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How Often Do You Look at Your Blog’s Stats?

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Ah, stats. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, WordPress will be sure to shove them in your face. You can’t avoid them, but how often do you seek them out?

I decided right from the start of my blogging life that I didn’t want to pay any more attention to stats than I could get away with. I always have a WP Reader tab and a My Sites tab open in my browser, so I don’t have that annoying business of WP opening up by showing you stats.

The stats that I look at the most, because they’re smack dab in front of my face, is in my posts list. On the average post, I get about 1/3 the number of likes compared to the number of views. I’ve never figured out what the deal is with that, but at least it’s predictable. I don’t really care enough to be disappointed by some posts getting fewer viewers. Sometimes I’m surprised by posts that get more views than usual; it’s rarely the posts that I would pick as my own favourites.

I seek out stats when I’m looking back for older posts to edit and freshen up, as I like to focus my energy on posts that are already getting a little dribble of traffic.

I don’t actually look at the stats page all that often; I’d guess maybe once or twice a month, typically. When I do pop over to visit, I like looking at the country map because it’s fun. I look at what posts and pages have been most popular going back a few months, and I’m curious to see the referrers to my site. A while back, search engines surpassed the WP Reader, and now my search engine views are more than double my WP Reader views. Those folks are mostly invisible other than showing up in the stats.

My blog is connected to Google Analytics, but I never look at it anymore because a) it’s confusing, and b) I just don’t care enough. I look at Google Search Console about once a month, not so much because I care about absolute numbers, but because I want to make sure that posts that are getting decent Google traffic are neat and tidy and fresh.

I know some bloggers change their blogging approach based on info they’ve gained from their stats. That’s not something I’ve ever done, and I think it would take far more paying attention to stats than I have any interest in doing.

I used to pay more attention to both my own and other people’s follower numbers, but the higher my follower count has gotten, the more obvious it’s become that it means very little. For every 20 new followers I get, maybe 1 of them will actually read my blog. The rest are spammers or people just looking for a follow back. Plus, if you’ve been at it for a while, you’ve probably accumulated a whole stable full of followers that haven’t logged into WordPress for 2 years or more.

We probably all have particular things that niggle at us a bit every once in a while. For me, the odd time that does happen, it’s usually over blogs that have a lot fewer followers than I do but a lot more engagement with their posts. It doesn’t niggle very often, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m very happy with the engagement on my blog; it’s just the comparison thing that goes in for a poke now and then.

Be honest, how often do you look at stats for your blog?

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90 thoughts on “How Often Do You Look at Your Blog’s Stats?”

  1. On WordPress when I used to blog, I would look maybe once or twice a week.
    Especially curious if older blog posts crop up.

    Now I am on Blogger, I have looked once everyday at stats and seeing what the most popluar post may be.

      1. It is.
        If I look back at my WordPress stats which some days I have a random peak of where posts are being read, I will then see what posts were getting the attention.

  2. It’s like we’re twins. Every word is what I do too.

    I get bored of analyzing confusing data that WP or Google deem important so I don’t bother.

    I do look at my new followers in the notification bell thingy just because I’m interested if they’re readers (or writers) themselves.

    The rest?


  3. I admit I don’t. I SEE them, shoved in my face every time I visit WordPress of course, I’ve never taken the time to analyze the information though. I’m not sure what someone would expect to do with that stuff anyway, unless they were running a business site and wanted the information or had a specific interest in who was visiting their blogs and what content was most popular. A mystifying set of circumstances to me.

    1. I think we’ve talked about this before, but the only time that would make sense for me would be deciding if it was worth continuing to rum a prompt.

  4. I do look everyday. It’s always interesting as one particular post gets lots of views consistently. Way more than the others. I most like comments. Followers only really mean something when they engage.

  5. I don’t look at them, views and likes are not how I judge my content which is a part of me. I am who I am. If you like me great, if you don’t great. I think its dangerous to get into that up or down arrow, like and clicks mentality. Regardless, my content is my open world therapy so it is probably not very digestible.

  6. This is so interesting! I tend to look once or twice a week. I like the insights and I like to see where in the world because my main interest is connection and I love it (if itโ€™s not spam) when we connect with people all over the world. Also find it interesting that some posts are the ones that get repeated attention and I donโ€™t know why.

  7. Great topic! I check them every day because I like to see the variety of countries. But I have also found that the stats are inaccurate! They don’t match up more often than not so it isn’t worth my time to be analyzing them. I blog because it helps me, selfish I know but it is an added benefit to touch others; lives as well. Getting positive feedback is nice but I don’t need likes and comments to keep going. I feel like my readers are silent for a reason and I don’t question it. I just keep blogging…

  8. you know, I am still at that stage where I do check often, but I also, am not a very consistent writer. I don’t post often and I engage in very short spurts. I think what I do wish though, are the posts that I have made, whether on here, or my sister FB groups, that are meant to have engagement, rarely get any, and I guess I do wish I had some participation. But I guess, that will come with time. ๐Ÿ’‹

  9. I used to check all the time because I felt it was some reflection on how good, or not so good, I was doing. Now I barely check because I really just write posts to get things off my chest. I’m also not a super consistent blogger so I expect my stats to reflect that anyways.

  10. I check them only when I am curious about how I am doing. For most of the time I find them confusing.
    I do look at the clicks on “like” and how many have viewed.
    Otherwise, I just keep doing what I know to do. My focus is on the interaction I have with other bloggers. I love reading what is happening in their world. I also love it when they leave comments on my posts. Those comments are like fuel for me, they push me forward.

  11. I check stats at least daily. Granted, I love statistics in general, so it’s not surprising that I check stats more often than most, even if the statistics are flawed.

  12. I’m not very focused on stats, but I must admit, it’s always nice to see when I get genuine follows and not CBDยฃยฃยฃlife or something haha.

  13. Well Ashley you are practically the only person bar a few now and then that look at my blog here… I guess because I have very few followers and am more photography oriented, so every time I just see Canada on my stats… ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜

  14. I don’t tend to look at stats. I do care about likes and comments but that’s because I’m writing vulnerable stuff and want friends to care. Weirdly, my most recent post after me disappearing for a month has had absolutely zero engagement.

  15. I’m pretty I’m hooked up to Google Analytics too.
    An honest answer to this question would be, not a lot. I try to avoid looking ๐Ÿ˜‚ I never look at, and don’t think I ever have, what posts are getting traffic. I did start going through all the old, ridiculously embarrassing posts to clear them up, SEO optimise or delete them, but without ever looking at the stats for them. xx

    1. The wp-admin dashboard is good that way. The dashboard shows recent views in your list of posts, so it basically bashes you over the head with them if you’re trying to go back and clear out the weeds. I’ve been doing a lot of weed-clearing lately, and there are so many weeds!

  16. wonderful concept ! i too am guilty of checking my blogs stats whenever i possibly can, the follower count has started to mean less now however.

    and i totally agree with people not reading your blog posts, for me and most bloggers itโ€™s really quite annoying when someone goes and likes all of our posts in seconds, i know for fact they didnโ€™t read them and itโ€™s just so frustrating because thatโ€™s something iโ€™ve poured my time and energy into ugh !

    i enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing!

  17. I make a pact with myself to only have a look at my stats once a month, otherwise I know I’ll just get too bogged down with it and will end up overthinking it all. I find Google Analytics especially confusing!

  18. I’m constantly looking at everything on my site lol. I dont know if its paranoia or genuine concern at this point and I’ve only been blogging a month๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿคง

  19. I used to look at the stats everyday when I first posted. But, due to 9to5 job or my lack of interest has resulted in not blogging anything in a while. Now, I just come to the “discover” page everyday to read what everyone is sharing.

  20. A lot of positive food for thought. I admittedly like more than I actually look which is terrible!! I guess it’s time management and ethics that’s confusing my mind ๐Ÿคฏ Homelife, being out, other social media all hog my time and then committing to read soooooo much precious work here is a lot to do. I’ll learn ๐Ÿ˜ถ

    I never look at stats because of my anxieties and paranoia, overthinking and panicking!

    Sharon ๐Ÿ’œ

  21. I guess I’m different from a lot of bloggers. I love stats, I love checking them, I love seeing my blog growing day after day. I recently celebrated 5 years on my blog, but during those first years, I wasn’t always consistent with it. I would occasionally take time off from drawing and painting (mine is an art blog) so content would go “on hold” for a time. Now, I’m more established as an artist, I have my own studio, and consequently I’m spending more time with art and more time blogging about art. I’m often surprised by which posts garner more “likes” and “views” than others, but I don’t use that information too much in planning my posts. One area where I’d like more activity is in the “comment” section. Sometimes a post hits an “art nerve” and there are hundreds of comments. At other times, a post gets a lot of “likes” but isn’t a popular discussion topic. I do try to include “invitations” in my posts, asking questions of readers and encouraging them to share their opinions. Right now, my focus is on watching my blog grow day by day, so again, yes, I love stats, and I check them often.

    1. Comments are an interesting creature. Asking a prompt question can help, but not always. I find that certain kind of posts, like poetry, I generally have a much harder time thinking up comments for.

      1. True. One thing about “art blogging” is that there’s a certain amount of controversy over different art movements and over the whole philosophical question of what is or isn’t “art”, so when I publish posts that touch on those topics, I can expect lots of discussion. It is fun to read so many different opinions.

  22. I do actually check them everyday, it’s probably because I have only just started my blogging journey and I am interested in what people think of my blogs and how much views they get.

        1. For most people, I think building up views happens fairly slowly at first, and what helps the most is interacting with other bloggers who blog about the same kinds of things that you write about.

  23. I just started yesterday and i keep going to look at my stats. I just started so i have to remind myself that progress is over time and I am not doing this for the stats but because I love it and it makes me happy.

  24. When I first started blogging, I did become frustrated because I was watching my stats a lot. But over time, I’ve learnt which specific areas matter most to me, which are mainly tags and referrers. As for follower count, I was recently notified that I have just over 600 followers, but realistically, I only have at the most, 10 who actually regularly engage.

      1. I’m thinking about going through my followers and actually see which ones are no longer in use, I find things like that quite satisfying to do ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I did that a while back and it was a weird trip down memory lane to see bloggers who were around when I started and then fell off the face of the planet.

  25. Really good post! I feel like stats are not good or bad. I like your idea of using stats to “freshen up” and get a nice blog idea. I may try this in the future as I would like to learn to write for my “audience”.

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