking alone at night. Knife? No problem. Handgun? He’s on it. Rifle? Nothing can stop this badass mofo. The next time British police think about telling women to stay inside, they need to get this action going on instead.

How has your week been?

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28 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Is that his abscess in the photo? My week has been going well. On day 9 of a 10 day cross country road trip. Stayed in San Francisco a few days, went running on the Golden Gate Bridge, and went to Alcatraz. Will be happy to sleep in my own bed tomorrow though.

    1. Travelling with a munchkin must be exhausting! But San Fran is very cool

      Nope, that’s not his abscess. That’s his scrotal region. Pretty substantial for such a little man!

  2. Yeah, that was a great discussion about cancel culture!! What a multifaceted issue!!

    I, too, give myself haircuts!! Huh.

    I’m sorry you’ve been so mindless!! 🙁 Feel free to email me anytime if you want to talk about anything under the sun!

    My week has been good. I’ve still been going to the gym twice a day, but yesterday I only made it once, and I was completely demoralized by it. There were blisters all over my feet, and I felt the need to stop and treat it and do some research, but I still blamed myself for not reaching my goal; and irrational as that seems, geez, I’m hard on myself. But it worked out. I had diddly squat for my story yesterday (with two days left, today and tomorrow), so I skipped the gym, took an extra Seroquel (it’s allowed), slept very soundly until almost 1:00 PM, and now feel hopeful that I can write something!! YAY!!

      1. Thank you so much for the support!! YAY!! I’m committed to finding a solution for my feet!! I really don’t want to quit doing this!!

  3. I’ve been pretty checked out all week. There was the workshop – and that’s not happening — and the five weekly columns — and that’s no longer happening. I feel the way I do when something is “trying” to happen but not succeeding even in identifying itself, let alone actually happening. I basically feel like I’m stuck in a big attention deficit.

  4. Another week of losing track of days.
    I got my official papers to show I am deputy, so going to be busy with that over next few weeks that needs to be done, then its just whatever after that.
    I discovered that my solicitor fees come out of mum’s money too. So I am not complex out of pocket as I thought. But I will be paying it first, then claim back later all my fees when her debts out the way.

    Regardless of knowing I won’t be out of pocket, I still plan to move out to somewhere else later, private renting, than buy, becase as you know, I can’t stand the idea of living where I am. So buying will still be not an option because of the costs of moving again,due to fees that come with a majority of places.

    This weekend I am relaxing. That including no sewing of name labels in mum’s clothes I need to do. I plan on watching dvd’s tomorrow.

      1. Yes, it shouldn’t be now. I have sorted out where she has her savings. I just wait for confirmation of that, after they took copy of document, etc..
        Her bank, I have an appoint for that next week.
        For the rest, its just sending them the proof now.
        And then paying the debt, once I have access to mum’s bank account, before I claim whats owed back to me. Then managing her accounts, as I would my own, while keeping records for when I have to write reports.

  5. Good to hear that the new Doofus McDoofus is feeling better. 🙂
    That’s really awful to feel without mind, so it’s sad that that’s how you’ve been feeling a lot lately.

  6. Those are his boy bits?? I can’t say that I’ve ever actually thought about what’s literally underneath all the cuteness before. I’m glad he’s doing a bit better and standing up okay now.

    Mindless tasks can be pretty good when you don’t have the mental oomph for anything else. It helps that blogging provides seemingly endless such tasks.

    I hope the week ahead treats you kindly, Ashley 🌻 xx

  7. See, now I looked up “guinea pig penis” and my targeted ads are going to be weird. 😁 I’m glad he’s feeling better. Maybe it’s in the air: my cat’s under the weather too: I’m not on a hunt for some cat CBD treats for long-term pain management.

    The CBD doesn’t do much for my pain – it’s been insane this week with neuralgia – but the THC helps with the panic and desperation that comes with devastating pain that won’t stop.

    I’m sorry you feel mentally absent: I’d blame that on the advent of spring too. New moon today (yesterday?). A good time to reboot.

    I love the video. That’s how I envision myself responding to any and all attacks. With zero training, of course. 😂

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